Re-Summoned Hero Episode 57

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Escape with Dina.
Narasu and Roury are messing around.
Let’s eat dinner.

For dinner, there’s stew, bread, and salad prepared by Arezel, as well as steaks and noodle dishes using meat prepared by Souta, and cut fruits on the table.
「Awesome, it has become the most extravagant meal in the past few years…」
Roury holds her finger in her mouth while drooling, and her eyes seem to be shining.
「Because Souta-san provided us with a variety of things, I was able to make such a feast.」
Arezel also nods satisfyingly.

「Thank you Souta-san! This Roury-san is very happy!」
As Roury comes to Souta’s side, she hits his shoulder repeatedly.
「Ahh yeah, as long as you’re pleased.」
The impression Souta gets from the simple-minded and cheerful Roury is quite different from his impressions of Carena and Elmia, considering they’re blood-related, making him unable to hide his confusion.

「Roury, sit down, that’s bad manners.」
She sticks her tongue out and then returns to her seat just like what she’s told.
The appearance that keeps her looks young is a racial characteristic of Elves, but because of her childish attitude, Souta is still wondering whether she’s really Elmia’s mother.
「Souta-dono, thank you for offering various things. Everyone focuses on research, so we don’t have that many foods stocked…….」

「Focusing on research huh……」
Souta’s line of sight moves to Roury and Arezel in turn.
For Roury, there is the impression he got from the conversation so far, while Arezel doesn’t seem to be suitable for research considering her reckless personality.
「I-I’m properly doing my research, you know?」
「Even me! Despite still being an apprentice…」
They hurriedly defend themselves and send their eyes to Narasu, expecting her follow-up.

「That’s right… Both of you are indeed studying properly. However, Roury, she bought something unnecessary for her research and also delves into her hobby that clearly deviates from her research category.」
Stabbed at her sore spot, Roury drops her shoulders.
「Arezel keeps on trying while learning, but, she keeps rushing without care, because of that, she was almost kidnapped. If not for Souta-dono, she would have surely been kidnapped for real.」
「Uuu~…… I’m sorry.」
Arezel lowers her head and apologizes.

「Just like that, even though there are various negatives, they’re indeed doing their best!」
Without realizing that the two of them has gone depressed, Narasu closes her speech with satisfaction.

「Fufufu, Narasu-san clearly thinks well about the two of you, isn’t that so?」
「Are you deaf! Both of us were just finished off spectacularly, boo-hoo-hoo.」
Roury unintentionally gives her retort to the smiling Dina.
「Yes, in words, what Roury-san said is indeed true, however, Narasu-san’s face when she said that the two of you were doing your best looks was very happy.」

When pointed out, Narasu’s face turns red even until her ears.
The two raise their faces and then hug Narasu, whose face is red like a boiled octopus.
「Bo-Both of you, stop it!」
「It’s fine isn’t it?」
「That’s right, please don’t be shy.」

Looking at the harmonious atmosphere created by the three, Dina has an expression full of happiness.
「Fufufu, being a good friend is great, don’t you agree Souta-san?」
「Hm? Ahh yes, that’s right. Anyway, should we start to eat soon? I’m starting to feel hungry……」
「Right, if we don’t start soon, the food will become cold.」
Dina claps her hands to gains everyone’s attention.

「I think that getting along with each other is great and I’m glad that everyone is getting along, but since the special dish will cool down soon, shouldn’t we start eating?」
Noticing Dina who is trying to change the flow of conversation, the three remember that this is the celebration of Dina’s awakening, and so they separate from each other and return to their seats.
「M-My apologies, also for my disciples who made a ruckus.」
「I’m sorry.」
Narasu, Arezel, and Roury lower their heads and apologize in order.

「I don’t think there’s a need to apologize that much. Anyway, leaving that aside, let’s eat.」
「That’s right. Well then…… To celebrate my awakening, cheers!!」

「Wait, why are you the one leading the cheers!?」

「This is delicious!」
「This meat is addicting-」
「What is this noodle dish? The unity of the soup and the noodles are wonderful!」

Souta’s retort is swallowed by the hustle and bustle of the celebration, but it seems that the retort reaches Dina’s ears, as she looks at Souta with a bright smile.

After the meal

「Now then, since we’ve satisfied our hunger, let’s start the story, Dina.」
「Sho full~」
「I can’t anymore.」
As Souta tries to advance the story, Arezel and Roury lying down because they ate too much.

「…… Let’s leave those two aside for now, please start the talk, Dina-sama.」
While massaging her facial muscles because of her two disciples, Narasu urges Dina to start.

「That’s right…… Everyone, will you listen to me?」
「Ahhh another thing, can everyone keep everything you hear here a secret? Also because the topic might be difficult, it might be better to leave the room.」
When Souta looks at them one by one, Roury gets up.

「I will pass. I don’t think I can keep up with the topic, don’t worry because I’ll keep everything I know here a secret.」
Looking at Roury’s back who leave the room, Arezel looks troubled, but she decides to follow her.
「I-I will also leave!」
She looks back in front of the door, bows and then leaves.

「And so they said. Is it fine that you remain here, Narasu?」
「Yeah, I have also lived longer than them, so I somewhat know about Souta-dono and Dina-sama…… Isn’t it like a dream to be able to hear the truth about the legend from the actual person?」
Although she says that lightly, her expression is serious.

「Well then, can you tell us about Soldia and Dina’s unique skill that you talked about in the Memory Stone?」
One of the heroes from a thousand years ago, an Elf who had fought alongside Souta, Soldia.
He and Dina were twin siblings, and they had a unique skill that they never told anyone.

「I understand, my brother and I…….」

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  2. Thanks for the TL! most of my problems with knowing who says what is that I read a ton of other stories as well so it’s hard to remember who comes from what novels. a suggestion to clear it up (if you for whatever reason decide to change anything) would be to put characters names after the quotation. in my opinion whether or not you have marathoned the series it makes the readability much easier.


    1. i hate that, or rather, i hate adding unimportant dialog in the middle of the story, unless it’s author note, believe or not i purposefully change many of the narration and dialog to make it easy to figure out who is who, that’s how i do it, and if people still say “sorry still don’t know” it means i need to do better


      1. When you’re reading 100+ stories simultaneously it’s easy to mix them up. Though that three line summary is awesome, I can just enter the chapter and know exactly what book I’m reading (wish more books did that).


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