Re-Summoned Hero Episode 58

t/n: before we start, there is not enough narration for me to change detail so you can figure out who is talking, so this might be harder to figure out compared to other chapters just so you know, most of this chapter is Dina talking with Souta, you can differentiate those 2 people dialogue with Narasu’s by looking at the honorifics used.

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Cooking prepared by Arezel and Souta.
Finished eating.
Who will listen?

「I understand. I will start with the explanation of the skill…. My brother and I both have the same unique skill. This is a skill that has no meaning if the two of us aren’t aligned. This skill is called 『Pair Connect』.」

「Is it a skill that shares information between you two?」
Predicting the information he got from the Memory Stone and the skill name, Souta conveys his conjecture.
Dina nods.
「That assumption is mostly correct. As for the range, the farther it is, the lower the accuracy is, though there is no problem if we used it inside the country.」

「The effective range is quite wide, but as our activity was mostly outside of the Elven Country, it doesn’t seem so useful.」
Souta think that maybe she’s aware about their journey, but that assumption seems to be off.
「It isn’t, in fact, we only used it when we were still children, and only to the extent of when I was absent from the school so I could still learn without attending.」

「Convenient, but…… Isn’t that a bit weak for something like a unique skill, speaking of unique skill, all the ones I know of are so powerful.」
Narasu’s remark is roughly correct, there are many high spec people in this world, but people who have unique skill are stronger than them.
Souta’s skill from the previous summon for example, 『Evil Severing Sword』 is a skill specialized to be used against the Demon race.
Other than skills that demonstrate their power only against opponents of specific races, there are also special reinforcement skills and the like, but compared to them, 『Pair Connect』 is clearly an inferior skill.

「I also thought so, that it’s just a little convenient skill. However, that belief changed on the day Souta-san subjugated the Demon King.」
The day Souta was repatriated, the day when all his companions were said to be dead.
「On that day, my older brother used Pair Connect at the last moment. I don’t know the exact point, but it seems like we can – under some conditions – send not only current progressive information, but also memories before and after activating the skill.」
After taking a breath once, Dina closes her eyes while recalling the scene of that day.
「Receiving the connection from brother who was supposed to head toward the Demon King’s Castle, I wondered if something had happened, and then I saw what my brother was seeing. Souta-san was not there at that time, and the princess of the Human race lost her expression and fell on her knees.」

「Does that mean it was after I repatriated by the princess?」
Dina responds to Souta’s question with a nod.
「I think that’s probably the case. Looking at the human princess’s face, that’s clearly caused by magic power deficiency from using repatriation magic…….」
For repatriation magic, in order to correctly connect the link of both worlds and send someone to a specific location, the required amount of magic power is also much greater than what’s required for summon magic that is linked randomly.

「So it’s true that after I killed Demon King, I was sent back with repatriation magic. Does that mean I really did kill everyone?」
Dina shakes her head to that question.
「By the time Pair Connect activated, Souta-san was already gone.」
「Then, at that point the Elves’ Hero-sama still alive, right?」

「Yes, my older brother was surprised that repatriation magic was invoked and looked toward the princess. Simultaneously the sight of the collapsed Hero of the Dragonkin race also entered my brother’s view.」
「Who the heck is the person?」
Mutters Souta in a small voice, it’s unknown whether Dina hears it or not, as she just continues talking.
「Brother was also surprised at his collapse and tried to look around. The moment he looked backward, he was stabbed, I don’t recognize who stabbed him, but that person was from human race. Perhaps my brother used Pair Connect at this moment… 」

「Human? There should have been only me and princess at that place……」
「He looked a little older than Souta-san, his short hair was the same color as the princess, he had slightly chiseled face…… And, on his right ear, he wore an accessory imitating a wolf.」
At the end of her words, Souta is confident about the identity of that person. Why? Because he remembers the doubt he had.

「That person is…… the man chosen as the hero of the human race.」
Dina tilts her head.
「Isn’t the hero of the human race Souta-san?」
「No, I might be a human in this world, but I was still the hero from another world, that’s why there was another human who was chosen as a hero separate from me.」

The two, especially Narasu, are surprised to hear this.
In the story, heroes were selected from each country. From the human country, it was Souta and the princess, nobody had any doubt about this.
It’s not limited to Narasu, most people who read the story also think so.
「In the case where hero summoning failed, the king of human country had already made a plan to subjugate the Demon King by choosing heroes from each country. That man was the one who supposed to go.」
「That person is brother’s…….」
「Probably… he’s the princess’ older brother, who was the first heir to the throne. That should be it considering what Dina’s say about his features.」

Dina shows a sorrowful expression as she now knows who is responsible for her brother’s murder.
Not saying anything, Narasu only watches Dina with a sad expression.
「Considering the lifespan, that person shouldn’t be alive anymore…. Why? Why he did that? Hey Dina, is there anything else you notice about that person?」

Dina puts her index finger on her mouth and tries to see if there is anything else.
「……. I’m sorry Souta-san, my brother fainted after he was stabbed. I was only able to saw his face for a moment. However I feel like I saw someone else… I’m sorry, it might be just my imagination.」
「So there is the hero from human race and someone else? Is that person probably the one who spread the story of Souta-dono and the other heroes?」
「That’s possible. The people there were either dead or repatriated, if nobody alive was present, then there is no way the story would have spread, well, it seems like there is some information that person wanted to hide so the story was sprinkled with lies. 」

The three of them sink into silence and are engrossed in thought for a while.

As silence pervades the room, they can hear sounds from outside.
「Wa-wait a moment, you can’t enter the room now!」

The three who notice the voice outside the door send their gazes there.

t/n: this chapter is shorter, but harder to translate because of the information in it, not only i need to make sure they’re correct, they’re also filled with kanji, too many of them,

fyi, i estimate this chapter is around 85% accurate, compared to other latest chapters which is around 95%, this is low, i will edit the detail later if there is something wrong

also thanks for people who vote on the poll, i will do my best to keep this quality as the lowest and strife to a greater one

additional note because i forget to type it before posting : Dina calls her brother by nii-san, souta call the princess hime-san, and dina call her ohime-sama

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after this part, the note doesn’t have anything to do with the chapter, you can just skip reading them and go to comment section directly

so you see, i hate posting something that’s not a chapter in the blog, i try my best not to, and because the rant (or rather rambling) here is not really important, i just put it here

so you see, i just completed watching S2 Saekano a couple of hours ago, honestly, i’ve been an otaku for 7 years, this is the 2nd time there is a story that affects my body but not makes me cry, usually i just cry, but not when watching saekano, my hands tremble, my heart is just like grasped by something, my legs go jelly, the other time this happens is when i read Amamiya Yuuko part in EF-Fairy Tale of the Two.

so yeah, the feeling i had at the time is not sadness, it was frustration, but not only because of how the story resemble NTR (just resemble, not actually it) (in fact i completely fine reading NTR, even the bad one), but i also just realize my shortcoming from what Utaha said to Aki about Eriri, you see, you can’t really understand that feeling unless it’s pointed out by someone, or if nobody can relit my motivation in the first place, simply said, my position is just like Eriri, but in my case, there is no one take the position of Akane in my life

surprisingly, after i realize that, i finish this chapter (which i’ve worked on for 6 hours straight and only complete half of it) easily, so yeah, thanks to that anime i guess,

btw, as of writing this, while waiting for the editor to finish, i finish the rough outline of the next chapter, so i guess, the title genius i got more than 10 years ago is still there, i always thought since i start playing clown, i drop from genius to knowledgeable, but i guess it’s not, well this is just rambling, i don’t really mean to brag, so i’m sorry if it sounds like that, in any case, if you read everything, thank you for reading, and thank you for everyone support

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