Re-Summoned Hero Episode 59

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Unique skill 「Pair Connect」.
The culprit is the hero of the human race?
Someone enters the room.

As silence pervades the room, they can hear sounds from outside.
「Wa-wait a moment, you can’t enter the room now!」

The three who notice the voice outside the door send their gazes there.

There’s not only Arezel’s restraining voice, but also the sound of footsteps coming closer to the room.
The door opens loudly, from there, several armed elves enter the room.

「M-Master, I’m sorry. I tried to stop them, but…….」
From behind them, Arezel said so in an apologetic voice, but her appearance is blocked by the armed elves.
「With whose order did you come barging in here! This is the workshop of the alchemist, Narasu!」
While trying to shake off the restraint on Arezel, Narasu roars from her anger at those who stepped in without permission.

「Excuse us from our sudden visit. We come here at the instruction of the king… I heard that the seal of the Demon Crystal in the western cave was broken.」
The leader like man moves his focus from Narasu to Dina.
Being looked at, Dina looks away with uninterested expression.

「That person there must be Dina-sama who was sealed.」
The man goes to Dina’s side and grabs her arm roughly.
「I’m terribly sorry, but we wish for you to accompany us.」
「I refuse, I’m a person of the past. I have no intention to be involved with the royal family now!」
Dina tries to swing her hand, but not only can she not escape, the man grasps Dina’s hand stronger.

That voice isn’t from Dina, it comes from the man instead.
「Oi, stop it, not only did you guys barging in suddenly, now you’re hurting Dina. Quite the nerve you have there.」
Souta twists the hand he grabbed.
「Aw ouch ouch ouch ouch, stop! Don’t be a hindrance, lowly human!」
He keeps his posture, but instead of an apology, what comes out from the man’s mouth are words of contempt.

「In this situation, I would choose my words if I were you.」
Souta twists the man’s hand stronger while showing an amazed expression.
「Ouch! O-oi! You guys, do something!」
The other elves are taken aback by the sight of their leader who was caught in an instant, and it’s only after they’re given orders that they start to try to free their leader from Souta.

Souta pushes the leader toward his men who start to take action.
The leader’s balance collapsed, but he’s supported by his men just in time and doesn’t fall.
「You bastard! What are you…」
「It’s you guys! Isn’t it you guys’ fault for trying to overpower with force? Suddenly barging in with little explanation, how will someone accompany you if you don’t explain anything.」
With the intention to not let the man say anything anymore, Souta starts talking before the man finishes his words.

When the men entered the room, they had the initiative, but now it’s Souta who grasps the flow in the place.
「So, how did you know that Dina’s seal was broken?」
Wincing, the leader answers Souta’s question.
「Tha-That is… the seal itself was managed by the country. There is a mechanism that notifies the administration office in the castle if something happens to the seal.」
「….. The pedestal that supported the Demon Crystal huh… I don’t know whether it’s by magic or by weight, but it should be a magic tool that responds when the object is detached from the pedestal.」
Listening to Souta, they realize they made a blunder with their mouths agape.

「And then, you asked the guard at the cave checkpoint who was the last person to go to the cave….」
「Why did you try to take me?」
Dina asks the most important question.
「That is……」

「Perhaps they don’t know why either. They were just told to bring Dina by the higher-ups, without getting an explanation about the reason, or something like that.」
「Uuu, I have no words to return if you guess that much…」
Souta sighed.
「When talking about elves, they usually have an intelligent image. The guard at the checkpoint, and now you guys, I might need to review the elves’ image from scratch……」
Souta murmurs such a line while comparing the difference between the elves he met a thousand years ago and now.

「So what are you going to do? You seem like unable to give a reason that can convince us.」
Listening to Souta, The men are at a loss for words.
「If you say that you’re going to take her forcibly, I will be your opponent.」
The man’s subordinates feel hostility from Souta’s remark and start to reach for their swords, however, the leader restrains them with a hand gesture.
「Stop it, we can’t win against this guy. I tried to resist when I was caught, but I couldn’t move my hand at all.」
The leader understands the difference in ability from being caught instantly without able to do anything.

「I apologize for causing trouble, I will return some other time.」
The man lowers his head to Souta, but he looks at the man with a displeased expression.
「Is it something to apologize to me?」
In rush from Souta’s remark, the leader lower his head to Dina.
「Dina-sama, I’m terribly sorry for my rough behavior, I also apologize to Narasu-dono and that personage there for the trouble I caused.」
Following the leader, the man’s subordinates also lower their heads.

「Well then, excuse us.」
The men leave the room quickly so they won’t be stopped by Souta.

With the men leave, they can finally see the appearance of Arezel.
「Phew, it’s good, I was scared that Dina-sama would be taken away because I fail to stop them…… Uh,uuu~.」
Losing her strength, Arezel falls to her knees with teary eyes.

「Arezel, thank you. I know that you tried your best to stop them.」
Dina caresses Arezel’s head.
「Ah, auh~」
Arezel’s face turns red and she narrows her eyes from the feeling of Dina’s hand.

「Now then, what’s the matter?」
「It’s a problem.」
Separated from the other two who have a pleasant and fuzzy atmosphere, Souta and Narasu show troubled faces.
「I knew that the country would move someday, but this soon …」
「Just ignore them as long as they don’t have a proper reason.」
Narasu nods, but she still doesn’t look convinced.
「However, I don’t intend to stay long in this country, and I will take Dina with me. Of course that’s as long as the person herself is alright with it.」

「Of course I will follow Souta-san, I don’t have any other relatives anyway, and in the first place, that was my intention when I thought about making the seal only able to be broken by Souta-san.」
「Ahh, now the question is, why is the royalty of this country seeking Dina. It’s good if they want to drive her away, but…」
「In any case, I think crossing the border now will be difficult, so stay for a while. We have beds available, so we will prepare the bedding.」
Souta and Dina decide to accept Narasu’s proposal.
「Thank you.」

Each of them are guided to the vacant room.
There is a bed and a desk in the room, and they’re given a room each.

t/n: another chapter of re-summoned hero, this time i’m thinking about showing you guys how the translation look before edit, why? because i feel the editor doesn’t get enough credit (though it’s entirely my fault for not give any credit in the post)

that’s the link i send to the editor for editing, that contains everything from note, thought, etc

also by my order, the editor give note for this chapter

lastly, my thought about this chapter is: feel the power of the character who beat the game and start a new game+ with everything brought over

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