Re-Summoned Hero Episode 60

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Trespassing men.
Souta twists the leader’s hand.
Will stay in Narasu’s house for now.

Early in the next morning, Souta does his daily practice swings outside of the workshop.
An animal and a person, Ed and Dina, are watching from a place a bit away.

They’re just simple practice swings, it’s just that, but Dina who shows a happy expression keeps watching without getting bored.
Ed closes his eyes as Dina strokes his head, letting her keep petting him.

After continuing the practice swings for a while, Souta who feels the training is adequate, decides to take a break and approaches Dina and Ed.
「Good morning Souta-san, thanks for your hard work.」
Dina stands up and hands the towel to Souta.
「Morning, also thank you…… By the way, since when did you start watching my training?」
While talking to Dina, Souta strokes Ed’s head to greets him.

「Umm, I think it was around when you changed your wooden sword with Izayoi.」
「About halfway then, that was pretty long, or rather, I don’t realize you were watching at all. I guess it’s expected of that guy’s little sister.」
「Ufufufu, I’ve always been good at erasing my presence since a long time ago. I often played hide-and-seek when I was little you see, but it was always the case where nobody can found me until the end.」
Dina makes a peace sign with a prideful expression.

「To be proficient at the art of stealth at such an early age… That’s amazing.」
「What are you talking about, it’s just like blending with nature. For example, if it’s here then it’s blending with the wind, or trees if it’s in the forest.」
Souta closes his eyes. Using Dina’s explanation as a hint, he strongly pictures himself blending together with the wind.
『You learned Conceal skill』

He already expected it, but he still sighs because he learned the skill too easily.
「What’s wrong? Did it not work? I can feel Souta-san’s presence fade though…….」
「No, how should I say it… I seem to get skills too easily, I already have Conceal as a skill.」
「Hoee~, it’s amazing, but why are you sighing? Isn’t it more convenient if you can learn the skill faster?」
Dina frankly shows her excitement, while also straightly asking about the problem.

「Originally, a skill is acquired after long training. And yet, to get it this easily, while I don’t feel guilty, it still doesn’t feel right.」
Listening to Souta, Dina thinks for a bit.
「I can somewhat understand the feeling. But I believe that Souta-san is good at picking up things in the first place. Even if it is influenced by skill or God’s blessing, you can still call this talent.」
「Talent, is it?」
「Yes, just like how I learnt the Conceal skill just by playing around instead of properly training it. There would be people who train as hard as they can and still be unable to learn the skill, in the end it’s simply because I have the talent.」
The feeling Souta has is the feeling of humility particular to Japanese, it makes him feel it’s inexcusable to learn the skill without spending any effort. While it might not entirely be because of Dina’s remark, he can now somewhat deal with the feeling.
「That’s… right, it certainly can be seen that way…. While I’m not entirely convinced, what you said does ease my mind somewhat, thanks.」

「No, not at all, I just said what I thought. But, if it can helps Souta-san then it’s great.」
Dina says that with a fascinating smile.
「A-A~a. By the way, it’s about time for breakfast, should we return now?」
Dina follows Souta while looking happy.

When they return to the workshop, Narasu is still in the middle of preparing the breakfast.
Arezel, waiting for the breakfast, sits while swinging her legs.
「Souta-san, Dina-sama, good morning. Breakfast should be ready soon, so please have a seat over there.」
After returning their greeting to Arezel, they sit down on the seats she’d pointed to.

「So Narasu also cooks huh.」
「Yeah, I’m in charge of dinner, while Master is in charge of breakfast.」
「Then, Roury-san is in charge of lunch?」
Listening to Dina’s question, Arezel’s face cramped.
「No, u-ummm, Roury-sama is……」

While Arezel is at loss for words, Narasu comes carrying the finished dish and gives Arezel timely help.
「That one’s cooking is absolutely not good, catastrophic even. It’s simply a bad idea for her to cook. A long time ago, Arezel who ate the cookies she made on a whim, end up stayed in the bed for three days and three nights…」
「Tha-That’s quite a deal…」

Arezel’s face pales when she remembers that event.
「Geez, no matter what, I absolutely will never eat what Roury-sama makes…」

Thanks for them talking about Roury, Souta remembers there is a letter for her from Elmia.
「Come to think of it, I still haven’t given that letter to Roury…」
「Is it a letter from Elmia?」
「Yeah, so you know?」
Narasu nods deeply.

「The free-spirited Roury at the time went to the human territory with Carena, however she suddenly came back, while leaving Elmia in Carena’s care. Isn’t it obvious that she must want to try contacting her mother?」
「That’s too free-spirited. Well, that’s fine, so where is Roury?」
As he knows Roury is not in this room, Souta asks the two about her whereabouts.
「Umm, I don’t know, Roury-sama comes and goes as she pleases…」
「I apologize for my foolish disciple.」

「You don’t need to apologize, I was just told to pass on the letter if I meet her. It’s fine as long as I remember to give the letter the next time I meet her.」
Narasu tries to lower her head only to be stopped by Souta.
「That’s right, Master. Roury-sama wandering around is just like it usually is, there is no end to it if Master minds it.」
「Let’s start eating then, it took quite some effort to make this, it would be a shame if the food cooled down. My stomach has been stimulated by the good smell from some time ago.」
Dina changes the topic to the breakfast.

「I’m sorry, I will prepare it now then.」
Narasu goes back to the kitchen to pick up the remaining dishes.
Arezel also follows her along to help arrange the table.

Then the door swings open.
「Ta~da~, Roury-san is home. Um, smells great. As expected of Master, let’s eat it soon! I’m already starving.」
Souta and Dina are taken aback by Roury who enters the room with great momentum, sits down on an empty seat, and starts demanding food.
「Oh, Souta-san, Dina-sama, good morning. The meal Master makes is delicious, so look forward to it!」
「I-I see.」
Because of the flow of the conversation, Souta’s reply is a bit delayed, but then he remembers about the letter.
「Right, the letter. Roury, here is a letter from Elmia, I’ll pass it to you now before I forget about it.」

After checking the front and the back of the letter, Roury puts the letter into her pocket without opening it.
「You aren’t going to read it?」
「Yeah, I’ll read it later. It was sent straight to me, so I feel that I need to read this alone.」
Roury’s reply is a bit toned down somewhat compared to when she had entered the room.

「Yesss~, thank you for waiting. Here’s the breakfast.」
「Yes, also the soup.」
Narasu and Arezel put the dishes on the trays that are already arranged for each person.

After the distribution is done and everyone is seated…
「「Itadakimasu 」」
The three, Narasu, Arezel, and Roury, start eating the food as is, only Souta and Dina give a pre-meal greeting unique to Japan.
「What is that? That itadakimasu?」
Arezel asks the question on behalf of others who clearly have similar questions.
「It’s a greeting for before the meal which is common in my hometown. I taught Dina a long time ago…… I’m surprised that you still remember.」
「Eeee~, it was Souta-san who told me to do it before you start your journey, you said “Always say itadakimasu before the meal, okay?”.」

「Hmmm that’s interesting. Master, let us also say it.」
「Right, then Arezel too.」


And the meal goes on peacefully. By the time they finish breakfast, Souta decides to explain about 『Gochisousama』 this time.

t/n: we got an actual note this time

God’s blessing mentioned in this chapter using same kanji with divine protection in stats ‘window’, the reason i translate it otherwise here is because it’s more accurate, i don’t plan to change the translation in stats window, hence why there is this note

A-A~a is a stutter of a~a, it’s different from aah which means yes, the meaning is closer to is that so, or i see, but with a hint of confusion in this case

lastly, i did plan to translate itadakimasu and gochisousama, and i probably already did so, but looking at this chapter, it looks like i can’t

there is no real plot this chapter, there is one next chapter though, also i’m sorry, this chapter is already finished since friday night, the edit finish since sunday night, so this should at least released on monday morning, which doesn’t happen simply because i’m lazy at the time, so yeah, i’m sorry

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  1. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Another killer chef…
    Never actually met one thankfully. Those whose food taste bad, a few, but those whose food would make you sick, never.


  2. I thought he has got the concealment skill (Concealment EX) in chapter 2 when he sees his status and in chapter 1 he told the goddess :
    「Last time, I was troubled with my repatriation, could you make it so that the repatriation can’t be done without both sides’ permission? With regards to skills, I would like you to give me concealment and appraisal raised to their highest level. And finally, could you tell me where I’m being summoned?」(Souta)


  3. i don’t know what to feel about every japanese MC that forcing everyone to follow theirs customs, it seems to be a bit retarded?and everyone just follow them like an elf, dwarf or every race have different cultures so why they just suddenly happily going along with this ‘new’ cultures?


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