Re-Summoned Hero Episode 61

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Conceal skill……
Letter from Elmia to Roury.
「Itadakimasu」 and 「Gochisousama」

After breakfast, and after the explanation about 「Gochisousama」 by Souta is over, with the exception of Roury who is in charge of washing dishes, they start a discussion about their plans.
With the exception of when she’s outside, Roury is in charge of cleaning up after meals because she can’t cook.

「So, what kind of movement do you think the royal family will make in the future?」
「Let’s see…… I’m not too familiar with the current king. However, if the rumors surrounding the royal family are true, then it shouldn’t be bad.」
Hearing that, Souta looks puzzled.
「Current king? Does that mean that the throne changed hands?」

Diana strikes her palm with a fist.
「Souta-san doesn’t know about the way Elf king changed right?」
「Normally speaking, once the king reaches the end of their lifespan, the king would abdicate and entrust the country to the next generation, right?」
「That’s right, but that’s only one of the reasons. There is another rule that’s been decided since the foundation of the Elven Country.」
It seems like common knowledge for elves, Arezel and Narasu also nod, agreeing with Dina.

「The other rule is that the duration of the reign was decided to be up to two hundred years. Elves are long-lived, but based on the first generation king, a country that is ruled only by one king will have its future narrowed.」
「I see, so that means it wasn’t long since the current king crowned?」
After thinking for a bit, Narasu answers Souta’s question.
「If I remember correctly, the current king was crowned this year, it’s been changed every two hundred years since the time Souta-dono was summoned a thousand years ago.」

「So that king also finished his two-hundred-year term…」
The king who gave judgment to seal Dina also replaced two hundred years later.
Thanks to the seal, Dina got a chance to meet Souta again, even so, knowing the dishonesty that happened until the decision to seal her passed makes Dina feel something indescribable.

Souta pats Dina’s head.
「Not everyone from the human race is bad, even though I was also involved…… Guess they will arrive soon?」
Souta who senses something turn his eyes to the door, the others also look toward the door in the same way.

「Umm, this is the person that visit yesterday, is it alright for me to enter?」
Along with the knocking sound, they hear a voice.

Dina, Narasu, and Arezel, move their gazes to Souta, silently asking what they should do.
「Oioi, don’t look at me. This is Narasu’s workshop, I leave the decision to you.」
This time, their eyes gather at Narasu.
「Ehh~, for now, it’s fine to let them in, I guess. It doesn’t look like they have the same attitude as yesterday. Please come in.」

Unlike yesterday, the person comes in with prudence, and then closes the door slowly.
「Excuse me. Thank you for allowing me to enter even though I did something rude yesterday.」
The leader from yesterday is different in many ways compared to yesterday, just like how he lowered his head many times while on his knees when he enters the room.

「You don’t need to worry about that. I’m not really angry about yesterday.」
Isn’t that right? Asks Narasu while looking at Souta.
Souta lightly nods.
「So, what kind of orders did you get today?」

「First of all, it’s an apology for yesterday’s rudeness. I’m terribly sorry.」
The man bows his head with momentum so great that it wouldn’t be a surprise if his head fell off.
「I don’t really mind, so I accept your apology, what about your main purpose?」
The man raises his head, and says the matter that’s difficult to talk about.

「I understand, I’d like to report about yesterday’s event, about the conversation that happened, and for this I ask Dina-sama and also that personage to come as well.」
「Are you taking me along because I raised my hand against a knight?」
The man swings his head and hands, denying Souta’s remark. Large beads of sweat can be seen on his forehead.
「Tha-That’s out of question. If I do that, no matter how many lives I have, it won’t be enough to atone. The king seems to like you a lot, and wants to see you by all means…… Originally, the king wanted to come here himself, but the prime minister managed to stop him. As a compromise, it was decided that the two of you should come to the royal castle instead.」

Everyone who remembers how Souta acted yesterday wonders how can he be liked with his actions.
「The impression is quite different from what I thought. I never imagined the elves who serve the country would be like this considering every elf I met since I came here.」
「So, what will you do?」
Dina smiles and asks Souta, her expression implies, “The answer is already decided, isn’t it?”

「There is no choice, we’ll go. However, since I don’t have any information about the country at the moment, I want Narasu to accompany us, is that fine?」
Souta asks both the man and Narasu.
「I don’t mind coming along, but …」
「O-Of course, it’s not a problem if Narasu-sama comes along. Her identity is guaranteed being a famous alchemist, and the king said it’s fine if the number of people increases. Please do come by all means.」
Afraid of them changing their minds, the man strongly approves of Narasu coming with them.

「I-I understand, I will accompany them.」
「It will do as long as you come… Other than that… That’s right, I don’t think I’ll change my attitude even with the king, is that okay?」
The man is at a loss for words for a moment, but then remembers that bringing them over is the top priority.
「I-I believe it’s fine. Since the king is lenient about that, though I don’t know about the ministers…」
The man says the second half of the sentence in a small voice that’s almost inaudible.

「If there’s a problem, I can just go back. Should we go right away?」
「N-No, as long as it’s within reason, you can come anytime within a few days. It will be great if you can tell me now when you will come, though.」
The man talks while remembering the condition presented before his departure.

「If you two are fine with it, I think I want to go now … but how is it? 」
「I don’t mind, I will follow Souta-san.」
Answers Dina with a smile.
「That’s… right. Nothing good will come from postponing it anyway, so let’s go.」
Answers Narasu while thinking about something.

「There you have our decision, so is it fine to go now?」
「Y-Yes, it’s fine. We have prepared a carriage outside, so please get on.」
Having considered the possibility they would come right away, the man who prepared the carriage in advance feels relieved.

t/n: ahh the chapter is done, i don’t think i need to explain anything, though there are 4 sentences i’m not sure whether i get it right or not, from those 4, 3 i get the nuance or what the character implies, the last one however, i completely lost, no need to tell you guys which one i guess, unless it needs to be changed

btw, do you like the new theme? before this, i leave the setting on default, now i adjust the CSS myself, so i’m sure it’s better than before, i can guarantee the readability of desktop and tablet user, but i’m not sure whether it’s good for mobile user or not, so if you read on mobile, it will be great if i can get your feedback

also, i just finish subahibi, not really satisfied with the ending, but considering the nature of the game, it’s a fine ending, definitely not going to reread, once is enough

lastly, i want to talk about my reason for translating this novel, but because it’s getting quite long too i will put it off until next chapter

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  1. It’s an enjoyable novel only that the chapters are short so it gets annoying along the waiting time but other than that i guess great work with this novel? I’m looking forward for more.


  2. Thank you for translating this story along with the Editor looking over, I’m worried about How the upper crust Elves act, superiority.


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