Re-Summoned Hero Episode 62

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Duration of king’s reign.
An apology from the man from yesterday.
Going to the castle? Come along then.

「So narrow…….」
The man guiding us is called Dorusu. The carriage he prepared is the one that commonly used by nobles, if it’s used for its intended purpose, then there should be enough space.

「It really is, isn’t it…」
Dorusu also agrees with Souta.

Boarding the should-be-for-four-people carriage are six people: Dina, Souta, Narasu, Arezel, Roury, and Dorusu.
「I’m sorry, I was planning to ride with you too, but… I should’ve ridden a horse separately.」
「It’s fine, I never thought everyone would come along like this.」
「I-I’m sorry, I actually didn’t have the intention of coming along, but….」
Everyone’s eyes gather at Roury.

「Hm? Isn’t it fine? It looks like it’s going to be interesting, there is no way I’ll miss out on it!」
Roury who had finished washing the dishes overheard the conversation with Dorusu, and took an interest in the new king.
And so, she urged Arezel who was reluctant and afraid to come to the king’s castle.
The result is their current cramped state.

Souta originally proposed to bring his own carriage, but after thinking for a bit, the idea was rejected by Dorusu.
It was said there would be a problem if a carriage with low status were to enter the royal castle.
「I’ll just endure this until we reach the castle… Say, do you know the flow of events that will happen once we arrive?」
「Hmmm let’s see, once we reach the royal castle, I need to contact the king and minister right away, I think you will be asked to wait in a different room until we’re ready.」
「It will be boring if we don’t do anything while waiting, so please prepare sweets and tea.」
Responding to Dorusu’s answer, Roury orders so.

「I-I understand, are there other requests from everyone else?」
Despite Dorusu’s answer, Narasu hits Roury’s head.
「What are you doing!」
「That question should be asked to you instead, learn how to hold back even if it’s just a bit.」
「Eeee~ but isn’t it fine? Even Dorusu say it’s fine.」

With Narasu and Roury’s exchange as the background, Souta answers Dorusu’s question.
「Nothing in particular, but don’t put a guard outside of our waiting room, and don’t eavesdrop on the conversations we have inside.」
「Tha-That is…….」
「It doesn’t really matter, but in that case, I will treat them as my enemies.」
Souta says so with an intimidating attitude.

「I-I will convey that to the top.」
Dorusu treats the request seriously because Souta’s eyes are clearly not laughing.
Dina who sits next to Souta doesn’t rebuke him and instead just watches him with a smile.
In fact, her reaction is like that because she knows Souta won’t do anything terrible to them even if he ends up regarding them as enemies.

Arezel becomes more and more tense as they get closer to the castle.
Souta already visited the royal castle when he was summoned before, and this time around he was also summoned into the royal castle of the human race.
Dina was originally royalty, while Narasu and Roury have experience getting summoned to the royal castle as alchemists. Arezel is the only one experiencing this for the first time.

「Arezel-san, are you okay?」
Dina asks that to Arezel who shows a poor complexion while grasping her hand.
「Di-Dina-samaaa. It’s my first time going to the royal castle, we will meet the king too, but despite that, my clothes are like this…….」
Because her master and senior disciple are still arguing, Arezel can’t rely on them, and so Dina who understands and tries to start a conversation with her looks like a goddess for her.

「You can be relieved, everyone is here, the other party is not looking for formality either. As for clothes, if there are problems with clothing, surely they will prepare it for us, isn’t that right?」
Still grasping Arezel’s hand, Dina sends a smile toward Dorusu. Arezel also looks at Dorusu with an entreating gaze, cutting off his escape path.
「I-It should be fine……. Maybe…」

And Souta deals the finishing blow.
「N-No, we will definitely prepare them!」
With that as the clincher, Dorusu can only answer with affirmation.
The carriage stopped, looking from the small window on the door, it seems like they have already reached the castle.

The coachman is having an argument in front of the gate, and then for the sake of confirmation, they come around to Souta and others.
Before they knock on the door, Dorusu opens it to speak with them.
「Dorusu-dono, are they the people in question? Also, why is the number of people……」
「These are the people that our king wishes to see, the others are just chaperons. As for the number of people……. I think it should be fine, as it was never specified in the first place.」

The guards are looking at Souta and the others rudely, making Dorusu panic.
「I-Isn’t it fine already? We already took their spare time, so just let us in.」
「Ah yes, I’m sorry. You can come in, I’ve told the coachman, you will be brought to the front door, so please come down there and enter the castle.」
Looking at Dorusu’s desperate look, the guard remembers his duty and returns to open the gate.

After getting into the carriage, Dorusu signals the coachman to start moving again.
「So-Sorry, it seems like the full explanation is still not conveyed to the people below.」
「You don’t need to worry, as long as it doesn’t become a problem.」
Says Souta to Dorusu who looks like he’s sweating.

A while after they pass the gate, the carriage stops again.
Then the door was opened from the outside and a man in butler clothing bowed.
Dorusu who is closest to the door gets down first, with the others following him right after.
「Souta-sama, Dina-sama, and everyone else, I bid you welcome. From here on, I will be the guide. Dorusu-sama, thank you for all that you have done so far, you can go back to your original duty now.」
「I understand. Then, I will sincerely count on you.」
Dorusu puts various thoughts into that answer.

「Well then, this is how far I go, Please excuse me.」
「Ahh, thank you.」
「Thank you very much.」

Once they finish saying their thanks, Dorusu leaves the place. After they can’t see his figure anymore, Dorusu starts running.
「Crap, they will surely place some lookouts. I need to hurry!!」

t/n: Dorusu is the name straight from the raw, need suggestion, Dorus? Dols? Dolls? or keep it as Dorusu?

btw, this is monday chapter, i will surely release 3 chapters this week, even if i need to push myself to the point of losing sleep, or else i won’t be able to go back to old pace if this keeps going

on a side note, i might make a donate page again, though i’m still not sure about the commission threshold, it seems like $20 is the normal price, but this novel is shorter than most, not that i’m in need for money, i guess, it’s because my grandma keeps talking about how i’m not working or what i’m doing right now (translating novel while learning japan) is pointless

and it’s getting too long again, so the reason why i’m translating this novel, is because it’s a unique one, sure it’s just your common isekai novel, but the character was made to be quite realistic (except for the 4 heroes which i’m pretty sure already forgotten by you guys now), there are some other reason and i can keep going explaining about the “realistic” part, but it might become a long 5k words esssay (this chapter is just 1200 words btw), so i will refrain, surely you guys don’t want to read it too

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  1. Thanks for the chapter.

    Poor Dorusu, Shouta scares him. As for potential name change… I’m normally against changing too much from the original as it feels like localization. However, Dols does seem better for him in my opinion out of the alternatives. I just can’t stand the other two.

    I for one am thankful that you’re translating this. I agree, it’s unique for a common isekai work. I’m mainly glad that it’s not a full-on harem story already. And no, I haven’t forgotten about the other four heroes, I know that if they have some important roll in the story that they will show up soon enough.


    1. based on someone who read this novel until the end, we won’t see anything about them in this one, the author however makes another story with them as protagonist, it’s from chapter 331 onward, i don’t know what kind of story they have, but i’m 80% sure it’s a generic harem (and possibly ecchi) story,

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        1. souta story end at chapter 330, anything after that is 4 heroes stories, there are also 4 short stories about souta and each of the 4 heroes before they’re summoned, which i might translate soon, i’m a bit interested with chapter 331 onward so i read them now, well what can i say, they’re actually decent people, compared to hero(lol) from many other titles, at least so far (chapter 340)

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          1. In that case, we’ll be waiting a while. I’d read ahead, but the last time I tried to use Google Translate to read a novel… let’s just say that I lost my sanity and a well-known alter-ego appeared on Reigokai’s site. But yeah, I’m interested in them. I’d ask if Shouta ever runs into them, but then it would be a spoiler. So until then, I’ll be happily reading about Shouta.


          2. This one reminds me somewhat of Konjiki No Wordmaster. Or however people like to title it. 4 heroes, one tag-along who wanders off. Looking forward to how it goes from here, thx for TLing!


  2. Well, I’ll still be reading this as I really enjoy the story and I’m also glad over the fact you intend to post 3 chapters this week (the faster i get to read this the better) good job and well good luck with your grandmother… ever tried part-time job? (she will probably stop pestering you then…)


    1. i don’t live in the country where part time job is readily available, online job is my only other choice if i want some kind of income, which is half the reason i start novel translation in the first place


  3. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    What Dorusu said in the end sound suspicious. Was he talking about his duties or something else?


    1. souta said to not put guards or eavesdropping, lookout has a wider scope than a simple guard, it can also mean observer, or spy, which mean it will break the 2nd condition from souta (in case the lookout is not a simple guard)

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  4. Thanks for the chapter! I’m not really against the name change, its just that hes already dorusu in my head. Actually, i lied, i don’t really like the other names, but you do you, im fine with anything


  5. It’s now Saturday so if you do intend to post 3 chapters this week then you’d need to post 2 more during the next 24 hrs just as a heads up!


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