Re-Summoned Hero Short Story 01

Souta and Daiki

He was a hard worker.
He had good motoric skills and practiced various sport since childhood. From them, the one that he liked the most is kendo.

When asked “Why?” his answer is…
「Ummm- just because? Don’t you think it suits my gender?」

In elementary school, he went to the kendo dojo on a daily basis, spending great effort and accumulate conspicuous achievement. Even at the dojo, kids from the same grade or one year higher than him was no enemies for him.

This person would taste a big setback at the middle school tournament.
「The winner is Konoe Souta from North Junior High School!」
Daiki heard that announcement while holding the medal for the third place. He was defeated by Souta at semifinal.

The thing that frustrated him the most was Souta’s face showing an expression as if to say it was natural to win. Although Souta didn’t actually think that, but that was what reflected from Daiki’s eyes.

「One day, I will defeat him!」
Daiki strongly vowed in his heart. After he retired from the club in middle school, he went back to the dojo he attended when in elementary school to keep practicing. I will go to the national in high school and then I will defeat him! That’s what he thought at the time.

「No way…… Why the same school……..」
Daiki -who thought that Souta would go to the school that had a strong kendo club- was surprised when he saw Souta at the entrance ceremony.

Why? Why did you go to such a normal high school? Unable to put aside that question, Daiki asked that to Souta directly when he bumped on to him.
「Wh-Why are you in this school! There should be a stronger school out there!」
「Hm? I don’t know whether this school is strong or weak, but I choose this school because it’s close to my home. Isn’t it enough reason for choosing school?」
Souta who suddenly questioned also answer seriously, that answer seriously dampen Daiki’s motivation. However, once he thought that they could work and practice together, he regained his motivation.

However, Souta didn’t enter the Kendo club.

Of course, when he learned about it, Daiki immediately questioned Souta.
「Why you don’t join the Kendo Club!」
「Hm? I just thought I had enough of kendo, I already won the tournament anyway.」
Actually, the reason was because it became unsatisfactory for him who already felt the tension of the real battle.

Daiki became speechless. Souta who thought his answer was enough, walk away from the place.

Daiki would then leave his mark at the high school prefectural tournament. But he was only able to get second place, and so the feeling of inferiority toward Souta was still lingering in his heart.

t/n: this is self edited, for some reason i try to do it myself, tell me anything need to be fixed

this is a short story about souta and the 4 heroes, there will be 3 more short chapters coming, this should be posted after souta story end (base on the posted date), but because the author even make another title for this one (instead of adding arc mark in the main resummoned hero page) i translate this first to give some background to souta and the 4 heroes, and because they’re quite amusing read

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