Re-Summoned Hero Short Story 02

Souta and Haruna

On the way home from school, Haruna was waiting for the train on the platform bench.
「Fu~fu~fu~fun, return home by train ~ ♪」
She was humming her own song. Daiki and Aki had club activities, and Touko went to a far away bookstore, it was rare that she went home by herself.

Then, one male student sat on the bench next to hers.

She was singing because she was alone, so she stopped and then sent her gaze to check who was the person who sat there.
「Ehh? Konoe-kun?」
It was a familiar person. He was 『Konoe Souta』 from the same class as her. She rarely talked with him, even then it was only to the extent of exchanging greeting. But the boy still left his impression on her.

「Ahh~, Kasai … was it?」
However, Souta seemed to have only a faint memory of her.
「Geez, remember correctly! Aren’t I your classmate!」
She puffed her cheeks and then moves to where Souta sat.

「My bad, you’re the one that often around Minamiyama right……. In a group of four people.」
Souta apologized to her and said the information he remembered.
「Un, with Dai-kun, Aki-chan, and Touko-chan, we four are best friends!」
She made a peace sign while stuck out her big breast.

「Is that so……」
Nevertheless, Souta’s reaction was bland. Since he came back to this world three years ago, he seemed to avoid making connections with people from this world. As if, he felt that this was not his place.

「Geez, react more won’t you?」
Even so, Haruna was a little troubled with Souta’s light reaction.
「No~pe, You should smile more, don’t Konoe-kun think you can get more friends that way?」

As Souta had a light presence even in the class, she gave that advice. Souta also felt that way, but even when he thought that, he still didn’t care.

「Come one, smile! smile! Or not…… It won’t be good if it’s forced. How about funny story……… I know! Sometimes ago, Touko-chan suddenly moved the chair that Dai-kun tried to sit on, he tried to stay as he was, but he was already on the posture trying to sit down.」
「Fumu, and so because of that he fell down?」

She shook her head to answer Souta.
「U~un, I thought he was going to fall, but in a hurry I placed supporting rod that was near to help him. That rod ended up stabbed in his rear. When I see Dai-kun’s face at the time….」

「Hahahahah, it must be tough. I never thought something like that happens to that smart faced person.」
She spoke with exaggerated gestures, Souta who was loosen although just for a moment, showed his smile. Haruna was then continued to talk to him until the train came with a satisfied smile.

t/n: fun fact i found this chapter, touku’s name read as touko, but actually written as fuyuko, which mean the 3 girls, haruna, touko, and aki, use season in their name, only summer is not there, but the ki in daiki’s name mean radiance or shine, which connected to summer

also, Daiki’s anal virginity is already taken, he’s halfway there

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