Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 4

Goddess-sama, Fill In the Outer Moat

Night of the next day.

Today too, I worked hard. In a good mood, as I walked down the street, I bought a little more expensive beer at the convenience store to reward myself.

Today, there was no trap from morning until now, there was no sign of the chuuni girl too. This one day was a peaceful and calm day.

Moreover, it was holiday tomorrow. I could let loose and drunk beers until midnight without fear of the hangover.

I got back to the apartment while I made sure I was not skipping in delight. Just to be more certain, I checked for the trap on my feet and overhead as I went up the stairs. And I found nothing.

I also checked the second-floor aisle for the presence of people, and I also found nothing. Perfect.

「Fuufufufufu ♪ ♪ Today~, Ebisu-sama~ ♪」

Unable to hold my delight, I walked down the aisle while I sang random beer song with a low voice.

Daily live without anything out of ordinary, I’m fine with such day! Peaceful banzai!

I arrived in front of my room with a fresh feeling. But, when I took out the key, I noticed something out of place.

——— Eh? There is light leaking out from the window?

Maybe, I forgot to turn it off. I thought positively and inserted the key into the keyhole, but the key didn’t turn the right way. In other words, the door was… unlocked.

——— No way, there is no way right……

Maybe I just forgot to lock the door before I went to work. As I wished that it was just my own mistake, I opened the door…. and lost my words from the sight in front of me.

「Ah, Tanaka-san, welcome home.」

「Ah, Welcome home…….」

In front of me, there were two girls sitting across the low table.

——— Calm down, me.

With the unexplained development in front of me, I tried to think how it could happen.

First of all, one of the girls is Amaletta, the regrettable cosplaying girl who came from the self-described Realm of Soul.

This person entering my room should be because she wants to reincarnate me for reason I don’t understand.

The problem is the other girl who might have guided her in.

With short bob hair and wearing the brown blazer which is the assigned uniform of the nearby elite middle school, she has unyielding look that suits her appearance.

Her name is Katsuragi Sunaho, she is the granddaughter of the manager of this 『Tsunoura Manor』. Besides living here while her parents are on business trip, she also helps with the administrative work, replacing her grandmother who got back pain.

She’s the person in charge of the management of this apartment, There should be no reason for her to enter the room of someone who only rent here. I only have a bad feeling about this.

「That is… What does this mean?」

Squeezing out the question from my front door, I felt like a bird who dove and crashed to the ground with wings still spread wide. Amaletta was only shrinking further hearing that, while Sunaho bared her anger with both eyes looking like an inverted triangle.

「Nothing much. But in my opinion, while Tanaka-san might have various circumstances, you shouldn’t outright deny this miraculous encounter.」

「… Hahh?」

——— Was she told her something?

While I was flustered by Sunaho’s unusual threatening attitude, I threw a glance to Amaletta. She averted her eyes. As I thought, she must have told her something.

「It’s surprising that Tanaka-san has a daughter this big. But to throw out a daughter who had walk all the way here to meet Tanaka-san, I can’t overlook this.」


——— D-D-D-D-D-D-Daughter? EHHHHHHH?

When I threw a glance again at Amaletta who spouted out this absurd lies, she, not only averted her eyes, but also her entire head. What on earth do you plan now?

While I was at lost for words, Sunaho stood up and head towards me. After she wore her shoes, she whispered,

「I found her this morning, hungry and crying, so I brought her to my place. From now on, however, I hope that Tanaka-san will protect her properly. Originally, we don’t allow for one or more people to move in, but circumstances are circumstances, as the manager of this place, I will allow this specifically.」

Such allowance is unnecessary.

「Well then, please get along well won’t you?」

After she said that, she moved pass me, trying to leave. Not good. In this case, where the landlord approves, this means this girl I don’t know can follow me along in the house.

「Wai- Wait a moment…….」

「If you refuse to do so and decide to throw her out again, then it means that I misjudge your character, and I will point finger at you in contempt. Understand?」

Just when I tried to stop her, she put the nails in the coffin and left without giving me a chance to explain.

Turning my head with an awkward movement like an unoiled machine, I saw Amaletta giving me a bitter smile.

「Um …… I’m sorry… This morning, she asked for my identity, and I answered that on a whim, for that to become like this…….」

I was holding my head after I listened to the excuse that I didn’t know whether It was said because she was serious, talented, clumsy, or just a fool. This must a dream, yes It must be it. I decided so.

「Ohh, Tanaka-san, here is a surplus futon and my old clothes for her. You can use them freely.」

Sunaho who suddenly came back unnoticed, brought a paper bag filled with clothes and futon and then handed it over to me.

「T-Thank you……」


———The reality was cruel.

t/n: I don’t know why, but this author’s Japanese seems uncommon (not bad nor unskilled, just unusual), I’m at lost a couple of time in this chapter alone (only 50 lines), machine translator doesn’t help me is normal, but for online dictionary to fail too, this novel is actually the first out of 3 titles I translate

actual note:

  • Goddess-sama, Fill in the Outer Moat – I believe this has more or less same meaning as “to take the general’s head, slay the horse first”, which basically means doing something by proper step to increase the chance of success, or making a foundation before going in for real, also I found an article about Osaka castle that might be where the idiom comes from
  • The beer song – I don’t actually translate this and just put down the easily recognize word into the dialogue, I only cut 1 or 2 words though, I kind of remember an anime, manga, or VN mentioning beer song, which might actually real, but after looking around, I can’t find it, nor do I found anything on google
  • Banzai – I don’t translate this, and I don’t plan to add this as a note, who don’t know what banzai mean anyway, at least who comes here to read this kind of novel doesn’t know, but then, uhh why not. Well banzai mean hooray or something like that, basically celebratory mark, though in this case, FTW should be a better translation

Kind of forgot to say this, but it’s been a couple of days more than one year since I start translating, so, happy first-year aniversary

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16 thoughts on “Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 4

  1. This chapter makes me want to drop this. Not only the fact she believed those lies at face-value, but the fact that he rolls over to let someone eother trying to scam or murder him live with him. That he weren’t calling the cops despite not believing thr goddess were already annoying, and before that, the fact he didnt realize something was odd about functional wings etc.

    This is the equivalence of a girl letting her stalker who already tried to assault her live with her, just because her landlord were lied to and then told her to.


    1. Yeah this development is stupid. A did for this situation is …. ” um actually she’s not my daughter. She’s just a crazy girl who’s trying to kill me. By the way thank you for letting her into my house without my permission. My lawyer will be contacting yours.”


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