Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 5

Goddess-sama, Decide To Do an Early-Morning Attack

Next morning.

With the sound of bird’s chirping and morning sunshine that came through the gap between the curtains, still laying down on the futon, I woke up. Anyway, today is a day off, it’s my belief that one needs to take a good rest on the day where one can rest.

But why? My body feels very heavy. This feeling is a physical weight on my abdomen, not something caused by the hangover.

When I slightly opened one of my eyes reluctantly, I saw a silver-haired girl riding me like a horse holding a kitchen knife and was trying to swing it downward.

——— Wai-!


My consciousness aroused in an instant. While screaming, I thrust away the girl. She dropped the kitchen knife as she screamed and rolled until she hit the pillar head first.

「Aaaaaa…… My head will crack……」

After I recovered the knife that pierced the futon near my crotch, with a rough breathing, I looked at the state of the murderer. The murderer, clad in pajama, flopped down on the floor as she held the back of her head. Looking closely, the murderer was the self-proclaimed goddess, Amaletta.

「Wha-What are you thinking!? Have you lost your mind!?」

「It’s nothing like losing my mind! I’ve thought about this seriously!」

Seriously thinking and decide to do this this early in the morning means that you have lost your mind!

While my mind was still in chaos from the anger and fear, Amaletta, with her hands on her chest, appealed,

「I-I feel that currently, I’m just a bother to Tanaka-san, so I thought how to solve it overnight. And my answer is… Once you fall asleep, I will attack you, liberating Tanaka-san from the ties of this world, then I can also reincarnate you, it’s two birds with one stone! But I was afraid to stab someone to death, and so I couldn’t do it until just now!」

「Stop being so loud!」

Listening to Amaletta who shouted out a flimsy excuse, I stabbed the kitchen knife into the tatami floor in anger. Amaletta, who saw this, made a small 「Hyiihh!」 shriek and curled herself, feeling extremely scared of me. Seriously? just because of those two reasons, I was almost stabbed to death!?

But still, with that strange misunderstanding with Sunaho, it will be hard to throw her out. If a rumor of a heartless father letting his daughter die on the side of the road spread, I might be evicted from this apartment. Can’t be helped then, I have no choice other than taking care of her until I solve the misunderstanding with Sunaho.

「Hey, come here.」


Amaletta who was completely frightened by my anger nodded, and obediently crawled on all fours to me.

「Turn around and then put your hands behind you.」


I took out a PP tape for packing from the closet behind and then bound Amaletta’s hands.

「U-Ummm, what are you going to do?」

「Shut up. Now lay on your belly.」


Feeling scared of my tone, Amaletta obeyed me teary-eyed and threw herself belly first to the futon. I quickly and easily bound her legs.

「There, it’s good with this!」

「Wha-What do you mean good!? Wha-What are you going to do by tying me up!?……. Hahh-! Are Tanaka-san, by any chance, a lolicon!? Now that you finished restraining me, you’re going to make me an outlet for your lust!? This pervert! Brute!! Pedophile Paraphilia!」

I was rained by a storm of unreasonable words. To say all of that even though I restrain you to protect my own safety, what a terrible fellow.

In order to heal my dispirited heart, I sidled up to her while showing a sadistic smile.

「S-…… Stay away…… Please stay away!」

Trembling in fear, Amaletta tried to escape by crawling like a caterpillar toward the window. I easily caught up and closed her mouth with gum tape.

「You know? That mouth is the source of misfortune?」

After I petted Amaletta’s head who nodded teary-eyed, I put the futon in the closet and the knife in the cabinet. After that, I wore my coat, put my wallet and smartphone into my pocket, then put on my shoes. After I was ready, I waved my hand to Amaletta who only silently looked at the situation.

「Well then, I’m going, be good and house-sit for me.」


Satisfied by the shocked expression of Amaletta who was in a situation akin to neglect play, I left the room.

For now, let’s go to the cat cafe to heal my spirit.

t/n: Loli bondage abandonment play, hardcore. Next chapter is worse than this though

actual note:

  • she hit the pillar head first. – the pillar mentioned here is not a pillar in the middle of the room, if you watch plenty of anime, the pillar mentioned here is the wooden pillar on the wall, or in this case, near the closet (I’m 70% sure his apartment use modern wall which is standard cemented brick wall, which means the only place for “pillar” to exist is the closet)
  • Paraphilia – a condition characterized by abnormal sexual desires, typically involving extreme or dangerous activities.

I feel like the quality of this chapter lower somewhat, not sure though, I just do my best and hope that the quality is good enough for release, sorry if it really does lower, not at home right now

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14 thoughts on “Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 5

    1. if you read chapter 3 to 7 of resummoned hero (the only chapters i don’t touch yet, retranslation and edit wise) then you will see how bad i’m 1 years ago, while i improved now, i don’t know how much i improve

      also, i have editors, but they were only working on resummoned hero (were because they’ve been MIA for 2 weeks now), so i’m a person instead of team


  1. A knife to the crotch !!
    That’s NG killing MC’s mandom.
    You deserve getting bound you naughty loli with no redeeming feature as of the moment.
    Aqua is pet, Laura is lovable maso.

    Thanks for the chapter.


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