Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 6

Goddess-sama, In an Emergency State

After I fully enjoyed my day off at the Cat Cafe, I bought foods for two people from the convenience store, and then came home.

I tried to escape reality too much that I played with the cat until the sun almost set. However, with every step I took when I went home, my feet grew heavier.

But really, who actually is that girl?

When we first met, I thought it was just a strange television project, hence why I don’t take her fantasy explanation seriously. But so far, there is no sign of contact made by the television station.

Maybe she’s just a run-away girl? She said and did all those weird remarks and behaviors because she doesn’t want to talk or want to hide her family circumstances……. Scratch that, she was seriously trying to kill me after all.

That means, the girl is just someone with a delusional disorder. In that case, until the misunderstanding with Sunaho resolved, she will spend her daily life bounded. At the first glance, it seems like she’s forced to live like that, but it’s all for the sake of my own safety.

No, she’s just a stranger so it’s probably the best to just report her to the police, but, I want to make this the last resort. It’s troublesome to involve the police.

As I arrived at my apartment in a dark mood after considering the future, I took a deep breath in front of the door of my room and strained my ears. There is a possibility that her restraint has been released, I don’t want to be surprise attacked once I open the door.

While holding the feeling of distrust in the fact that there was no sound nor sign of movement from beyond the door, I unlocked the door slowly, trying to make as little sound as possible, and then put my hand on the doorknob. For some reason, this feels like opening the lid of the trash can that has cockroach confined within.

Fearfully opening the door, the first thing I saw was a girl lying at my feet looking up. No emotion could be seen in her eyes.


Suddenly and unexpectedly trusted into such horror development, I dropped the convenience store bag in my hand. I never thought a girl with both hands and legs tied in a dimly lit room looks so eerie. Though looking closely, it’s just Amaletta, and I was the one who tied her.

——— Rather, why are you lying down right at the entranceway?

While I was taking damage from the unexpected mental attack, emotion slowly return to Amaletta’s eyes as she noticed me, and at the same time, she looked at me with teary eyes like she was trying to appeal something.

Are you by any chance, feeling lonely being left alone in the room, and so you end up in entranceway as you wait for me to come home?

「Hmmpp~~! Hmphhhh~~!!」

Though, looking at her, it doesn’t look like it’s for such a cute reason. Her expression was colored with despair as if she heard the sound of the horn that marked the end of the world. Immediately after I gently peeled off the gum tape blocking her mouth, she let out an urgent plea.

「The restraint…… I beg you, please release my restraint! Umm, that’s……. I’m at my limit!!」


Not quite understanding the meaning of her words, I tilted my head and looked at her: She was twisting her body and her legs fidget around. Is her body become numb from being in the same posture for so long? But if I release her, she might attack me.

While I was wondering what to do about her request, she blushed and said,

「I-I beg you, this will be my lifetime request, please release the restraint! If not… that… might leak!!」

——— Ohh I see… Wait, this is not the time for playing around!

I finally understood what she meant, and at the same time, I shuddered as I realized the seriousness of the situation. If, if such blunder happens in my room, then I need to spend my days surrounded by nice scent.

But really, the other party is someone who has the track record of launching a couple of surprise attack. I’m not sure what she will do if I just carelessly undo her restraint.

「It can’t be helped, I will take you now, so, just hold on a little bit more.」


After thinking calmly, I stumble upon the best move. While she was still dumbfounded, without undoing her restraint, I gradually lifted her body.

「Eh? Say… What are you planning to do?」

「Don’t you hear what I said, I will take you myself. After all, it’s not good if you stain the room.」

As I answered her question while facing the bathroom, Amaletta, who guessed what would happen, opened her eyes wide. Her face was dyed with shame.

「Ehhh-!? It’s a lie, right? You’re joking right?」

「Keep still. It might leaks if you don’t.」

She must have held it since morning, her dam must be on the verge of breaking now. Fortunately, Amaletta currently not using her robe that I don’t familiar with that she wore when we first met, instead, she’s currently wearing the Sunaho’s hand-me-down pajama, so it shouldn’t be hard and take too long.

「No-no-no-nooo! At least, please remove the restraint on my hand! That much is fine, right? Right?」

「I’m sorry, but I don’t trust you, so it’s rejected. You don’t need to worry. I used to take care of my little sister. You can do your business in peace.」

「That’s not the problem! Ahhhh-!! Stop! Please stop! I’m sorry so please!! Molester, pervert, brute, lecher!!!」

I frowned as I saw Amaletta struggling in my hand. While I recalled the past where I was forced to take care of my far younger little sister, we arrived at the bathroom. Even if I said this myself, that was really a good assist from me.

t/n: just fyi, the scene is not detailed and end in this chapter, sorry if you guys disappointed, or rather, the author is the one who said sorry. It’s not hard to imagine, but please imagine a normal scene instead of urination play scene

Actual note:

  • the girl is just someone with a delusional disorder – raw doesn’t actually say delusional disorder, it says “a girl with a head full of delusion”
  • she heard the sound of the horn that marked the end of the world – funny how he uses this comparison but calling her delusional, also, I kind of forget the name of the horn, it might be mentioned in the bible or other kinds of mythology
  • I need to spend my days surrounded by nice scent – the nice scent is a literal translation, I don’t change anything. I’m torn between he referencing the smell of pee as “nice” or referencing the air refresher that he will use regularly to hide the smell for a while
  • I stumble upon the best move – as in chess move or the like

ohh btw, I add a donation page, please consider donating to speed up the translation (and paying my internet, mainly paying my internet)

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14 thoughts on “Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 6

  1. I love your page format and font size, good translation as well.
    The only dislike so far is the manager chick who just believes the goddess for no reason but whatever.


  2. He is the one that would be in trouble if he call the police. There is already been cases in reality where the husband is the one abused and bloodied yet then police arrested him. The whole Duluth model.


  3. It’s in multiple mythologies, but it doesn’t really have a special name, just “____’s Horn”. Well, in Norse mythology Heimdall’s horn is called “Gjallarhorn”, but that just means “really loud horn”.


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