Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 7

Goddess-sama, Feeding

「No more of this… I… can’t become a bride anymore… I came here to reincarnate him, and yet… Why these kinds of things happen instead… Rather than him, I want to be the one who is reincarnated instead.」

Even though she finished flower picking safely, for some reason, she was lamenting and sobbing on the corner of the room. Even though we successfully prevented your blunder, what are you depressed about.

While making a sidelong glance at her, I microwaved the meal that I bought at the convenience store. I had dropped it at the entrance, but fortunately, I bought gyudon and oyakodon, if I bought lunch boxes, then the content might become a mess.

However, I don’t know how long this will continue, unless I kick her out as soon as possible, the food expense will become stupid high, I mean, it simply doubles. I have to keep my living standard to fit my salary, more specifically, by switching to low-malt beer from draft beer and cooking by myself instead of convenience store meal.

Ahh~ what a grave situation. Poor me… Unlike the chuuni girl that, at best, only feeling ashamed about her lower half, I suffer from realistic damage.

——— Ding♪

I fell dispirited from the unreasonableness that happened to me, but, hearing the sound of the microwave, I returned to my sense. Umu, for now, meals comes first, I’m going to satisfy my stomach.

After I carried the oyakodon and gyudon to the low table and putting straws on the tea cartons that came as extra, I beckoned Amaletta.

「Here, it’s dinner. Fix your mood and then come here.」

「…… Don’t need. I have no appetite, or rather, please don’t talk to me, I might get pregnant from talking with you.」

Even though I especially prepare this meal for you, what kind of comment is that! Rather, how can you get pregnant from only conversing.

「Be good and come here now for the sake of the roundworms in your stomach. There there, isn’t it smells good?」

I fanned my hand over the oyakodon to let the sulky Amaletta smelled its scent. Although her head was turned away, the scent still reached her nose. As she sniffed the smells, her stomach made a voice signaling her empty stomach. Looking at her blushed cheeks, I triumphantly smiled.

「Fufufu~ your body is honest huh…」

「Kh- such a cowardly act. Like this, you’re just trampling all over my dignity……」

Even while she was insulting me, she was still slowly approaching the table. I guess, despite her complaints, she still can’t go against hunger.

「Ummm, this might be an obvious question, but how should I eat in this state?…… Don’t tell me, you want me to put my face on the bowl and eat it directly like that?」

I felt her resignation as she didn’t ask me to undo her restraint. Knowing that in her eyes, my personality was akin to demon or something vile, my cheeks cramped. Heck, I know making you eat like a dog is simply too much.

「That’s a bad idea manner wise. Rest assured, even only for a bit, I did have some experience at nursing grandmother. I will help you properly.」


I moved next to Amaletta, scooped out the oyakodon with a disposable spoon, and then brought it to her mouth.

「Here, aaaa~」

「Umm, can I just eat directly from the bowl instead?」

With her face went beyond shyness and turned pale, Amaletta turned her head. However I shook my head and said,

「I won’t accept such a bad manner of eating in my house.」

「Kh- Such humiliation. After months and years being a Goddess of Reincarnation, the day when I receive such humiliation comes……」

「I don’t understand what you’re saying, but if you have time to say all of that, then just open your mouth. The food is not as tasty once it’s cooled down you know?」

Even if it’s just convenience store meals that don’t have any merit other than its ease to prepare compared to self-cooking, it should at least eaten when it’s still warm.

「Here, aaaa~」

「……. A-Aaa~」

Resigned, Amaletta opened her mouth. I gently inserted the spoon with the white rice covered in syrupy egg and tender meat and after making sure she closed her mouth firmly, I slowly pulled out the spoon.

「Is it delicious?」

Amaletta nodded while she was chewing. I didn’t know her preference, so I planned to give her the gyudon if she didn’t like the oyakodon, but it seemed like she was fine with it.

I scooped out the oyakodon again while she was still chewing. After I cooled it down properly, I carried it to her mouth again, and now, she opened her mouth without resistance. Hmu, it’s good that you’re docile.

When I watched Amaletta who pecked at the spoon with utmost effort, I felt like I was taking care a little bird instead, and that was making me smiled. Amaletta who noticed it became embarrassed and turned her head. Don’t worry, I will nursing you like this every day.

In this way, it became the time I was pseudo nursing Amaletta.

「Good evening…… Ahhhh-!」

When I and Amaletta looked back at the entrance after we heard voice came from it, there stood Katsuragi Sunaho, the substitute manager of this apartment. She had a saucepan in one hand for sharing her food with me.

Ah- Remind me, I forgot to lock the door……

「Wha- What are you doing!?」

Taken aback, Sunaho shrieked while looking at us. I turned pale and drenched in cold sweats.

——— I need to take care of this unexpected situation ASAP!!

t/n: my grandma is hospitalized, it’s fine now that she’s already in hospital, but because I was taking care of her when she was still at home, on top of still not finishing my majikoi marathon, the translation also a bit neglected, next chapter is almost finished though, so for now, I will post this one first, expect next chapter in 1 hour, also I’m sorry if the quality dropped

actual note:

  • Realistic damage – literal translation, instead of realistic, materialistic might be better as his “damage” comes from money problem, while her damage is mental one
  • Nursing grandmother – I don’t whose grandmother he was nursing, might be his, might be he worked as elderly caretaker before I don’t know, so I leave it like that

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  1. Thx for the Chappy, Rhea-san ~!😄

    Yes Sunaho-chan, punch him, punch him senseless.
    If this is how a japanese really thinks like…then I’m really disappointed, I mean, even if she is a chuunibyou girl(yes, an attempt killer too), she is still a girl.


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