Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 8

Goddess-sama, Coming Out

Looking at the spectacle: a girl – with her limbs tied – deprived of her freedom, and me in the middle of pulling a spoon out of her mouth. For people who didn’t know anything, this spectacle must look like abnormal, more so that the one that saw this was Sunaho, the substitute manager of this apartment.

——— I-I need to deceive her!!

Taking advantage of the gap when Sunaho – a person who grasped the fate of whether I was killed socially and reported to police or not – tried to process the sight she saw, I thrust the spoon into Amaletta mouth and whispered to her,

『Oi, you don’t want the police involved in this, aren’t you? If you don’t want Sunaho to report to the police, then just agree with my story, understand?』


『Just nod to whatever I say, okay? Do you understand?』


I remembered that before, when I was trying to report to the police, she was trying so hard to stop me. And so after listening to me, she nodded and agreed. Great, in the spirit of the enemy of my enemy is my ally, I will cooperate with Amaletta now.

I quietly took a deep breath and looked at Sunaho as calm as possible to make it looked entirely natural.

「Sunaho, please calmly listen to me. Actually, this has a deep reason deeper than even Mariana Trench.」


In order to not let Sunaho became suspicious, I quickly spun a lie on the spot while she was still trying to catch up with the situation.

「Let’s go with this… Actually, Amaletta seems to have been awakened to the feeling of being tied up before she came here, she now feels extreme pleasure from being deprived of her freedom by being tied up like this.」

「Ha?」 「N-!?」

Listening to the reason I made that was simply too extreme, Sunaho and Amaletta’s eyes were both looked as if they want to come out from its socket. Regardless, I continued.

「Tha-That’s why, as I can’t refuse my daughter wish, despite reluctantly, I do this to her. Hey, isn’t it right?」


If she nods here, she will surely be labeled as a pervert, but if she doesn’t, then Sunaho will immediately report this to the police.

「Isn’t. It. Right?」

For the future of both of us, I turned my heart into demon’s and urged Amaletta to nod. Before long, Amaletta nodded despite her flushed cheeks and teary eyes.


Looking at the droplet of tears running down on her cheek really hurt my conscience. I suppose, I really am a brute.

However, contrary to her determination, the kind Sunaho who looked at Amaletta’s expression felt something tugging her heart. She instead moved her line of sight toward me and looked at me as if she was seeing filth.

「No, umm, isn’t there like an extremely negative atmosphere coming from her…… In the first place, didn’t you said something before you start your explanation?」

「It’s just your imagination. Just believe me.」

「I will report you for the time being.」

———No~! I need to say something!!

「Wait wait wait-! C-Certainly, this might sound unbelievable, but it’s true! Even I was taken aback when I heard about it! But, you see, you can ask the person herself if you’re still not convinced.」

I held out Amaletta as I desperately tried to stop Sunaho who was operating her smartphone. I guess I really really am a brute, doesn’t I… But I have no choice other than this now.

「Letta, is it true?」

I felt really anxious as I looked at Amaletta. After I whispered to her to eagerly admit whatever I was saying so that Sunaho didn’t involve the police, I pulled out the spoon blocking her mouth.

「… R-Re-Re-Re-Really, it’s true.」

After regaining her freedom of speech, with trembling lips, she said so as she looked straight at Sunaho. Well said.

「Is that really what you think? Didn’t you feel like crying before?」

「That’s not it, she was just smothered with pleasure as her fetish revealed.」

In order to stop Sunaho from kept pressing for an answer, I kept increasing Amaletta pervert level. I will not yield for the sake of my future.

「Letta? If you’re being forced by Tanaka-san , you can just deny it you know? I will immediately report him, so don’t be scared, okay?」

Although Sunaho tried to appease her with a gentle voice, she denied her by shaking her head.

「Sunaho-san, I’m sorry…… I-I like to be tied, so much that tears of joy dropped from my eyes.」


At Amaletta’s reveal, finally, Sunaho’s face turned pale. And then, Amaletta smiled bashfully as she voluntarily explained her pervertness to Sunaho.

「In this world, in this society, there are many different kinds of people. I who like to be tied is just a tip of the iceberg. Tana-… Papa is just listening to my selfish demand. So please, don’t report him…… I… I feel aroused!」

——— Amaletta! …… I will surely carve you brave figure in my heart!

Listening to Amaletta who accepted her pervertness openly, Sunaho’s face blushed either because of shyness or too strong of stimulus. Alright, I will do the last push!

「… and that’s that Sunaho. That’s why, you will be just bothering the police if you call them, so for now, put back your smartphone.」

I don’t know whether we successfully cover our foolishness, or this is just surpassing the limit of her understanding, but, Sunaho put back her smartphone inside her pocket even though her face showing a bitter expression.

「…I-I understand. It seems like I’m overstepping on your family circumstances. Therefore, I won’t report you.」

「T-Thank you for your understanding.」

To personally persuade Sunaho with a smile even when shedding tears. No matter where you look, there’s only a pervert who is not embarrassed anymore. I felt like crying when I remembered the figure of the brave Amaletta from before.

「Ah, h-here, I want to share this. If you’re fine with it, then please eat it.」

Sunaho said so and then put the saucepan in the kitchen next to the entrance, after that she lowered her head and then left the room in hurry.

After I locked the door, I heaved out a sigh of relief now that we already prevented the crisis and then put my hand on Amaletta who was collapsed on the low table.

「…… I… I want to just disappear.」

She said so as she was unable to suppress the feeling of shame.

t/n: let’s just jump straight to actual note

actual note:

  • Goddess-sama, Coming Out – chapter title is in katakana, I’m half sure this one has sexual connotation tacked on it
  • Let’s go with this – this is connected to “didn’t you said something before you start your explanation?” originally it’s just えーとな, roughly translated to umm, or err, or let’s see, but all of those doesn’t really suspicious or anything, hence the change and the removal of sunaho mentioning the えーとな on the latter part
  • At Amaletta’s reveal – the reveal on this is actually katakana for coming out, the same one used in the chapter title
  • I… I feel aroused! – there is a pause and an actual period here in the raw, so this might be an entirely separated sentence which is not connected to all previous line

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16 thoughts on “Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 8

  1. Thanks for the chapter.

    MC should had just told the truth, that he woke up with the loli holding a knife about to stab him. Knowing that loli, she wouldn’t really deny it as she was doing her job.


    1. i’m pretty sure she will deny him and make a lie, something that doesn’t reveal she’s a goddess, she’s trying to kill him to reincarnate him, and doesn’t make her call the police, i don’t know whether her like will work or not though


  2. Hmmm… As things go… I have the feeling the goddess will eventually become a full fledged M, Good job dood~


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