Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 9

Goddess-sama, Job Change

Thanks to Amaletta precious sacrifice, we avoided being reported to the police. As a way to pay my respect, I undid her restraint knowing full well of the danger. Well, as expected I feel tortured by the pangs of conscience if I kept her like that.

However, Amaletta who was sublimed from the self-proclaimed Goddess into a bondage-loving pervert didn’t budge after she obtained her long-awaited freedom, she was just lying there on the tatami as if she was a mollusk. My condolences.

「…… Sorry, I guess.」

「…… Fufufu, it’s fine. All is well as long as the outcome is as expected.」

Even though I apologized obediently, Amaletta looked like she was still out there. Is the maniac label too heavy for a girl this young?

When I showed her a compassionated gaze, Amaletta suddenly gasped as her consciousness returned to her. She slowly woke up and then turned to face me.

「By the way Tanaka-san, in this world, there is a saying “Give and Take”, do you know about it?」

What a topic to start conversation…… I thought so as I nodded to answer her while having a bad feeling from looking at her eyes.

「Hou? So releasing you isn’t enough?」

Amaletta shook her head. She put her hands together in front of her meager breasts before she was trying to negotiate.

「Do you think that is enough? After I was recognized as a perverted girl who asks for bondage play from her father? I demand a suitable return for this.」

「Yes, that’s definitely a NO!」

Amaletta’s eyes turned into dots hearing my refusal.

「Even though I have yet to say my request?」

Even without saying it, it’s self-evident that the request won’t be a simple one considering the previous example. I mean, she’s a person who regularly asked me to die, a psycho girl if I have to name it.

「You just want to ask me to die again right? Sorry to say, but no matter what, if that’s your request then my answer will still be the same. Definitely, absolutely, NO.」

Amaletta was a bit overpowered by my refusal, however, she still kept trying.

「I-It’s not that you know? Maybe my request is just something like asking for sleeping together for example?」

「Yes, that really is definitely a NO!!」

「Ehhh!? Again with straight refusal!?」

Because I was cutting her down with another immediate answer, Amaletta was on the verge of tears.

「Look, you were trying to kill me the last time you sleep here remember? If I need to sleep with someone like that, then it’s obvious I will refuse right?」

「Then, what kind of request can you accept?」

Apparently, this girl really wants me to compensate her for the pervert label that was tacked on her. Well, it’s true that she was sacrificed for the sake of my livelihood as a working adult if we only see the result, it’s unfair if I don’t accept any request.

I tried to figure out what to do and came upon a certain idea.

「…… Fine. In the end, I still don’t know who you are or what purpose do you have to keep following me, but for a while, I will go out with it.」

Considering she doesn’t want the police involved, she’s probably a runaway girl. I can protect her for a while. Although she’s a bit dangerous, she seems like an idiot, as long as I’m a little more careful, I should be fine.

Besides, if I don’t, I don’t know what the manager of this place, Sunaho, will say. After all, for the time being, Amaletta is supposed to be my daughter.

「By going out, do you mean THAT going out?」

While I sighed at her bad understanding, I rephrased my remark in an easier to understand way.

「In short, I’m letting you live here for a little while.」

Amaletta who understood what my generous proposal offer hit her palm with her fist. She showed an angelic smile and,

「No thank you. I don’t really want to stay here. I really don’t want to. Please do tell me what’s good is it for me to freeloading with a brute such as you, please explain so I can understand.」

She refused me with a disrespecting manner. With my twitching temple, I explained to Ama-chan who didn’t understand her position well.

「Fine. Based on your story, you won’t be able to come back to the Realm of Soul unless you reincarnate me, but unfortunately, I don’t have any shred of intention to be reincarnated. In other words, you who can’t reincarnate me will be thrown to the cold street of this world.」

「Uu~… that…….」

Even though I could feel begrudging gaze because I refused to be reincarnated, Amaletta who fully understood her situation now was only silently bitting her lip. Looking at her, I smiled and gave her a final blow.

「But, to you who have become a bondage-loving pervert from this turmoil, a kindhearted me had decided to provide you with food, clothing, and shelter for a while as a return, but…….. if it’s not necessary then I won’t force you. Please enjoy your life unprotected from wind and rain in a cardboard where you need to compete with stray cats for food.」

「No, ummm, that kind of thing is…」

「Hmm? What’s wrong?」

Amaleta who looked completely disheartened curled up to escape from my line of sight. Oh my, maybe I bullied her too hard? Though, that’s just a needless anxiety in the end.

『…… I don’t want to become homeless just because of this…… But then Tanaka-san won’t die…… No, I see, I can just aim for opportunities while I live with him! Moreover, I’m guaranteed of food, clothing, and shelter. It’s better if I just accept it obediently here….』

—— Errr- I can hear your pitch black thought loud and clear.

I already saw it from when she set the wire trap, but it seems like she’s the type who thinks out loud. Listening to Amaletta’s self-interest ridden decision, my face cramped. She energetically raised her head and begged,

「Ummm, can you let me freeload here?」

Do you have no shame? However, I have no reason to let her stay here for free. That’s right … at least, let me have some fun.

「You said yourself I’m a brute right? You really want to live here?」

When I asked her with a face full of smile, she nodded as if in fear.

「I-I want… I want to.」

「Good. However, as I’m a brute, I will roll you in a bamboo mat when I’m going to sleep.」


「Also, as I work in the daytime, you will do the housekeeping such as cleaning, washing, and cooking every day.」

Amaletta showed a grim look on her face. Well, never did I say I will let you live here for free.

「Tha-That kind of… Cruel.」

「I’m a brute, so what?」

I who knew her real motive, showing a ridiculing smile. Amaletta who was not in the position to refuse, drop her head.

Thus, the curtain to the story of the strange cohabiting life of Amaletta and me was raised.

t/n: it’s been a while, sorry for the delay, procrastination is a bitch, and so is my luck with new novel title (which is so great that I barely even play game lately, just reading marathon all day, which in fact, is still not finished now, but I decide to put it off for a bit to start the translation again)

to the actual note

  • Amaletta motive of asking to sleep together is to repeat the case of the previous chapter where she tried to kill him when he was asleep, that’s why the refusal at first, this takes me quite a while to figure out, so I think you guys might be confused too
  • “I will go out with it.” and “do you mean THAT going out?” – untranslated unless I make it this way, basically Amaletta mistaken him asking her to date him, which is not
  • “live here” and “freeload here” – this is a bit hard to translate, in fact, they use the same kanji for both, but after checking around, she’s not freeloading if she does all those chore, hence the change where Tanaka said live here, while Letta said freeload here just for a difference nuance
  • 「Tha-That kind of… Cruel.」- it’s not a pause, but a jump in the sentence
  • 「I’m a brute, so what?」- I don’t know if it’s intended or not, but it’s the same sentence structure as “Kumo Desuga, Nani Ka?”, which might or might not a coincidence

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