Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 10

Goddess-sama, Doing Housework

A week passed since then.

At present, I spent day after day being a corporate warrior in a good health, this time, I whipped my tired body to return to my apartment.

Living with Amaletta, a self-proclaimed Goddess of Reincarnation, which was started in an unexpected manner, was surprisingly peaceful.

Excluding being wary of morning attack and rolling her in a bamboo mat every day… Well, I think that much is not so bad, Living with Amaletta is quite pleasant.

I, who was tricking her to do housework in return of her malicious scheme that was blurted out by herself, surprised that contrary to her look, she did housework well: my suit was crisp every day, the room was clean, and her cooking was not bad.

While she appeared to be my daughter in front of Sunaho, but in reality, she was more like a very young bride.

However, it was naive of me to think like that.

My suits were burned in the shape of the iron, breaking the curtain while cleaning, increased expense because of the broken lamp, feeling full of spirit and shouting 「Flambe!」 while cooking, almost burning the apartment down. I don’t know what else she does while I didn’t have my eyes on her, but it suits her appearance that is a child.

Actually, I was thinking that she would plan to kill me while she pretending to do housework, but looking at her, apologizing half crying every time, I didn’t feel any ill-will.

While I thought those kinds of thing at deeply, I arrived at my apartment. From the ventilator fan, I could smell nice fragrant……. Is today pork miso soup? I thought.

「I’m home.」

「Oh, welcome home. Do you want dinner? Or, will you take a bath?」

When I was back, Amaletta, clad in apron stopped preparing foods and came pitter-pattering to the door. Although her line was a line that would make any lolicon trying to push her down, I’m sorry, but I’m not a lolicon.

With her appearance that looked like a loyal dog waiting for her master’s order, it made me want to stroke her head. Naturally, she complained as her hair became a mess.

「Gaahhh!! Why are you always making my hair a mess!」

「Because your head is in the right position or something like that.」

「Please stop it! I, compared to you, am still older you know?!」

「Yes yes, Ama-chan is a lolibaba yes, yeah I understand.」

「Don’t say lolibaba! Also, calling me Ama-chan is forbidden.」

While holding off Amaletta’s head with both of my hand, I was having fun by angering her. This is fine. Illicit intercourse is forbidden.

After enjoying that for a while, I loosened my tie and passed my briefcase to Amaletta.

「I will take a bath, dinner is after that.」

「Cer-Certainly. I already prepare the hot water. Please put the lid on after you’re done.」


While Amaletta doing housework with her cheeks inflated, I took off my clothes in the bathroom and then tossed them out to the main room. Like this, when I took a bath, my suits are tidied up and my pajamas are prepared.

Often the boss of my company who was already quite aged said 「Get married soon. Live is more comfortable with the wife around.」 or some other old-fashioned story like that, though, certainly, it was easier with Amaletta doing housework like a wife.

Well, I did this to her because she’s a freeloader, I don’t need to thank her for doing housework seriously.

While sinking in the small bathtub, healing today fatigue, I watched Amaletta pitter-pattering from beyond the polished glass. While exhaling a small breath, I think,

I don’t know how long this will last, but well, I guess sooner or later, I need to thank her for all that.

———— Not long after I thought that, I found that.

t/n: Did I said 2-3 days…. whoops. Well to be fair, I did somewhat finish this in 2 days, I just got stuck on a couple of lines I was unable to connect properly, in fact, after rereading this chapter a couple of time, I’m actually hesitating whether to release this or not, as I can only guarantee around 50% of this translated correctly, not saying that everything else is wrong, just I’m not sure whether they’re correct or not, you can say this chapter might change drastically in the future, or maybe not at all, we will see.

While I’m stuck on this, I start the translation of resummoned hero, and already on line 38/85 (including line break and all, I passed the hard part already though)

Also, notice the theme change? unfortunately, this theme for some reason doesn’t have excerpt function on the main page, so I need to make a new front page

p.s next three chapters of goddess’s suffering need to be released at a rapid pace, or even better, all at once to prevent some misunderstanding, so next goddess’s suffering chapters update will be  delayed

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6 thoughts on “Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 10

  1. Thanks for the translation 🙂 just started today. Not sure how I feel about this one since the ending has to have a tragedy right? I mean it feels like it either ends with him dying or they continue on with this life until old age. I can easily picture scenes from anime for the dialogues so it feels like I’m watching clips. Anyway saw your. It’s and looking forward to the next three chapters.


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