Re-Summoned Hero Episode 79

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Started with the discussion about the dragonkins.
Followed by the discussion of the gnomes.
Ended with the discussion about beastkin?

「Grevin…… There is no way right?」
Dina holds her breath.
「There is.」
Souta nods.

「I would expect there is no one other than Elder that had no naming sense that would use a nickname which was a discarded proposal.」
「I know right, there should be various other names…… But still, I’m somewhat glad. That Elder-san survived.」
He must consider using his name, Gregor Marvin, as is, would reveal his identity as the hero of the gnomes. But still, remembering a name that’s not even used regularly in his party even though it was a known nickname albeit discarded is really just like him. As seen from how the two only call him Elder, his nickname was rarely used. This means the only who knows the real identity of the creator of that story was members of Souta’s party or someone close to them like Dina.

「That’s all the information, right?」
「That’s right… Or at least for now.」
After saying that, Souta looks down to see the information he has written.
「Now, what moves should we pick…… should we look for the dragonkin, or looking for gnomes settlements, or…」
「Going to the beastkin’s country first, right?」
Souta nods, agreeing to the continuation of his words that Dina uttered.

「We don’t know the whereabouts of dragonkin’s village, while the gnomes are spread out, on top of that we don’t know if we go to the right village to be able to get any information, so it’s more efficient to go to other places first.」
「Then, what if there is a gnomes village nearby on our course to the beastkin’s country?」
「It’s possible. But the problem is that even if we go to the beastkin’s country, we might not get any information at all.」
Souta scratches his head as he thinks the best way to go to look for information.

「Since the lifespan of the Beastkin are only a little bit longer than human, there would be nobody who knows the event of that time, even if they told their descendant, a thousand years is indeed too long……」
While the book made by the Elder was handed down to the Beastkin, now that the same kind of story that was circulated among the human had become mainstream, it was doubtful whether the person who received the book passed it down.
「What to do? We have several options to choose from.」
Souta almost decides where he wants to go, but he asks Dina as he wants to give a meaning other than looking for information on their journey.

「…… Personally, I want to go to the beastkin’s country at least once. It’s embarrassing of me, but I never leave the Elven country before this. Coming to this town is an exciting experience for me, there are a lot of things I’ve never seen, a lot of non-elves around… It’s really fun.」
Dina answers so in excitement while blushing a little.
「It was a correct decision to ask you. Previously, I was summoned, this time, I want to live freely, doing what I want to do. Hence why it’s fine even if we take a detour…… Right, let’s head to the beastkin’s country. Even if there is no information about the Elder, looking around at various thing would be interesting by itself.」
As there is little choice to begin with, Souta chooses this, simply because the idea sounds interesting. Unlike earlier, Souta’s expression who just changes gear becomes brighter.

「Yes, it must be fun. Travelling is nice, I had a lot of fun enjoying various landscape on our way from Elven country to this town, to the extent that I was moved by the feeling. This time, we will even go to the country we don’t know, my feeling of curiosity is piqued!」
Looking at Dina who makes a fist and talks passionately, Souta restrain himself from saying 『I have been there a thousand years ago.』

「Today is already late, so are we leaving tomorrow?」
「Yes, though despite the hassle I did to buy this house, I seem to spend so little time staying here… Ohh well… We will be departing tomorrow after we go shopping, requesting house management, and reporting that I will be away from the city for a while. Since I’m going to leave the city again, I want to greet my acquaintances first.」
Souta remembers how he was reporting to his acquaintance one by one, this time, he’s thinking of going on a trip quickly.
「Because this is an unrestrained journey, let’s take it easy when we leave.」
Because of her firm way to talk, she is often misunderstood. She often slips out of the castle because she doesn’t like the strict rule of royalty, that feeling turns into the feeling of oppression and in turn strengthen her longing for freedom. That’s why that thought seeped out naturally from the strong curiosity of the journey.

The two keep continuing their conversation, from the mystery of the journey, to the journey itself, they keep going until late into the night.
The purpose has changed, but the heavy feeling encroaching their mind seems to be getting lighter. Afterward, Souta brings Dina who fell asleep earlier to the bed and then goes to sleep in the other room.

The next morning.

Because they were talking until late at night, they also wake up later. Dina’s last memory before going to the bed was the sofa of the living room, so she feels confused immediately after waking up, but she regains her calmness soon and heads downstairs.

In the living room, Souta is preparing breakfast. Though all he does is taking out foods from the dimensional storage and warm the soup, still that’s good enough for breakfast.
「Oh, you awake Dina? Good morning.」
「Sorry, I seem to have overslept…….」
「No, don’t worry. Yesterday we were talking until late after all and I guess the fatigue from the trip isn’t yet to recover either, I just got up myself. I have filled the tub in the bathroom, you should wash your face.」
After a brief greeting, Souta hand over a towel and points to the bathroom.

「Thank you very much, I’m going.」
As she’s embarrassed, she goes to the bathroom in a quick pace after receiving the towel from Souta.

After they finished eating, just like what they planned last night, they ride the carriage to the city for a shopping trip. As the beastkin’s country is farther than elven country, in order to make the journey a little bit more comfortable, they lay down a couple sheet of futon in the carriage to absorb shock, they also buy more food and buying things one after another for a reason that it will be needed on their trip without paying attention to the cost. Dina who was refraining at the beginning seems to also lose her restraint somewhere looking at Souta who keeps buying more and more and end up adding more and more things to buy based on what she wants.

After shopping, at noon, they go to the dining room at the inn to have a meal and to inform them about their journey.
Miri responds with 「Again?」, while Milfana only saying 「Please be careful.」 In the case of Gordon, he offers 「Give me the money, and I will cook for you.」 which the two accept his offers gratefully.

When they get to Carena’s store on their way, they see Roury and Elmia tending store together. It’s in a form of Elmia remonstrate Roury for playing hooky when she’s tending the store.
「Ah, Souta-san and Dina-sama!! Both of you are mean to me! Leaving me alone like that.」
Roury who meet eyes with the two complained her dissatisfaction to them.
「But it seemed that it worked, didn’t it?」
Pointed out by Souta, Roury loses her momentum.
「That…… Err…… Thank you very much.」
Elmia who is next to Roury whose attitude turns around and gives her thanks also lower her head just like Roury.

「Raise your head both of you, all we did was guide Roury to this place and then leave her alone here, we don’t deserve the gratitude.」
As they can feel that Souta just hiding his embarrassment, Roury and Elmia both laugh and then raise their heads.
「Rather than that, we come here to say hello before we’re going on a trip today.」
「Yes, Souta-san and I decided to go to the beastkin’s country.」

「That… so… Un… Just be careful. Just don’t forget to show your face here when you come back okay?」
Although Roury and Elmia showing a slightly lonely expression when they hear that, Roury decide to see them off with a cheerful attitude.
「I pray for the safety of your journey. Also, please come and play with my mother again.」
Elmia, picking her mother’s intention, also send them off with a bit of a joke.

t/n: It’s been a long time I’m getting rusty, for some reason I keep wondering whether I should translate thing as A or B, whether the context fits A more or B more, or whether I should have used A word or B word, it keeps spinning like that in a downward spiral, well it’s finished anyway

a couple of note:

  • removed line:  お互いの姿を確認すると、蒼太は挨拶を。ディーナは謝罪の言葉を口にした。 right after 「Oh, you awake Dina? Good morning.」and「Sorry, I seem to have overslept…….」, it pretty much means Souta gives greeting, while Dina apologize, seems redundant so I removed it and then move it to later narration
  • changed line:  蒼太は取り出したタオルを渡し、浴室を指差した。 it just means Souta gives towel to Dina, I add a simple bit from the removed line
  • actually not sure if I translate this line (Souta remembers how he was reporting to his acquaintance one by one, this time, he’s thinking of going on a trip quickly.) right
  • Souta’s speech is in dark blue, while Dina’s speech in dark green for half the chapter, the first half of the chapter is pretty hard to differentiate who is who, I tried to edit it, but it’s simply not working out unless I go loose and rewrite the entire thing, which is not ideal

It’s been too long so my grammar might be messed up here and there, I’m sorry about that, any fix or suggestion is welcome


p.s: again, I’m not really checking novelupdate or other’s translator site nor do I plan to check, so I don’t know if this chapter already translated or not, well nobody says anything to me, so I guess, it’s still fine right?

also, next update is goddess’s suffering, it will be in 2-3 days

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