Re-Summoned Hero Episode 80

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Putting together the information.
Traveling is fun!
Meeting Roury and Elmia to says farewell.

After the two leave Carena’s shop, they’re going to the adventurer guild to report their long trip from the town, but as there is no Milfa nor Airi, they only do a formal report and leave the guild right away. As for Airi, she is on holiday, while Milfa is posted at the guild master’s room to greet his visitor. They will, a couple of hours, later receive silent anger from Milfa, ‘Why do they choose this day to come here…’

After they finished asking Fuura to take care of their house at the real estate agency, they go back to the inn to receive their foods from Gordon.
「Because it will be a long trip, I put in a bit extra.」
As he says, there are fifty serving of various dishes prepared.
「Thank you.」
Gordon raises his right hand in reply to the two and then returns to the kitchen, leaving the place to Milfana, who is in charge of payment.

「Sorry, his attitude looks like that, but he’s actually pleased with you two who told him both of you like his cooking.」
While paying the money, they make a follow up for Gordon.
「Yeah, I can tell it from the way he doesn’t cut corners with his cooking. Can you pass him a message: His cooking really help us make the trip more pleasing?」
「From me too, please tell him it’s the most delicious food I’ve ever had.」
Milfana nods with a smile.

Leaving the inn, the two leave from the north gate.
Nobody sends them off, but their faces are beaming. There is their objective, but most of it is due to the pure anticipation of their travel.

Upon departure, considering there will be fights against monsters or thieves, Souta prepared equipment for Dina and Ed. For Ed, Souta gives it hair ornament on its mane. This hair ornament increase Ed’s physical ability so in case it’s getting caught in battle, it will be able to protect itself and run away from the battle area quickly.
For Dina, Souta gives her a bow, which the elves are most proud of, for long range, and short sword for close range. Both of them are the heritage of the past from Souta’s dimensional storage.

The bow is called 『Silver Bow』, as its name suggests, it has silver color just like Dina’s hairs. The material used to create the bow is not silver though, instead, it used platinum mixed with magic iron and also strengthened with magic in its production stage. The user can be registered by the current user or by its creator, and Souta, as one of its creator, set the user to Dina.
Souta also prepares the arrows, they are only normal iron arrow, but it is possible to increase their power by infusing magic power to the arrow via the bow when releasing them. Also even if there is no arrow, the bow can generate magic arrow by putting more magic power into it, though as it consumes a lot of magic power, normal arrows are also prepared.

The short sword was created using a mix of iron and magic iron, it has high affinity with magic power.
As her battle style is one that prioritizes quick movement, the armor chosen was a breastplate made from the leather of deer monster with dragon’s scale that’s called Ryuuroku that has regenerative ability.
Compared to that, Souta’s equipment is a lightweight one with only iron sword and a leather mantle, but Souta judge that’s enough as he can take out or stores his own equipment. Also, thinking of the possibility of his identity as Hero known by some people, he removes the transformation bracelet for this trip.

「Nevertheless, Dina also having quite a turbulent life.」
Souta mutters such thing suddenly. As Dina sits near the coachman seat, she hears the mutter and returns an answer.
「I guess…?」
Because she doesn’t really understand herself, her answers have a question mark in it.

「From the start, you were not thought so well in the royal family.」
「Fufufu, that’s not something I worry about. In the first place, my mother was neither the main wife nor concubine. It can’t be helped.」
Dina feels pleased that Souta thinks of her and trying to look for not so direct word to ask her. A smile appeared on her face.

「Well, that’s one. You also watched the last moment of Soldia and not long after that, you were sealed for a thousand years. Isn’t it turbulent, or maybe misfortune?」
「Hmmm~ But still, it makes me able to confirm my link with my big brother. Also… I can travel with Souta right now is precisely because I was sealed…… You know, I’m currently very happy now.」
Dina shows a beaming smile.

「Th-That so… That’s good, then… Sorry, I started a strange topic.」
Souta who is talking while looking backward turns his face to the front as he notices his face has turned red.

Going to the beastkin’s territory, they planned to go through several town or village as the distance is farther than to the elven country. If there is an inn, they will rest there, if there is no accommodation like in a small village then they will continue the trip and rest by camping using the magic tent.
As they’re approaching the beastkin’s territory, there are noticeably more adventurers, knights, and martial artists.

They arrive at a medium-sized town and decide to stay at the inn.
Dina decides to rest at the room from the fatigue while Souta heads to the bar and dining room on the first floor to gathers some information.
In there, there are many people that are confident with their arms.

Wondering if there is something, Souta calls out the shopkeeper who is serving the beverage at the bar counter.
「Say, there are many armed people here, is there anything happened nearby?」
「You came to this town without knowing? I was sure that you’re also a participant of the battle tournament as you came here.」
Despite his mustache and scary face, he answers Souta’s query with a kind smile.
「I see, so that’s why there are many armed people here.」
「You seem to be pretty good too. Despite your weapon, you seem like hiding a considerable ability.」
The shopkeeper is looking at Souta with a judging look. There is no sign of appraising skills being used, he understands Souta’s ability from his long years of experience.

「Gahahahaha, your eyes must be clouded. You say a brat like this hiding a considerable ability? In such a small body, my blow will kill him just by grazing him. Oy don’t you guys also think so?」
Said a man equipped with warrior-like equipment, it’s such high-level equipment too.
Behind the man is a couple of his friends, they’re in sync responding to the man’s word and start hurling abusive word toward Souta.

「Oy, Stop it! Leave this place if you want to pick a fight with my customer!!」
The shopkeeper glare and yell at the men, but they don’t try to listen to his word as they’re all drunk.
「I don’t care what a declining person like you trying to say. More than that, Boy, are you planning to join the tournament too?」
「No, I-」
「Just quit while you can. If you join, you might get hurt, or even worse, die, Gahahahaha!」
-don’t plan to participate. Souta who want to answer that is interrupted by the man.

「Then, I’m going to test your so-called considerable ability here.」
One of the man companions called out and said that. Although he can easily pass being called a long-haired handsome man, his bad character vividly showing on his face.

「No, I really don-」
「Wait-wait!! You guys, I won’t forgive a person who bullies the weak!!」
Souta gets interrupted again when he tries to say he is not going to participate, this time by a beastman who suddenly appeared.

「Who is it again now…」
Mutters Souta as he hangs his head.

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  • Silver Bow: this one is a literral translation written as 銀弓, it’s shiroganeyumi in romaji

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I start to schedule my time, hopefully, this means faster release for you guys, I also want to keep going reading this story, but it’s not a priority with how many novels I read that is already updated now, and with Factorio consuming half of my day, yeah, I really need to use my time better……

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  1. I was thinking to check whether there is a new short story chapter about this novel or not, guess what I found

    an after story of re-summoned hero, and by that I don’t mean the story of the 4 heroes, but Souta and Dina after story, which might be better to be called re-summoned hero 2, now I’m excited

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      1. I mean, there was this one LN I read, don’t remember which one, but… anyways, it had a side story (after story) for each of the harem members. Not as in a split path type thing, just MC going on a date/trip/something with each of his wives. Plural. In most of them, the others were referenced as his other wives, or even appeared as his other wives. Having a side story that only includes MC and one harem member doesn’t mean that he doesn’t get with the others too.


      2. someone who read the raw until the end of souta’s story said no, looking at how the story so far i also believe this won’t become a harem


          1. the genre at novelupdate is user submitted, simply said people generalized this novel, when I was posting this novel, I never add harem as a genre, it was then added by who know who which might or might not finished reading the raw until the end

            basically, use those genre as guideline (no smoke if there is no fire after all, the genre submitted there will still have something to do with the novel, in this novel case, the earlier chapter when Airi, Milfa, Miri, all seems to like Souta giving an illusion of this being a generic self-fulfillment harem story), but don’t believe 100% of it, especially if the novel unfinished

            granted, this novel might change course and something resembling a harem will show up later, but I don’t believe this novel can be called as harem novel at all


  2. So… beastman found … now beating him to show him who is the boss , and then asking information , I guess ?

    Thanks for the chapter btw
    Really like this novel ( and Dina too)


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