Re-Summoned Hero Episode 81

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Fifty meals GET~
Finally setting off.
Entangled into something again.

The beastkin man who just appeared position himself between the man and Souta, shielding him. He then look back and shows a smile to Souta.
「Don’t worry, you can leave this to me!」
「No… I’m-」
「Who the fuck are you! Some nerve you have there to stand in our way.」
Interrupted three times in a row, Souta gives up and approaches the clerk at the counter.

「So, who are they?」
Leaving the quarrelling men, Souta talks to the clerk.
「Y-You’re also has quite a nerve to leave them and talk to me in this situation. Oh well… The group is the member of a clan called 『Red Blow』. The clan leader is an S-ranked swordsman, though these people are at best a B-ranked party.」
After being told so, Souta confirmed that those men uniformly has some kind of symbol engraved on their equipments.

「I see, then what about the man who intrude in the middle?」
It’s obvious from his appearance that he’s a white tigerkin and he’s of a considerable ability from the way he knocks down the group from Red Blow one after another. But, Souta’s biggest question is actually what kind of person that tigerkin person is.
「It’s also my first time seeing him, if I’m not mistaken the captain of beastkin’s country troops should comes from a white tiger lineage…… No, he’s too young. Sorry, but I don’t know. I know that his movement is not of that ordinary person though.」
White tigerkin man knocks down the member of Red Blow Clan one after another, until the only person left now is the party leader, the man who first start the conversation with Souta.

「B-Bastard! How dare you!!」
The man looks at his companion that was thrown to the shelves and then glares at the white tigerkin.
「It’s only you now. Come, quickly!」
The white tigerkin that is glared provokes the remaining man. Expecting a calm judgement from a drunk man is difficult indeed, the man pulls the sword on his waist and then tries to attack the white tigerkin, but before he’s able to strike, his sword is stopped by another sword.

「Stop it. If you bother the store more than this, then I’m going to banish you guys.」
It’s a quiet voice but the voice has enough force to immobilize the man.
「Lea-Leader. I’m sorry, I was drunk and then got carried away.」
Based on the word of the remaining man, the one who stops him is the leader of the Red Blow clan.
「And you are apologizing to me?」
「N-No… Master, I’m sorry for troubling you, also for the boy and the white tigerkin too, I’m sorry.」
The man lowers his head toward the clerk, the white tigerkin man, and to Souta as told by the leader.

「Or so he says, will you guys forgive him?」
「I don’t mind as long as he pays for the broken chairs and table.」
Toward the Red Blow clan’s leader’s question, the clerk answers first.
「I got through it just fine, so I also don’t mind.」
This time it’s the white tigerkin man. Being the only one who is yet to answer, everyone’s eyes naturally gather on Souta.
「I just got caught up in it from the start, nor do I receive any damage, so there is nothing to apologize in the first place.」
Answers Souta while shrugging his shoulders.

「Let me apologize to everyone in behalf of the other three too, we’re sorry for bothering everyone. Also as an apology, everyone meals and alcohols tonight will be on me. Eat, drink, merrymaking as much as you want!!」
Everyone inside the store all excited hearing the leader’s word.
「Master, is this enough for the payment?」
The leader puts a bag containing gold on the counter and hand it to the master. Confirming the content of the bag, the master complexion changes,.
「O-Oi, this is too much, I don’t need this much.」

The master tries to return it to the leader, but he stops him from doing so.
「It’s alright. This here is the payment for everyone’s foods tonight, reimbursement of the broken chairs and tables, and also trouble fee to the store, if there is still left over, then the next time we do something stupid, please overlook it a bit.」
He says while closing one eyes and talk in a gentle manner.

「Both of you too. Eat and drink, and then I hope you can forget and forgive these guys rudeness.」
「Is it okay? Ehehe excuse me then. UUOOOOO FOOOOOD!!!」
Lured by the free meals, the white tigerkin yells while going back to his seat.
「How about you? That one seems to have gone and eat.」
「I brought along a company, I’m going back to my room.」
Feeling a suspicious feeling from the leader’s smiling face, Souta tries to head to Dina’s room, but from behind he hears his voice.
「Then bring along your companion, I have already paid for tonight after all.」
Without looking back, Souta only lightly answers by raising his right hand.

Arrived in front of Dina’s room, Souta knocks on her door and then wait for Dina to open the door before coming in. Dina already removes her equipment and now wearing clothes for everyday wear.
「Welcome back, Souta-san… did something happen?」
Noticing the changes in Souta’s expression, Dina asks so.

「Haa~ you notice. It’s not a big deal, a beastkin man helped me when he thought some drunkards tried to pick a quarrel with me. The leader of the drunkards then appeared then mediated the situation. As a result, to make up for the trouble they cause, the leader treats everyone tonight, and now there is a feast going on the dining room.」
「Oh my, Souta-san is really often involved with various kind of people, don’t you. Long time ago, I remember you were getting involved with a certain knight when you were coming to the castle……」
Dina talks happily about her memories of the past, however, Souta only showing a cold expression.
「I wonder why. This time the event keep progressing from the first dialogue to the feast at a stretch even when I don’t say anything.」
When he remembers how the event downstairs happened without his opinion at all, fed up expression shown up on his face.

「Ufufu, I wanted to see it.」
「Give me a break… Well, today dinner is already paid by that guy, do you want to have a late dinner downstairs? It might be a bit noisy, but…」
Remembering how much fuss raised when he was trying to leave the dining room, Souta gives advance notice to Dina.
「Then it will be fun, isn’t it? That person already spends a great deal, so let’s go.」
「That’s true, I’m coming too then.」
Seeing Dina’s smiling face, Souta regains some of his energy. He then returns to the Dining room he left just before together with Dina.

When they arrive at the entrance of the dining room, it seems the feast is at its climax, there are people sing and dance, stacks of dishes on the table, people who have drinking competition, and so on.
When the white tigerkin man sees Souta, he waves his hand and called out to him.
「Oyyy you. Let’s eat together here, your companion to-…」
by that point, he stops talking, with his jaw dropping, he looks at Souta and Dina, or more precisely, at Dina.

「What’s wrong?」
Souta who accepted his invitation and approaching him asks so, immediately the white tigerkin man regained his mind.
「I come here because you call me… Hey where are you looking?」
The man ignores Souta. He approaches Dina and then gets on his knees.
「Please… Marry me!!!」
「No way.」
The confession of that man faces an honorable defeat in just one second.

t/n: sorry, I was translating goddess’s suffering that I kinda neglect this one, I promise 3 chapters at once after all (mainly because if there are too much delay between release, people might misunderstand the story)

goddess’s suffering almost finished, I just need to clean it up, the thing is, I start Japanese course and they give so many homework, most of them need to be written by hand, so I can’t rush it either, the translation should be finished in 2-3 more days though as I finish my homework.

next re-summoned hero chapter will be after that, depend on how many homework I will get at that time

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