Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 11

Goddess-sama, Trying to Rise

I worked at the company for day-to-day food today as well. I was going home at a quick pace. I was looking forward to spending some time in the apartment recently.

It had been two weeks since Amaletta turned into child wife.

The following tranquil days made it seemed like the earlier stormy days when we just met a dream. It was so pleasantly relaxing that my tension was completely gone.

There was no trap nor surprise attack since we started living together. As I thought, her being a goddess of reincarnation and so on so forth is just a fantasy caused by chuunibyou, in reality, she was probably just a runaway girl.

However, in that case, social problems arise. Unless I returned her to her real parent. It wasn’t in the news report but it wasn’t surprising if a search request had been issued. It was a problem where our aim was in conflict.

「I’m home.」

I returned to the apartment from the office a little earlier than usual. After saying the standard greeting, if it was like usual, then Amaletta should come over pitter pattering to answer me, but today, she for some reason didn’t respond.


While wondering why there was no response, I looked around the room and found the answers immediately. Our house fairy was in the middle of bathing now.

『Fuufufufufu ♪ ♪ Today~, Ebisu-sama~ ♪』

Hearing a somewhat out of tune song that I heard from somewhere before coming from the bathroom, I stroked my chest unknowingly. While still questioning the unknown emotion I felt, I decided to call out Amaletta for the time being.

「Amaletta, I’m home.」

『Aree? Tanaka-san? You’re home early today, aren’t you? I will be finished soon, so please wait a bit for the dinner.』

「No, don’t worry about it. You can take your time.」

Listening to the Heroic Amaletta’s answers, my face loosened. As I tried to take off my tie, I thought ‘somehow, that exchange really feels like one between newlywed.’

While having such a weird thought, I suddenly thought about today’s dinner. Curiously, I looked at the kitchen and notice unfamiliar small bottles. It had a shape similar to a flask with a cork stopper that usually found in fantasy works. There were two bottles, one was red, while the other was blue.

I gave her a fixed amount of money every morning for Amaletta to buy grocery. I let her used the change for whatever she wants, so maybe she bought new seasoning too? It was a good thing for me if her repertoire increase.

Intrigued, I took the red flask to my hand. Rotating it to read the label, I found a straw paper glued to the bottle which read:


『Magic Shop brand – Ultra Deadly Poison ~ Don’t like someone? A drop and dead ♪ Tasteless, Odorless and doesn’t react to silverware, A nice present for your hated enemy which grant them DEATH!』

~~~~~~ Drop Dead ♪ —-


Reading at the really bad of a joke explanation which truth couldn’t be discerned at all, I groaned. I suddenly felt a headache as I put my hand on my forehead.

——— This… If this is real, then she’s planning to poison me…

No longer know what Amaletta thought, I reached out for the blue flask. It had a similiar label that read:


『Magic Shop brand – Ultra Antidote ~ A necessity for you who play with poison ♪ Enjoy having someone’s life or death in your hand!』


「This goes beyond bad taste!」

Reading that explanation note that sounded so stupid, I unconsciously yelled out. Even though it was probably just a joke good, it was still not a pleasant thing to say even if it was prepared by someone with chuunibiyou.

She felt like going to put these on the dish she was going to make. Maybe, this was a super spicy spice used for mischief and its neutralizing agent or something.

In order to confirm Amaletta’s real intention, I opened the cork on the bottles and put a drop of the red liquid on my finger, while setting aside the blue bottle for trying it later.

And then, I licked my finger.

「!!! ???」

Instantly, my body felt hot as if it was burned, after a moment, it felt chill as if I was thrown into the freezer, all this while my body cramped and I couldn’t breathe.


——— tHiS iS — seRIoUs !!


Despite my body convulsing, with my hand that barely able to move, I poured the content of the blue flask to my face. At the moment the liquid from the blue bottle entered my mouth, my body returned to normal as if everything that happened was a lie.

——— Tha-That was dangerous! That bastard Amaletta, is she seriously trying to murder me!?

I grabbed the bottle and rushed to the bathroom then I slammed the door open in anger.


「Kyaaa! Tanaka-san!? What are you thinking of doing!?」

The blushing Amaletta complained while hiding her body inside the bathtub, however now was not the time to turn away.

「That’s my line!! What are these things!? Explain yourself!!」

「Ah~ Errr that is!? Why is it with Tanaka-san!?」

When I showed her the two flasks, Amaletta’s face stiffened.

「Why you said, it’s out in the open in the kitchen.」

「Ehh… No way?」

「I’m serious! Thanks to that, I almost died!」

Listening to my roar of anger, Amaletta showing a puzzled look while tilted her head.

「Ehh? Did you drink it?」

「Yes, I thought It is a joke good.」

Hearing my answer, Amaletta covered her mouth with her hand to stifled her laughter.

「Pft-…… To take a poison by yourself, are you an idiot?」


——— *Snap*!


「The Idiot one… Is youuuu!」


I dragged Amaletta out of the bathtub stark naked. Sitting cross-legged, I put Amaletta on my lap and spanked her 100 times.

Although Sunaho might come up if she heard Amaletta’s cry, I don’t care.

After making her felt the suffering I did by giving her the red liquid, and then flashed her the blue flask to threaten her.

I forgave her after she understood what she was trying to do and apologize while trembling in fear.

Good grief… Even though I trust her lately, to aim at the gap of my negligence.

I was thinking about expelling Amaletta as soon as possible. For now though, after I rolled her with a bamboo mat, I went to sleep.


  • Magic Shop brand – Ultra deadly poison: this one takes a while, it’s not really the translation for it though here is the original text 『魔法屋印の超猛毒・気に入らないアイツを一滴でブッコロ♪ 無味無臭で銀食器にも反応しない、素敵に不敵な優れものDeath!』, I’m just taking the liberty to make it as annoying as possible
  • tHiS iS — seRIoUs !!: this one doesn’t actually a broken speech, but it’s written fully in katakana implicating he has a hard time either thinking it out loud or saying it

now then, this chapter by itself will make him sounds so dumb, which is just like usual, so I need to release next chapter ASAP, just 5 lines left which give trouble, so expect it to release it tomorrow or next day after that

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  1. Thanks for the chapter

    A laugh so hard when he drank the red poison LMAO, he is typically like me, I know is bad but still want to try it for curiosity.


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