Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 12

Goddess-sama, Talking About Ability

The day after the two put one of their foot into the coffin with poison.

That day I had a day off as today was a public holiday. Together with Amaletta, we went shopping at the supermarket. After buying a week’s worth of foods, we went home without taking any detour. We walked while exposed to the hot air released by the row of cars and early afternoon sunlight. Although not a big road, it was road people frequently used.

By the way, I currently wore a plain shirt and sweatpants, with crocs as my footwear, the so-called FATHER STYLE. It bought me the frown of Amaletta who walked beside me, but I didn’t know.

But still, Amaletta was not that different from me. The white one-piece that Sunaho gave was a neat one that suited her, but as it was not possible to wear it, Amaletta modified it so she could keep wearing her wings for some reason. Moreover, she also wore Crocs. It seemed like she was committed to not remove her imitation wings. I could saw her exceeding integrity like that.

「Uuuu~…… My butt still hurts.」

With an eco-bag on one hand, Amaletta complained while stroking her butt that was spanked by me with the other hand. Serves you right.

「You reap what you sow.」

Saying so with a snort, Amaletta looked up at me with inflated cheeks.

「But still, you’re still asking me to cook for you even though I was trying to poison you? Honestly, it makes me doubt Tanaka-san’s sanity.」

「Shut it. The family finance won’t work if you don’t cook. Also, that’s why I come with you, so that you don’t buy anything strange. Give me back my vacation…」

Yes, I still had Amaletta cook for finance reason. She was good at cooking normally and she also had a track record of managing food expense within budget. Regrettably, I couldn’t go back to the convenience store food which now felt expensive.

「Such an unreasonable demand. But now that I already felt the taste of poison, you can leave everything to me again like before……」

「Is that coming from someone who tried to kill me with poison? I also doubt your sanity then.」

I retorted to Amaletta while looking over the large number of ingredients that were packed into the eco-bag. Amaletta fell silent and avert her glance from me.

「But seriously, where did you buy such dangerous goods?」

Amaletta’s range of action was, at best, only the roundtrip between the apartment and the supermarket. Of course, there was no way supermarket sold those kinds of thing, and if there was any shop near here that sold such potent medicine, surely it would be huge on the internet, but I never saw anything like that.

Amaletta shut her mouth to think, after some times, she spilled the beans.

「……… D-Different world.」

——— Haa? What did she say again? I think I heard her saying something about different world, is it her chuunibiyou acting up again?」

「Ta-Tanaka-san doesn’t believe me, but it’s true, I bought it from different world! I swear it’s true!」

As I looked at her with a pitiful gaze, Amaletta kept continuing in a huff. Of course, I didn’t believe her and just laughing and shrugging. Amaletta didn’t like my attitude and kept trying to explain.

「Because I’m a Goddess of reincarnation, naturally I have the authority to grant cheat according to the Reincarnation System. Also, although limited, it comes with an ability to grant those cheat to myself as long as I’m in the range of the interference rate. And so, as long as it’s just daily necessity, I can do a transaction with other worlds. How is it? Enviable ability right?」

「Yes, yes, I’m jealous.」

I answered Amaletta who spoke with a smug face with an answer as if I was just soothing a kid. Apparently, this only dissatisfied Amaletta further.

「Ahh! You still don’t believe me? The poison this time, and also the wire trap too, I got them all from Nercari.


I regretted that I answered spontaneously when I heard a word that felt like a rip-off of a certain trading app. Amaletta was explaining proudly after she showed a 「So that catch your interest」 aura.

「Inter-world trade, Nersoraman Dealer – Mercari. Abbreviated as Nercari. With the ability to enable the transaction between any people, from OOParts to OverTechnology, from any world, is made possible thanks to Nercari.」

「Heee~ I see.」

I answered half-heartedly while I admired her delusional power for making that new setting on the spot like that. Hearing the answer, however, Amaletta took offense and start gnashing her teeth.

「What’s with that reply! Don’t ask if you aren’t going to believe.」

No, I don’t actually believe anything you said at all. More than that, I’m embarrassed if I’m talking about different world different world in the middle of the road like that. Look, that wife is pointing her finger at us.

「In the first place, Tanaka-san is also…….」

Reincarnation, Reincarnation System, different world, complain of various thing, Amaletta talked about all that. Just right when I thought about how could I can make her stop, the horn signal on the railroad crossing in front of us started to go off. As it was not a volume where you could talk in the first place, as expected, even Amaletta stopped talking.

While watching the bar going down in front of us, I was wondering if I could change the topic of the conversation to dinner when the train passed——— At that time…….

A female student in sailor uniform rushed through from beside us and then cross the crossing bar.

For a moment, while the sight in front of me still not registered in my mind, the train passed. Storm of screams came from around us, and the familiar sound of a train brake could be heard.

In other words, it was a suicide.

——— Uwahh, seriously……

I suddenly come across a scene with little sense of reality, I thought that vaguely. In the depth of my heart, I entertained the thought of the girl was on the other side of the rail.

However, without looking at the grotesque circumstantial evidence, I knew that the girl which I didn’t know the name nor the face didn’t make it.

Pulling Amaletta unconsciously, we stayed on the sideline as we watched the course of the event.

Suddenly, the hustle and bustle slowly recede as if it was kept away from me, then my vision dyed pure white.

——— What is it?

Narrowing my eyes because of the bright light, I saw a shadow emerged from the light. When I got the feeling that I already saw this scene before, the shadow eventually showing the shape of a person, then the appearance became apparent.

It was a beautiful blue-eyed angel with blond hair, clad in a white angelic robe and a pair of white wings on her back.

——— This is… No way…

I looked at the woman and Amaletta alternatingly, comparing the scene when they appeared. At that time, the woman, with a sacred atmosphere, open her mouth.


『O soul that die from sorrowful reason. In order to save you from the sadness, I will bestow upon you the opportunity of reincarnation.』


2 days is fast right considering my release rate lately? (´ε`;)

next chapter is short, but today isThursday, and I still yet to touch my 10-page long Japanese homework which needs to be finished before Saturday morning so I will finish next chapter around Sunday

Also, I feel that this chapter translation is a bit sloppy in a couple of places so I will revisit this together with next chapter release, for now, I need to start focusing on my homework

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