Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 13

Goddess-sama, Finally Get an Understanding

Looking at the beautiful angel wrapped in the white light declaring something that I felt like have heard before, suddenly a pale flame appears in front of her.

Like a will-o-wisp, it slowly took the shape of a person. It then extending something, responding to the beautiful woman stretched hand, as if trying to hold it.

This scene, was as if it was to lead the soul somewhere.

Losing my voice, I just stared at the process, when suddenly, the beautiful woman turned toward us.

『Ah, if it isn’t Amaletta I believe? What are you doing in a place like this?』

Apparently, she seemed to be an acquaintance of the freeloader on my house. Within this space that was so tranquil it felt like I could hear buzzing in my ears, her voice sounded echoey. Amaletta answered her question with a sigh.

「Because this Tanaka-san here failed to reincarnate, I’m bound to this world.」

『Oh my, how can that happen? You know if you don’t reincarnate him as soon as possible, the world he’s going to be reincarnated to and this world will become strange.』

「That I know, but this person doesn’t die no matter what I do, as if he has a moksha flag with him.」

「No, I think it’s all caused by your clumsiness.」

Listening to the two naturally carrying out conversation which was too much even if it was caused by chuunibiyou, I reflexively interject. Also, what do you mean by moksha flag?

「I’m not clumsy! I’m just a little careless.」

「That’s not that much different.」

When I looked back up after trading tsukkomi and boke with Amaletta, I saw the beautiful woman stared at me with a serious expression.

Unlike Amaletta, when an adult woman staring at me with an eye that didn’t look like she was joking, I unconsciously raised my guard. The woman shifted her gaze to Amaletta and then sigh deeply.

『In any case, I don’t have much time to spare. I can’t lend you a hand because I need to lead this soul, but if necessary, then don’t hesitate to use your ability.』

The beautiful woman spitting out such dangerous words with a straight face. Returning her sight from us back to the person shaped flame, she showed a smile that felt like it could heal anyone who saw it.

『Well then, let us depart.』

Told by the beautiful woman, the person shaped flame nodded, then flash of lights showed up around the woman. In a blink, the flash turned into light particle and spread out.

While thinking whether I just saw a daydream or not, the white space disappeared. The scene returned back to the original afternoon busy cityscape.

The people around us, as if they never saw the odd scene that just happened, only continued to make a ruckus about the accident that just happened.

It was as if it tried to affirmed everything Amaletta said related to reincarnation. I suddenly felt cold around my spine.

——— Don’t tell me… She is telling the truth, that she’s a Goddess of Reincarnation, and that I should have been reincarnated?

As it developed beyond my understanding, an absurd idea flashed through my head. However, if it’s all true, then I’m in a serious pinch.

『It comes with an ability to grant those cheat to myself!』
『If necessary, then don’t hesitate to use your ability.』

Having a flashback on what the two goddesses of reincarnation had said, I got a cold sweat……. This… is really dangerous right?

「Me too, Hahh~… I supposed to lead Tanaka-san over, I wonder why this happens ~」

In the crowd that was still in a panic over someone getting run over by a train, Amaletta muttered something as if it was somebody’s else problem with a faraway gaze.

「…… Seriously?」

Coming this far, I finally understood how dangerous of the situation that I was in.


  • Goddess-sama, Finally Get an Understanding: the titles usually are about what Amaletta does, but this chapter title and prologue (and out of raw I read, next chapter too (which is only the next chapter)) are about Tanaka instead
  • The world he’s going to be reincarnated to and this world will become strange: strange here is a literal translation, I want to change it to anomaly, changing to sentence structure too so it fits more, but decided not to as I still yet to know what kind of “strange” happening that will happen
  • The flash turned into light particle and spread out: spread out is also a literal translation, burst out might fit better for the imagination, tell me if you also think so then I will change it
  • Moksha flag: apparently, this is India thing, it basically means he is out of the circle of transmigration, which I guess makes him can’t be killed by an entity that wants to reincarnate him, or at least it seems like Amaletta is under this impression

now then, this is a bit later than promised, I got an invitation to my friend wedding on Sunday, so I couldn’t touch my PC for almost entire day

for next chapter of goddess’s suffering, next I will do resummoned hero first, but before I continue translating, I want to marathon Monogatari series and Prisma Illya series, something that I had been put off for too long, so probably there won’t be any chapter release this week

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