Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 14

Goddess-sama, Spoiling

It’s hard to believe, but apparently, Amaletta is seriously a Goddess of reincarnation.

Although such thought would make me doubt my own sanity normally, the event the other day and her behavior so far let me draw that conclusion.

Then, everything that Amaletta did in an attempt to kill me was serious, and the reason I was able to avoid them all was simply because she is a klutz.

However, now that I know the truth, I intend to prevent her offensive with all my power. Unlike what I do so far. It’s impossible to imagine that such a girl can success, but the cheat she can use in case of emergency is a threat.

I don’t know about the circumstances of those Goddess of Reincarnation. But I’m currently alive, I refuse if I should be killed so I can be reincarnated. In other words, the action I should take is decided.

「Here, Amaletta. I bought Häa*** Dazs today.」

After I finished with my job, I bought a luxurious ice cream on my way back to the apartment and gave it immediately to Amaletta once I was home. Amaletta showing a pure smile as she received the ice cream.

「Wow! Can I have such a high-class ice cream?」

Amaletta, who had ingrained economizing expenditure within her since she lived in this rented apartment, fearfully took the convenience bag from me.

「What, Amaletta had been doing her best on housework all this time, this much is cheap.」

「That is……… Even if you praise me, I won’t increase your meal’s portion~」

「What, with only your smile, it’s worth ten helping.」

I gently patted her head while praising her. Amaletta smiled joyfully while fidgeting in embarrassment as the way I patted her head was so gentle, different from what I always did to her. Looking at this situation, I pumped my fist in my mind.

——— Good! The reward strategy is somewhat successful!

Right, the action that I decided to do so I can avoid the death flag by the hand of the Goddess of Reincarnation, Amaletta, that is……… Spoil her hard!

Spoil her and then spoil her more, enough that she can’t think about killing me anymore!

It seems like this girl doesn’t realize that being able to grant cheat freely is really strong, or in-game term, overpowered. Maybe because she is stupid.

Judging from the conversation so far, there seems to be some restriction, however, to make an ordinary person like me a dead man should be trivial. Just a simple attack magic from the different world will be able to one shot me, I’m sure of it.

「But, what really happened? Lately, you never wrap me in bamboo mat before you’re going to sleep, you don’t ask for poison tasting your food, and Tanaka-san is strangely really gentle to me……」

My heart almost came off after listening to Amaletta who gave me curious look. Not good, maybe my change is too blatant considering my brute act before?

I showed a big smile to cover the unease in my mind, and then I crouched and looked at Amaletta at her eye level.

「I… just realized. my life has been very fulfilling since you came. Now, every day is enjoyable. That’s why, isn’t it normal to show my gratitude? Hence, quickly, eat that ice cream before it melts.」

Amaletta diverted her line of sight while blushing, after a while, she hanged her head from shyness. Whoops, maybe that was too much after all?

「Geez…… Even if you say all that, I only allow you for one second helping!」

With her face still blushing, Amaletta got away from me and went to the low table and started eating the ice cream. Apparently, I successfully misled her.

By the way, Amaletta misunderstood it in a good way, but the reason I never wrapped her in bamboo mat lately was because I slept later while woke up earlier than her, and I never asked for poison tasting because I substitute the meals she made. It doesn’t mean I trust her.

However, since the reward strategy looks quite successful, it seems like I will keep doing this for a while. Though my pocket money will be sacrificed, it’s a cheap price compared to my life.

Looking at Amaletta who worked her way on the luxurious ice cream, I let out a sigh of relief that my future guidelines had been decided. And then, when I thought about entering the bath for the time being, at that time……

——— Knock-knock

Noticing the knocking from the front door, I stopped my hand that was about to loosen my tie and turned back to the entrance. To come at such a time, it would likely be Sunaho, I thought. Convincing myself that, I opened the front door unhesitatingly. And there I was, stood still with surprise.

The one in front of me was not Sunaho, it was a handsome youth dressed in a costume akin to the circus clown.

——— Someone weird is hereeeee!?

The youth took off his two pointed jester hat and said so after bowing with full respect,

「Good evening~♪ I’m the Flag merchant, is this Tanaka-san’s house?~♪」

「Wrong address.」

I quickly answered him, closed the door, and then locked it.

I absolutely don’t want to be involved with him, that’s what my instinct told me.

t/n: Any term in this chapter is subject to change, I only read the raw as far as the next chapter, and there is no explanation yet so far, so I might get something wrong.

  • Goddess-sama, Spoiling: I’m not sure from whose perspective the title is, I opt to Tanaka’s perspective, but I’m not sure how is it
  • It’s impossible to imagine that such a girl can success: The raw use ポヤポヤ here, which I can’t figure out how should I translate it, after looking around in google, I might understand what poyapoya means, but I can’t put it into word, so I’m sorry for the easy workaround
  • I’m from Flag Shop: Here is the term which I’m not sure if I’m right or not, I’m waiting for the explanation for this

So it’s been long since my last release of any novel I translate, let’s see what my excuse now… Nah, no excuse, I just marathoning Overlord, and then Tensei Slime, the novel btw, not the anime

Disgaea 5 is almost released, so I think “Why not translating some chapter first before I fall into the grinding hell known as Disgaea” so here I am

Also it’s been quite long that the switch between narrative and inner monologue catch me off guard, I don’t need to deal with this in Re-summoned  Hero, and even in this novel, the last 2 chapters don’t have that many of them, so yeah, sorry if I make a mistake on my tense choice, honestly, I’m always bad at them

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          1. so dumb is fine, I originally want to put airhead but decided not to for reason I already forget, at this point I’m not sure if I should edit it or just leave things to reader imagination

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  1. Fucking clowns… Never trust clowns. Kill it if you can on sight. If you can’t kill it, trip the closest person to you and run, if you are by yourself… Pray, pray it will be short.


  2. Thanks for the chapter

    Ohh!? Overlord and tensei slime!?? How about mushoko tensei?
    Although, I bet that you already read it, cause it’s already 2021 now


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