Activity Report

It’s me, the lazy ass translator again, the Lazy Rhea

Just want to say I have finished many reading materials, and with how I’m now at post game in Disgaea 5, I’m pretty much free again now, the translation will resume shortly, my target is 4 chapters until Sunday, 3 Re-summoned Hero and 1 Goddess’s Suffering, then next week will be 2-2 chapters

My motivation is back now, I think I can keep this pace for at least a month

Btw, it’s kinda sad that I mention it here instead of proper chapter release, but we’re nearing 2 years of my service, kinda sad how sparse my update was past 6th month after I started, so I hope to better myself in my 3rd year

Please take care of me again in the future, see you again in proper chapter release

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