Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 15

Goddess-sama, Frightened by the Guest

『Hey~hey~~♪ This is Tanaka-san residence right~♪ The residence of Tanaka-san, the corporate slave with meager wage right~♪ The residence of Tanaka-san, the pedo who do an unspeakable thing to a young girl right~♪ And you’re playing dumb with me, I will fucking destroy the door, bastard♪』

Hearing the storm of abuse coming from behind the door, my face cramped as I wondered whether I want to open the door or not.

『Pedophile♪ Paraphile♪ Tanaka-shi the Lolicon, please~ come~ out~♪ Ah, Tanaka-shi, are you in the middle of……』

「Stop right there!!」

As I stopped him from saying such a dangerous word, came a sound of banging from the other side of the door. The banging produced a loud sound which disregarded other people such as my neighbor, despite this, I was still unable to pick my next course of action. Though, with how he looked like, I surely didn’t want anything to do with him.

While I was troubled in front of the door, Amaletta approached me, the sweet smell of vanilla essence could be smelled from her.

「Umm, Tanaka-san? Don’t we have a guest?」

「Not a guest, this guy is an uninvited thug.」

『It’s nothing like that, you know~♪ I came here to tell you something important you know~♪ It’s like SonSon♪ You only need to listen for a bit, then you will hear all of the memories of your life♪』

「That means it will be my lifetime shame isn’t it!」

I opened the door reflexively when I was trying to retort to his foolish joke. The green haired and red-eyed youth clad in clown costume spoke at me with a smile that was worthy to be called the shotacon slayer.

「Heyaa~♪ Good evening♪ This is Listy the Flag merchant~♪ For the time being, please let me come into your house♪」

「Absolutely no.」

However, I wasn’t a shotacon, with my thumb facing down, I rejected his request.

「Hey hey, don’t say that♪ Aren’t we a good friend~♪」

「Bullshit, this is the first time we met… So, what is it?」

「Oh my oh my, you’re so cold♪ Do you know if you can’t handle a joke or two, women will just leave you, you won’t be able to marry anyone♪」

「Shut it! I don’t need you lecturing me about it!」

——— What’s with this guy? Is he serious? Should I report him for now?

While I was troubled what treatment I should give to this person called Listy, Amaletta cocked her head from behind me to see what was going on.

「Hm? This feeling…… Are you perhaps comes from the Causal world?」

Where is that? While I was having a headache from the new different world, the boy nodded with a smile.

「Yes♪ That’s a good insight♪ Goddess-from-realm-of-soul-san♪」

「Wha- that’s rude!」

「It’s the truth♪ Because you do your job tardily, we need to make a move♪ Do your job properly, or that cute butt might be spanked until it swells to twice its size♪」

He made that dangerous remark with a cute smile, though it looked like it was effective, as Amaletta yelped and hid behind my back. Perhaps she remembered how she was spanked a hundred times.

Leaving that aside, this person must be someone who also knew my situation. Does that mean he’s someone reincarnation related too?

「Who on earth are you, seriously?」

While I remembered intense futility feeling from talking with someone who jumped topic really fast, I prompted him his identity. Then, Listy removed his smile that he used as poker face replacement and answered my question.

「I will tell you, but before that, can you let me in♪」

Apparently, this was not a talk that could be done in a minute or two. While I felt fed up from Listy who stubbornly want to enter my apartment, I reluctantly nodded and let him in to find out more about my situation.


「Yayy~♪ I’m entering a wizard’s abode♪」

——— This guy, I will seriously bury him one day.


  • Tanaka-shi: This is a more polite -san basically, yes, he changes Tanaka’s honorific mid sentence
  • SonSon: Apparently it’s a game, I’m completely clueless why it’s here though, this new guy speech is really hard to translate at some part, not to mention the sudden shift of personality at some place
  • Listy: リスティ, Listy? Listea? Risty? Well, he is a boy, so maybe Ristea? If you have a good pronunciation for his name, then please tell me, also when I said boy, it’s bishounen, so it’s not Amaletta’s age boy, but a teenager male that looks like a girl
  • Causal world: This is the first time the term used
  • Goddess-from-realm-of-soul-san: Not sure how this is rude, but I assume referring a goddess using -san is the reason
  • Wizard’s abode: Indicating Tanaka is a 30+ y.o virgin

This clown’s speech is a pain to translate, considering I still translate by context, his topic jumping speech makes me lose my way a couple of time, I’m pretty sure I still get one or two things wrong anyway, good thing there is nothing that important this chapter, and even if there is, I will change it later down the line once those become clear enough

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6 thoughts on “Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 15

  1. Thanks for the chapter

    Wizard’s abode: Indicating Tanaka is a 30+ y.o virgin ( same thought, lol.)

    Goddess-from-realm-of-soul-san ( my though is how their was a dash, I thought he is saying it word by word that implying rudeness)


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