Re-summoned Hero Episode 83

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Dina is angry.
Barza is a nice person.
Now departing.

The next morning.
Most of the other guests are still staying in the bed because of yesterday party. Souta and Dina have a breakfast and then check out from the inn.
「Now then, should we depart to the capital?」
Souta gets on the carriage and takes the reins.
「Yes, let’s go!」
Dina replies to Souta from inside the carriage.
Ed answers Souta and then start advancing.

The way to the imperial city is well maintained, the carriage barely shaking as it quietly moves.
Contrary to the road, a group of bandits is trying to attack Souta’s carriage. However, as they approach, Dina shot off their weapon one by one with her silver bow. The group of bandits decides to retreat in a hurry before they lose everything.
「Good job Dina.」
Said Souta to Dina who just returned from the roof of the carriage back inside.

「Thank you. I prioritize shooting what looks like to be a good weapon in their group, so I think they won’t be able to do big activity for a while.」
Reported Dina while she takes out a cloth to wipe her silver bow.
「Just reducing their strength a little is fine. In the afternoon, adventurers will start coming, they can do the rest of the job then.」
Souta also confirmed the destruction of their weapon. Thinking about how much fighting potential they lose as the result of Dina’s sniping, he believes it’s a sufficient result.

As predicted by Souta, in the afternoon that day, the group of bandits trying to attack a carriage for new weapons, but they end up wiped out by a group of adventurers.
At that time, Souta is already one day distance ahead from that event.

The way since then proceeds without any more incident. Five days later, they reach the imperial city.

Beastkin imperial city, Fortress City Wedolph.

As Souta’s carriage approaching the city, they can see more and more people also going the same way. By the time they reach the city gate, they can see the long line of people trying to enter the city. If one is a resident of this city, or if they’re an influential people of beastkin country, then they can be given preferential treatment and come in right away. However, Souta comes without having any connection, so they lined up like how it should be.

There are many adventurers from other countries at this period of time, rather than diminishing, the line actually getting longer behind Souta. Many people seem to be irritated for waiting too long, and so a fight broke out here and there. Every time, the guards move in and stop the fighting.
Souta and Dina aren’t in the rush, so they patiently wait while taking turns to take a break using the futon that’s laid inside the carriage.

When Souta’s carriage reaches the halfway of the line, a single carriage tries to pass his, but then it stops. The carriage is one that the white tiger beastkin from before ride, he stopped because he sees Dina who is on the carriage, and feel like he wants to say something.

「Ah, you’re the person from the bar, aren’t you. My name is Gargis, as you can see, I’m a white tiger beastkin. I’m sorry for suddenly saying that strange thing before.」
As he calms down, he remembers his own blunder and then lowers his head toward Dina.
「No, it’s fine. I also need to apologize. I just reflexively responded to your question.」
Dina apologizes, but her eyes show no hint of smile but instead, hint of anger appears.

「Oh, looks like you’re angry. My bad, I also was pretty drunk at that time…… Though I guess it’s not an excuse for what I did isn’t it.」
Gargis tries to make an excuse, but noticing Dina’s gaze that becomes colder, he stops and given up on it.
「Dina, let bygones be bygones. You should forgive him here, we probably will never meet again after this, so let’s not leave ill-feeling between both of you.」
「You’re right Souta-san. I understand, I will accept the apology.」
After nodding to Souta’s opinion, Dina replies to Gargis with a smile on her face.

「Oh, you guys… thanks. By the way, are you guys troubled by how long the line is? As an apology, how about I make it so you can enter now?」
Gargis pointed at the entrance separated from the line.
「No, it’s fine.」
Diana coldly said.
Hearing Dina’s unexpected answer, Gargis responds with a loud voice.

「Since we’re not in hurry, we will wait for the line instead, so it’s fine even without your help.」
Dina faces the front, trying to not meet his gaze.
「Eh, no, that, umm……. Hey, don’t laugh and help me here!」
Gargis looking for help from Souta who peeks her head out of the carriage and in the middle of stifling his laugh.

「Hahaha~ No, it’s an interesting exchange both of you make there, sorry. Dina, isn’t it fine already?」
Once addressed by Souta, Dina’s shoulder also starts trembling.
「Fufufu~ I’m sorry. I only want to get back at him a little. Is it still fine if I ask you for mediation now?」
Dina asks Gargis with her usual smile.

「Seriously, it feels like you don’t feel bad at all. Nevermind that. It was something that I brought up by myself, of course, it’s still fine now. So should we go over there?」
Souta’s carriage leaves the line and head over to priority reception following Gargis’s lead.

「Then, I will inform them, so please wait over here.」
As he says so, Gargis get off his own carriage and head toward the reception. Looking at their exchange from the distance, it feels like he’s having a fun conversation with the guard. After the two looks at Souta, the guard nods over and over. Gargis who already confirm it, approaches Souta carriage.
「It should be fine now. You don’t mind showing your ID and touching the crystal right?」
「There is no problem with that. Still, we really can pass? You’re quite amazing aren’t you, Gargis?」
Souta takes out his adventurer’s card as he says his honest impression.

Souta and Dina get off the carriage at once. After the guards confirmed their identification and they touch the crystal, they can now proceed into the gate.
「Well then, I have an errand I need to do. Is this enough for an apology?」
Gargis says so while grinning.
「That triumphant look spoiled it….. I’m just joking. Thank you very much. It really helps us.」
Both of them thanked Gargis then proceeds to the different direction from where Gargis go.

「That reminds me. We should have gone ahead of him, but we met him in front of the gate…… How did he catch up?」
Souta’s doubt disappears within the hustle and bustle of the city, his doubts remain unanswered.

t/n: remember when I said I will release 4 chapters before Sunday? well, it’s Sunday now, so technically I’m already breaking my promise, I can still finish 2 more chapters before Sunday ends though, that part is actually easy, however, let me raise this question:

I’m going to make a vote, when I first start this novel, I originally started with past tense narration, until the person who applied to be my editor at that time suggest me to use present tense, I had my doubt and ask the person whether 3rd person narration with present tense work, he gave me a couple of examples, so I go with it, now though, I don’t have editor, and from my experience translating the other novel, I find past tense narration is far easier to write, if you read this chapter carefully, it’s kinda a mess, I need to rewrite many things to make it flow better

so again, Should I change the narration from present, to past?

Please know that I pursue quality more than my own convenience, so if you think my re-summoned hero translation is better than goddess’s suffering one, you can ask me to keep the tense, I don’t mind working harder, in fact, it might be just me and my not-so-good-English-proficiency at work here

I will start the next 2 chapters once I got the result, in 48 hours, next week chapters will become 4 Re-summoned hero and 2 Goddess’s suffering to keep my promise

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16 thoughts on “Re-summoned Hero Episode 83

    1. you see, when I started, people also said my translation was fine, now see the earlier chapter of this novel (chapter 3-7 more precisely, current 1 and 2 were touched by another person a bit, so it’s not entirely my fault)

      so yeah, I can’t really take “It’s fine” as is now, it makes me think “It’s only fine, not great and not even good”

      I appreciate your thought though, hopefully, I at least can keep it “fine” or even better, make it good


      1. Look at it this way.
        There are still translation sites which are, honestly, not that good and still haven’t improved over the course of months.

        You on the other hand, are highly above average since you make good translation works.
        If I had to rank you, it will be at 8 to 8.5 / 10.
        I would be grateful if the release dates were a bit faster though.


        1. I’m just adhering in my grandma’s advice to not compare myself to the bad one, instead compare myself to the best one, as the former makes me arrogant, while the latter will help me grow

          Though, I appreciate your comment, about the release, I’m working on it, I also understand I need to pump out more chapter and faster, considering how much free time I have, it’s absurd that I can’t even match half of yoraikun release, I’m a NEET while he is a college student, our japanese proficiency is far too different, but that’s why I said half of his release

          In any case, thank you, I will try my best improving and make a better schedule for my free time which hopefully can increase my speed

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  1. What’s more comfortable for you? I don’t think I have a preference for first or third, past or present. I haven’t read the other story you translate (I plan to one day, but I just haven’t gotten around to it yet . . . ), so I’m not able to compare the two.

    In the long term, writing present tense can lead to a more dynamic story (and yes, maybe an increase in proficiency) at the cost of some quality now.

    In the short term, writing in past tense seems like it may give you a more consistent translation (especially without an editor), but without improvement down the line.

    Part of me wants to say, “Go for it!” But another part of me doesn’t want you to burn out trying to do something you might not be comfortable with.

    Personally, I think I won’t vote. A decision like this should be yours, and not left to the whims of the internet. Whichever you end up choosing, I’ll still be here to read the next chapter.


    1. thank you for your input, I guess I should wait for the vote, if there are not that much voter, I will keep going as is, I should’ve added 3rd option for leaving it up to me

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  2. Thanks for the chap~
    Boi I need to reread this from chapter one when this arc ends.

    “Writing in past tense is much easier”
    Yeah, I can relate to that xD
    I’m more comfortable writing or reading in past tense tbh.
    Once tried writing in present tense, it’s just getting weird and weirder, it just didn’t click with me.


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