Re-summoned Hero Episode 84

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Group of bandits.
Lining up to get into the Imperial city.
Gargis mediating.

The main street is crowded, everyone seems to be excited as they’re talking about the upcoming battle tournament.
Souta also plans to watch the tournament, but before that, he decides to look for a place where they can settle down, and so he quickly looks for an inn.
After going through some popular inn, they still can’t find a place with free room thanks to the upcoming tournament. Finally, they find an inn with free rooms. It’s a luxury inn which mainly used by nobles. It charges an expensive fee, but it lets even adventurers stay there. The inn also taking care of the management of the carriage as a service, not to mention the facility it has, such as having a bath for each room. However, the biggest decisive factor is this inn will prepare the ticket for the battle tournament for their guests.

After putting their luggage in their rooms, they change into an easy to move clothes and decide to see the state of the city with only minimal equipment. There are a wide variety of races in this city, various kinds of occupations too.
There are many adventurers and martial artists considering to participate in the battle tournament and even knights from other countries too. On the non-fighter side, there are many merchants that consider this as business opportunity. During the tournament, there is an area where people can open their stalls, as such there are many people with their own reason hanging there, such as those who want to open the shop, or those who want to stock up with the festival price.

Souta and Dina are heading to the arena where the tournament will be held while eating the food they buy on the stalls they pass through.
There is an open area around the arena, fully armed warrior-like people who want to participate can be seen lined up there. There also a big bulletin board where tags with participant’s names listed one after another. As Souta and Dina don’t know any of the names, they don’t check them out.

A receptionist table is set up at the entrance of the arena, this is the place for registering for the tournament. The tournament is divided into three division: group division, monsters division, and fighting king division. Group division will have its party name posted in the bulletin board, while for the monsters division, it is the species of the monster used, and for the fighting king division, it is the name of the individual.

「Souta-san, which one will you be entering?」
Dina happily asks Souta. He can vividly feel her expectation for his participation.
「I won’t enter. Though if I need to be honest, I still don’t know how much strength I can use for the tournament like this, it’s the same for equipment too.」
「With the best equipment, also Souta-san need to fight seriously!」
In contrast to Souta’s answers which doesn’t have any motivation with it, Dina is closing in on Souta with her hands clenched and sparkling eyes.

「Ca-Calm yourself down. In any case, I won’t be entering anyway. Unless there is an unavoidable reason to…」
With one hand, Souta tries to keep Dina from getting too close while he tries to end the topic of entering the tournament.
「Oh, are both of you want to enter the tournament too?」
The one who opens up a conversation with them, which if looked by the third party they’re pretty much in the middle of flirting, is Gargis.

「You are…… Gau I think?」
「Err… the white tiger beastkin.」
「It’s Gar-gis!」
Gargis spells his own name with a shout toward the two who forget his name.

「It’s just a joke, I remember, it’s Gargis right?」
「Yes, it’s just a joke. You’re Gargis-san right?」
「Both of you…… I don’t even know if you’re just joking or actually serious…」
Seeing the reaction of Souta and Dina, Gargis drops his shoulders.

「Joking aside, no, we’re not going to enter.」
Ignoring Dina who is still hung up with Souta’s decision, he tells Gargis his decision.
「Really? That’s kinda unfortunate. At that time, I reflexively trying to defend you, but you…… you are strong.」
Despite the smile on his face, Gargis sends a piercing gaze toward Souta.

「Well, I wonder about that. I don’t really understand it myself, though, for the time being, we’re going to the arena because we want to watch the tournament. Also, we will be cheering for you Gargis.」
While accepting his gaze, Souta shrugs and gives him an answer without changing his expression. Dina who is still unsatisfied with the outcome puffed her cheeks in displeasure.
「I don’t mind joining the monsters division, after all, I don’t need to fight myself in that case, though unfortunately, I don’t have a monster I can use as representative.」
「Is there any reason for trying to hide your power that badly…… no nevermind, I’m not going to meddle into your circumstance. There are still a few days until the deadline for registering for the tournament, I hope you will enter the tournament in case you change your mind. Well then, I need to get going soon.」
After exchanging farewell with the two, Gargis goes into the arena.

「So he really is going to enter the tournament.」
「Looks like so. He seems to be quite strong, he looks like will rank quite high.」
「Even though Souta-san will be victorious as long as you enter……」
Souta strokes the displeasured-Dina’s head.
「I don’t want to attract too much attention, this tournament ran parallel to that wish.」
Dina’s expression gradually turned into a smile.

「Geez, then it can’t be helped. I will forgive you.」
Since Dina’s mood is fixed, Souta pulls his hand back.
「Now then, should we look around a little more?」
Due to the festivities in the city, there are various stalls opened. Even just watching satisfy their curiosity.

They’re not only visiting the stalls on the street but also local store, they also collect information while they’re shopping. As expected from imperial capital, there are things like a workshop with prominent blacksmith and big libraries and so forth. They even get the information about little-known good stores.
Because the city is bigger than Toura, and there are many things to see, by the time they get all the information they need, the sun already setting, and so they return to their inn.

After leaving their stuff back at their room, they head to the dining room of the inn. As expected of first-class inn, there is nobody who is fooling around and merrymaking, everybody eats their meals in a calm and composed manner.
The taste is also first-class, it tastes like more refined Gordon’s dish. Of course, as the tastes satisfy their tongue, they ask for a second helping. Both of them were hesitant at first because of the atmosphere of the place, but when they ask the waiter, he kindly accepts their order.
Also, as a bonus, the chef personally came to greet them after the floor staffs tell the kitchen staffs about how Souta and Dina praise the dish.

Satisfied by the dinner, the two returns to their own respective rooms, enter the bath, and then go to sleep.
It’s as if they expect the trouble that will happen the next day……

t/n: you know what, I thought today was Wednesday, no wonder I felt like Monday was so long, apparently my brain skipped Tuesday

Anyway, 5 more chapters to go for this week, I believe I can finish this

Also I appreciate the voter, but ultimately I decided to keep this novel in present tense for training purpose (good thing the result match my decision even though it was only by 1 vote)

On a side note, anyone knowledgeable about genres of music can help me determine the genre of THIS music and THIS music? I believe they’re kinda subgenre of either techno or electro, but I’m not sure, and in case they’re indeed subgenre of one of those, I’m not sure which subgenre they are, those are one of the BGM of love sweet garnish, it’s a visual novel which first 10 minutes makes me feel like my brain cells dying, the girls are cute, but they make them looks so dumb when they first show up, the music is great though, I like those 2 in particular

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17 thoughts on “Re-summoned Hero Episode 84

  1. kinda forget adding this note, so I will just put it here, monsters division is pretty much just like pokemon battle, but the raw hinting at not only taming but also enslaving, hence despite in the raw Souta says he doesn’t have any monster he already tamed, I make it more neutral

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  3. thx 4 chapter

    i don’t think the genre for the music is right. yes they were done through synthesizers, but that does’nt make them techno or electro.
    they’re happy-go-lucky tunes and if you switch it with real instruments, like piano or pipe organ, snare drum and the like, i think it could fall under subgenre of jazz.
    they often don’t play after notes, only how they fell and the likes.


    1. that’s what I thought after listening to them for like a couple of hours, it feels like jazz, but I’m not sure, thanks though, knowing that it might be jazz is enough


  4. In sort of music try folk or folk metal. I’m from Germany we have many bands who make this kind of music. Try blind guardian bars song (forest)

    And thx for this chapter


  5. [I don’t want to attract too much attention, this tournament ran parallel to that wish.]

    This is a bit of a mistranslation due to culture. The original reference for Japanese/Chinese is geometry which ‘running parallel’ is ‘something that will never meet’ but in English, the reference for ‘running in parallel’ is horses and the meaning is ‘something that will help advance my goal’.

    So while technically right in a word for word translation, the meaning is totally inverted due to different culture.

    Better to change ‘parallel’ to just ‘contrary’.


    1. You could probably use the term mutually exclusive although most people will get that two paths running parallel will not intersect and thus the meaning of this statement means that both of these things cannot happen at the same time.


      1. Yes but “run parallel” in English is “helps my goal”, not “against my goal”. Big difference due to difference in origin of evolution of language.


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