Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 17

Goddess-sama, Raising the Flag

「Well then, I filled my stomach, so I’ll go home♪」

Listy went back after he said so.

「Seriously, the heck is he came here for.」

He ate other people’s dinner and then left right away just like that, after throwing curses to him, I returned to the inside of my apartment. At the side of the low table, Amaletta was turned into stone, dumbfounded.

Well, that’s not impossible. If we believe what Listy said, then as long as I continue to resist the reincarnation, Amaletta is flagged to be my wife. No, I also don’t like it, to have this shorty as a wife.

While I washed the dishes in the petrified girl stead, Amaletta who eventually recovered from the shock turned toward me without any energy as if a zombie.

「Tanaka-san, are you fine with this situation?」

「What “this situation”?」

「That is to say because you don’t reincarnate, one of the different worlds will fall to suffering in the hand of Demon Lord, and also, I’m becoming your… ummm… wi-wi-wi-wife!」

Amaletta asked with a blush, while I answered her without hesitation.

「Yes, it’s better than dying.」


Honestly, I don’t even know what the different world is going to be like. I don’t want this shorty to become my wife, but it’s much better than dying.

Because of my unhesitating answer, I felt like I saw Amaletta struck by lightning as she fell prostrate to the floor. However, this time, she got back up immediately and appealed with a reproaching gaze.

「Doesn’t it usually goes like 「Oh no, I will reincarnate immediately to save the other world!」? Don’t you suffer from your pangs of conscience?」

「No, not suffering at all.」

Or rather, such thing as a hero who saves the world with doya face, don’t you think they have a rotten personality? With my blunt, unhesitating answers, Amaletta dramatically collapsed.

「What a demon…… Tanaka-san, you’re not actually a demon lord disguised with human skin aren’t you?」

That’s rude. I don’t have any memory of me stop being a human. However, her remark hurts me this time. In order to heal Amaletta’s cracked glass heart, I crouched in front of her and said so with a bright smile,

「I want to be a demon lord all the time for the rude you.」

「That’s mean!」

Which it is?

Not understanding my reason on why I don’t want to be reincarnated, Amaletta threw abusive remarks toward me. It can’t be helped, albeit reluctant, I will explain to her my logic.

「At that time, if I was dead, or if I have worst kind of life now, then I wouldn’t hesitate being reincarnated. However, I’m not pessimistic enough to want to start a new life with my current situation. Don’t you think anyone will hesitate if they’re asked to lay down their own lives to save people they don’t know?」

「Please don’t give me a sophistic argument to try to confuse me.」

「I’m not trying to confuse you.」

It was my honest answer with little to no sophistic answer within.

「Then, what kind of condition will it be when you consider being reincarnated? Please tell me for reference.」

What kind of condition will it be when I consider being reincarnated? That’s an easy question to answer.


Well, it doesn’t mean that I won’t be despaired with my life before that, but I don’t know what the future held. Moreover, I might be kicking the bucket even before I grow old.

However, Amaletta didn’t seem to understand. She cried like a child in a tantrum.

「How many years later is that!? And you’re going to live with me all those time!? Hahh-!…… Do you mean, I will become your wife!?」

「No, I’m the one who decides that.」

「Then, just reincarnate! If you go over there, then you’re as good as having a harem, there, you can freely pick your choice!」

「Then, I pick you.」

「What do you mean by 「Then」! What 「Then」! Do you mean picking me is better than dying? Please don’t change my fate like you’re choosing which between bread or rice you want to have as breakfast!」

It’s bad that Amaletta is making a ruckus, but it’s better than dying. Besides, a life where I can tease her all I want is, well… not bad.

「Guhhh~ This means all-out resistance! I will make you reincarnate at any cost! Prepare yourself!」

「Yes yes.」

While smiling at Amaletta who ground her teeth with teary eyes, I went back to continue dishwashing.

However, this means I can’t really use the reward strategy anymore. Because of Listy, it’s all back to the square one again.

I’m a little depressed when I thought that the quiet peaceful days will come to an end, but let’s play around with Amaletta as far as I can. Well, that’s as far as death penalty using cheat from different world won’t be bestowed on me.

t/n: So WordPress has this new feature, it changes what I usually need to do to post a new chapter, currently getting myself accustomized, it’s a bit irritating to use though, so I might opt out after a while, I don’t know why but I can’t seem to type the right word, maybe it is auto correct? not sure

quick note, I will finish as many chapters as I can this week, I owe you guys 7 chapters excluding this one, then I will keep counting for the chapter I NEED to release and slowly going through it on December, there is an event in PSO2, I need to farm at least 12k event currency (17k if possible) before 5 December, I only have 1k so far, so I will focus on that one first, mind you it doesn’t mean I stop translating completely while I farm it, it’s just I will do it only as an afterthought for a while

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    1. I feel like there’s only two ways that this novel will end either he stays in this world and marries the goddess or gets reincarnated and marries the goddess with his new harem as well


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