Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 18

Goddess-sama, Try Changing the Approach

It had been a couple of days since Listy’s warning.

We were still living our life like what it was before.

I worked diligently for the household expense, Amaletta freeloading while taking care of the house. This while I still didn’t give up on refusing to reincarnate.

Recently, Amaletta seemed to change her approach, instead of trying to kill me like before, she now shifted her approach in a direction where it encouraged me to want to be reincarnated.

「Tadaaa~! Tanaka-san, please look at this!」

As I arrived at my apartment from the company, Amaletta, clad in apron handed over a paperback book. Accepting it while exchanging it with my briefcase, I looked at the front cover.

「———— Pfft!」

And then, I felt choked.

A man with delicate feature but with Michael Angelo-like body and face, lay down on a bed with canopy with abdominal and psi pose. The illustration also showed beautiful girls in clothing that exposed their bodies clung to the man. It was an illustration that embodied the carnal desire of a boy at the height of their adolescence.

What is she trying to do by giving me this book which shows one of the worldly desire frankly like this?

「… So? What is this?」

I squeezed out that question. Amaletta proudly answered me with an innocent smile.

「This is what currently regarded as a bible in different world reincarnation cheat harem protagonist novel genre, 『Reincarnated to the Other World, I Become an Unbeatable Hero Because of Cheat From Goddess and Become a King, But Since I’m a Handsome Guy Who is Peerless in Bed ~EVERY DAY IS SEX FESTIVAL~』 is the tile!」

「What is that title that feels like the idea came right as Echinococcus hatched in that person’s head.」

I seriously worry about the author’s and the reader’s head. Or rather, can’t they choose a title that’s easier to remember.

「Indeed, the title might be a bit too much, but this is a published novel from the site 『Let’s become a Novelist』 it’s an exceptional title that won an award from bookstores as Single Million Seller Light Novel」


Far from being cumulative, this is a Single Million Seller!? That means it’s on the same level as S.A.O Sword Alchemist On-demand!? If I look at it closely, there is indeed a mention about it in the cover…… Ohhh… are you okay, the bookstore clerks and readers across the country?

While I was lamenting in a daze from the impact of the truth, Amaletta raised her forefinger, thrust her flat chest out, and then started explaining in professor mode.

「I… just noticed. When I asked Tanaka-san to reincarnate, you’re too unresponsive to the offer. And so, I thought that Tanaka-san should know more about the appeal of reincarnating in other world as a cheat harem protagonist. For that reason, I’ve saved the little pocket money I got and bought everything all the way to BD.」

The origin of that pocket money is my salary though! Or rather, why are you even buying the BD! Ahh, moreover it’s the first limited edition too! My sweat and hard work, for it to become this kind of things………

Receiving the paperback book and first time limited edition box that had a really erotic illustration on its cover from Amaletta who had a triumphant look on her face, I let out a sigh.

「Please spend your pocket money on the more important thing. Papa doesn’t remember raising you this way.」

「I don’t remember ever being raised up, or rather, I’m the one who will raise you up from here on.」

No way, is she planning to use this kind of thing to makes me suffer from chuunibiyou?

「Now, be charmed by the appeal of reincarnation in the different world as a cheat harem protagonist using this.」


Apparently, she is serious. Every day I will be asked to be immersed in different world reincarnation stuff, if my life a novel it probably will be titled as 『I hate to be reincarnated, so a Goddess makes me an otaku.』

Well, if she really wants me to reincarnate, she can always make my current life miserable, but being strangely kind of a Goddess she is, she seems to never think this way, instead, she put efforts in making me think that reincarnation is a better than my current life.

「Quick, take your bath, I have prepared the dinner too, finish both quickly.」

Amaletta pushed me gently in a strangely good mood. Having a bad premonition I looked at her by turning my head and ask,

「Don’t tell me that we’re going to watch it together after dinner?」

「Isn’t that natural? After all, Tanaka-san, you won’t watch it if I leave you alone aren’t you? It’s fine, I also already prepared sweets.」

Apparently, her idea was to have an appreciation meeting after. Also to have prepared sweets………

Well, after dinner is a free time, maybe I should keep her company for once…

While shrugging and sighing toward her childish selfishness, I headed to the bathroom.

——— This decision is, never did I consider will have such an impact on Amaletta.

t/n: This chapter takes far longer than what I thought, it is a fucking nightmare to translate with my current level of Japanese proficiency, ughh, let me spoil you what will happen next chapter, I need to translate a summary of a first anime episode or something like that

  • The novel title: freestyle this a bit, but it’s correct for the most part
  • 『Let’s become a Novelist』: this is basically syosetu, the website this and many other webnovel posted at
  • S.A.O: no kidding, it does say that in the raw
  • Cheat harem protagonist: this is apparently what チーレム (chiirem) means, cheat harem basically, it showed up on an earlier chapter, I translated it differently but it should be barely safe

Well, that’s surprisingly not many notes, and even then most are unimportant

btw, the last sentence, I’m not sure if I translate that one right, not sure the context basically, it’s quite important to the plot, but however I translate it, it points to the same outcome (which I’ve yet to know what, which is what confuse me)

also, I’m done with this novel for a while, now it’s time to translate the other novel, I feel I can finish 2 more chapters before tomorrow if nothing confusing comes by

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  1. ohh yeah, fun fact, the author change this novel title in syosetu, it’s now only “だから転生しないと言ってるだろ”
    or “Didn’t I tell you I don’t want to be reincarnated”


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  3. Ty for chapter!
    Lol almost 4th wall break there.
    Btw – 「Don’t say that we’re going to watch it together after dinner?」 is probably 「Don’t tell me that we’re going to watch it together after dinner?」


    1. that part comes from まさか (masaka), which basically means disbelief, so I believe either way is right, I change it though because I’m more familiar with the latter, it simply never cross my mind when I was translating that part


  4. Thanks for the chapter.

    I think that the best way to counter this is to reply with something like “Why should I reincarnate to another world and get a harem when I have a cute goddess already?”. Buttering her up would be a good way to get her to give up, even if saying crap like that without meaning it is the way to go.


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