Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 16

t/n: change realm of soul to realm of reincarnation, and then causality world into realm of causality

Goddess-sama, Bewildered

After the sudden appearance of the handsome clown youth called Listy, because Amaletta in her child wife mode suddenly said: 「After all the trouble you had to come here, how about having dinner here?」 Currently, the three of us were sitting around the low table. I am out of food expenses though.

By the way, today’s main menu was Ginger Pork. It was a menu that could fill your belly at a reasonable price.

While I picked the meat from the large platter and lettuce as a side dish, I threw the youth that sat in front of me a question.

「So… Who are you, someone who shamelessly eating dinner in the other person house?」

「Ohhh, this Ginger Pork is delicious♪」

Ignored huh…

「I’m annoyed. Certainly, it’s delicious, but he still annoys me. You did say you will tell me after letting you in, so answer me. Also, don’t only eat the meat!」

Why is this guy fit in so easily… His different world appearance aside, the way he uses chopsticks is incredibly good, he is sitting on his knees with his back straight, a beautiful posture. I can’t feel any uncomfortable feeling.

After he swallowed the meat inside his mouth, he started talking with a grin.

「Well, it’s a mystery if Tanaka-san whose head so hard it’s comparable to a diamond can understand or not, but I guess I should explain this for now♪」

This guy is slowly making me angry. Though the part where he said I’m hard headed is not wrong.

「I will tell you this, to get Tanaka-san to understand is impossible. Even now he still thinks my wings are fake.」

Added Amaletta who sat next to me. Look here, I know you’re a real deal now, I just don’t want to admit it. As expected of a useless goddess.

While we kept talking, Listy was picking a fresh helping of meats.

「Well, the explanation from the useless goddess aside, I’m dispatched from a place built into the reincarnation system called 『Realm of Causality』♪ Tanaka-san, do you know what Realm of Causality is?♪」

「I don’t.」

By that I mean, I don’t want to understand.

「Realm of Causality, similar to our Realm of Reincarnation, is a place where people who connected to Reincarnation System reside. In their case, it’s for the people who monitor the so-called law of cause and effect.」

Yes, Thank you very much for the explanation that I can’t understand at all, oh useless-goddess-sama. I was listening to Amaletta’s explanation quietly as I kept chewing the meat in my mouth. Guessing our various emotion, Listy was laughing.

「Law of cause and effect, in brief, it’s pretty much 『There is cause for every event』♪ To make it more simple 『I eat food now, so I will shit later』 or 『I shit because I now eat food』♪ That’s law of cause and effect. It’s not entirely the same, but I hope you can understand until here♪」

「We’re in the middle of eating, so the usage of those words are bad, that much I understand.」

I was losing appetite because of his explanation, while he was nonchalantly adding more and more of the meat to his plate.

「And so, monitoring the causality of this world is the role of Realm of Causality♪ If an error that affects the causality occurs, we are to look for the cause and then give a warning♪」

In other words, if we use games term, then he is akin to a debugger?

Combining the explanation from Amaletta and Listy, there is a fixed causality sequence in this world and different world, one of them is my different world reincarnation. Because I was not dead when I was saving the kitten, an error bug occurred.

「Does that means, Listy-san comes here to hammer down the sticking nail? Which is to say, asking me to reincarnate Tanaka-san faster?」

If Amaletta reincarnates debug me, then the sequence will become normal. That’s terrible.

「Maybe, or maybe not♪」

Amaletta furrowed her brows listening to Listy vague answer.

「Maybe huh……. You, you are the one who monitors causality aren’t you?」

「That’s right♪ I’m monitoring it, but I can’t interfere♪ So the result from the events, and the result before the event happened is all unrelated to us♪ But, I noticed an error, so I’m here to warn you when I check the problem♪」

「Isn’t it inconsistent? Do you know the butterfly effect? Won’t you coming here now count as interfering and might cause more error to the causality?」

「The causality is not as fragile as that♪ Our contact is less than even a flap of butterfly wings♪ Even if there will be some twists and turns, the end result will still be the same♪」

In short, it’s not like he comes here or not will change anything? Then, return my pork.

「Then, why did you come here?」

When I asked that with a tone that as if I was tired of talking with him, he answered me with his poker face smile.

「It’s because there is a sign of a significant change in the result♪ If I don’t come♪ You must be lacking in the brain department if you can’t figure this out after all the explanation, stupid♪」

Oy, choose your word a bit.

「So, what will happen?」

Suppressing my anger, I asked Listy about the significant change that would happen. Listy fell silent. As it was the first time I saw him looking like that, I held my breath.

「If this goes on……」

「If this goes on?」

As if hesitating to continue, Listy put a pause before continuing and then,

「The other world will be in a dark age where Demon lord conquer the world, and then that useless goddess over there will become Tanaka-san’s wife♪ It will be seriously amusing♪」

Said so with the brightest smile he ever shown today.

——— hahh?


And so, Amaletta’s scream echoed in this six tatami mats room.

t/n: another damegami descend upon us, damegami aside, I’m sorry for being late, I was having a light fever because of the sudden temperature change, the fever is not a problem, the problem is it increase my sleep time 2 folds as if my body asks me to hibernate, it’s fine now I’ve adapted to the temperature

I don’t think there is anything to note in this chapter, other than Ginger Pork is the translation of shoga-yaki

8 more chapters to finish before next week, 2 chapters of Goddess’s Suffering and then 6 chapters of Re-summoned Hero

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      1. welp….. if you compared this not-so-useless-goddess-that-can-still-cook-and-relieve-your-wallet-for-meal with the so-useless-and-misfortune-bringer-that-make-your-wallet-down-the-drain …. its definitely choose this goddess instead aqua


    1. Why not both? Live on with a useless goddess as a wife. Then die because of old age and get reincarnated into the other world that is already in the dark age and defeat the demon lord. The other world has to suffer a bit though, temporarily.


  2. Thanks for the chapter.

    Tanaka-san is in quite the pickle. If he doesn’t reincarnate, he’s stuck with a loli-goddess that he doesn’t want to marry. But the only way out is to reincarnate. I think this could be a paradox? A cruel Irony? Or… just a damned if you don’t and damned if you do moment.


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