Important Announcement

Hello everyone, merry Christmas for people who celebrate it.

It’s me again, the laziest translator ever, posting a post that while important, nobody would read it anyway because this is not a chapter update.

so I have an important announcement, the tl;dr is I’m in need of money because some private matter that happened a couple of weeks back, so I make a Patreon. Also, I’m going to release 17 chapters of Re-Summoned Hero by the new year to prove that I can actually deliver the pledge to my patron, there are currently 3 chapters uploaded there for patron only.

So a couple of weeks ago, I unknowingly scammed on a monthly subscription, now that’s not entirely my fault you see, it never said anything on the product it will automatically put me in a subscription, I just realize this 2 weeks ago, if I realize before December, then I could still take it back without losing anything, but well, I was late, and so I was charged for December payment, quite a hefty amount. Thanks to taking Japanese course, I’m left with a small amount of money, enough to get me by until I know I can get more, but that’s assuming no emergency happened, and well, it happened.

The good thing is I still have some of the ads income from this site, but that’s only can get me by until the end of January, after that, while my food and housing is guaranteed, since nobody in the house use internet other than me, I need to pay those myself, not trying to threaten the continuation of the site or anything, but let’s be real, half of my tools for translation need internet, I can look for the workaround for posting the translation, but not the translating part.

Basically, it might be shameful of me to ask you guys this while I’m not even releasing the chapter regularly, nor many each month. but I hope you can help me a little bit by sparing a dollar or three, to show that I’m going to fulfill my obligation (as nobody pays me before, translating is just a hobby, now I ask for money, it becomes an obligation, or a job), I’m going to release entire tournament arc for Re-Summoned Hero by new year, and then setting up new schedule for my upload, that means a bit of website update, and probably even discord update, bringing the announcement channel back is one that I need to do first.

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