Re-Summoned Hero Episode 85

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Battle tournament reception table.
Reunion with Gargis.
Sleeping early.

Souta and Dina both wake up fully refreshed. They were going to bed early, because of the fatigue from traveling. Also, they both have a second helping on their breakfast.
When they go out, despite still in the morning, the city is already full of activity. However, despite the hustle and bustle, the two instead go to the library. The library is placed just outside of the city center and seems to be isolated from the festivities of the entire city.

After they open the door and come into the library, there are several times more bookshelves lined up compared to the library of Toura. The librarian table is wide, with four librarians on standby. They go to the librarian table and listen to the term of use, but it’s basically the same as Toura’s.
There are several tables arranged at the center for reading, some people are already occupying the place.

「Souta-san, what shall we look for?」
「Let’s see…… books about legend and relationship of beastkin and other races I guess?」
They’re talking in a whisper in front of the librarian table to not disturb other guests. Then one of the librarians who hears them calls them, he’s a goat beastkin with grizzled hair, wearing round-framed glasses.
「Umm, if there is a book you’re looking for, then we can help.」
「Ah, thank you. Can you help us looking for books about the demon king and the hero from a thousand years ago, and also something that explains the relationship between beastkin and other races?」
While Souta talking about the books he’s looking for to one of the librarian, the other librarians next to him all take notes.

「I have confirmed the request. Then we will tell you the shelves placement shortly.」
The librarians that are taking notes nod, and then they separated, one goes to check the shelves, one checks the collection list, and one goes to another archive in the back.
「…… What can I say, Toura has nice librarian but the librarian here feels like even more competent than that.」
「Oh ya? Did you two come from Toura? Is there still this pair of a man and a woman librarian whose relationship is ambiguous whether it’s on bad term or good term?」
the figure of the two people who fit the description to a T appears in Souta and Dina’s mind.

「I know. You mean the people who keep arguing but in actuality they acknowledge each other right? If so I know those two.」
The librarian immediately nods, satisfied by Dina’s answers.
「Hehehe, it’s nostalgic. Both of them was working at this library one time. Even at that time, Gai-kun looking at Rena-kun as his rival. However, Rena-kun never notice, and yet Rena-kun is better than him and see him as pitiful.」
「Ahhh- So it’s been like that for a long time. Are they like, have an inseparable relationship despite their attitude with each other?」
Dina remembers the two and throws a question while smiling.

「They’re childhood friends, it seemed they live in the same neighborhood, enrolled in the same school and even in the same class. They both also like books and choose the job that is related to books that is librarian…… It feels like they’re connected by the thread of fate too strong that “inseparable relationship” is not even enough to explain their relationship.」
「Uwahhh~ that’s amazing. With a connection that strong, they might be really destined to be together.」
Dina’s eyes sparkle hearing the librarian’s story.
「Even so, those two doesn’t seem to realize it.」
Remembering those two’s face, the librarian showing a bitter smile.

While they’re talking about the Toura’s librarians excitedly, the librarians that were checking the books come back. After whispering something to the librarian that was talking to Souta and Dina, they hand him a memo. After receiving all the memo, he goes through them and then adds lines on the memo with a pen to them, and then he rewrites the memo on different papers.
「Hmm, is that all? Here is the memo.」
Written on the memo is the title and shelf number, also there is a description of the good points of the books.
「… To come up with this much in such a short time, it seems there are many excellent librarians here.」
「Thank you for your compliments.」
The librarian bows deeply.
「Well then, thanks for your assistance, I will use this memo as a reference.」
Souta raises his right hand to expresses his gratitude, while Dina bows.

As the memo split into two, they take a sheet each and then gathers the books on their respective sheet.
Dina, who finishes gathering the books first, goes to the vacant seats and starts reading ahead of Souta.
A few minutes later, Souta who also finishes gathering the books, sits opposite of Dina. After taking out memos and pens for two people, he starts reading.

The two are silently reading the books, only sound of the flipping page can be heard, occasionally they write down something on the memo.
After finishing a couple of books that they gathered, while they’re taking a short break, the previous librarian talks to them.
「How is it? Have you found anything you looking for?」
「Not really, there are various thing we understand, but honestly, this is not enough for us to get a clear answer.」
Dina also nods agreeing with Sota.

「May I know what specifically did you looking for?」
「… Books by the author named Grevin. After that, I want to know if there is a special relationship between beastkins and gnomes.」
Souta replied while sending a strong glance to the librarian.
「It’s fine I won’t tell the others…… However, it would be difficult if you look for books written by Grevin here. Those books are kept only in the archive of the royal castle.」
「Archive of the royal castle? That is…… pretty much unreachable right?」

Listening to Souta, the librarian ponders as he folds his arms.
「… One way is to win the next battle tournament. The winner of the tournament will be granted a wish by the king. If you ask for the permission to browse the royal castle’s archive, the request might be approved.」
After listening to the librarian’s explanation, Souta frowns, while Dina shows a joyful expression.
「I want to avoid participating in the battle tournament……」
「Souta-san! Isn’t it a good opportunity, let’s participate!」
Seeing the contrasting reaction of the two, the librarian only gesturing his finger over his mouth, asking them to be quiet.

「…… For the time being, I will consider this a plan. Is there no other way?」
「Let’s see… You can also ask directly to the royal castle. The chances are small, but it’s possible. Though, in that case, now is not a good time.」
It’s now the preparatory period for the battle tournament, the royal castle surely must be busy.

「Should we try going there……」
After thinking for a while, Souta makes a decision.

  • Inseparable relationship: Literal translation, it actually means unwanted inseparable relationship, unfortunately, I’m not sure if there is any word to replace these in English, hence why the sentence is a bit weird because I’m incapable of conveying only the meaning and end up using the whole word.

Hello again, every hour from this chapter release, I will release the next chapter every hour, unfortunately, I only finish 10 chapters, I should have been able to finish 3 more today, but I want to indulge myself today, enough that I complaint (in my mind) like a little kid, the fact that the end of the 10th chapter seems really a good place to stop might also be the reason, I will finish the conclusion of the arc starting tomorrow, and then release it at 5th January (patrons get it when I finished every chapter)

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