Re-Summoned Hero Episode 86

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Large library.
Competent librarians.
Try going to the royal castle?

「However, will we able to come in even if we go to the castle……」
Souta starts to think about going to the castle, for the time being, the idea to participate in the battle tournament is on hold.
「Normally, if you go to the castle, then you will be asked the reason you come to the castle at the entrance. After you tell your reason there, the good one might be conveyed to the king. The king of our country adopts open government…… no honestly, he will listen to anything he deems to be interesting.」
Souta remembers the king of the elves he met the other day.
「Somehow…… there are many similar kings.」

「Hm? Did you say something?」
The librarian reacts to Souta’s murmurs, but Souta only lightly shakes his head.
「No, it’s nothing. Thanks for the information. For now, I think we will try to go to the castle.」
Souta looks at Dina’s face, seeking for her consent.
「Right, let’s consider participating in the battle tournament if going to the castle doesn’t bear anything.」
Dina seems to really want Souta to participate in the battle tournament for some reason, enough that she already considers going to the castle will be a wasted effort.

When they stand from their seat, the librarian stops them just as they want to clean up the books.
「The books will be cleaned up by our own people, both of you can go to the castle right away.」
Before Souta and Dina can say something, the books are carried away by other librarians.
「Hahh~ Everything from the start to the end is perfect. I’m not sure whether I should call this excellent of excessive, but… thanks.」
「Thank you very much. Thank you for telling us many helpful things.」
Souta and Dina bow and leave the library.

When Souta and Dina leave the library, after confirming the door is already closed, the librarians are gathered in the counter.
「No way, I’m surprised that the day where someone would come and look for the books written by Grevin-sama really come.」
「For a prophecy from a thousand years ago to become reality…… of course it would be surprising.」
「I don’t know who the elf was, but that human figure and appearance is just like what the story that was passed down said.」
「Now now, Is that person really the one whose Grevin-sama mentioned, or……」
The chatter of the librarians keeps continue until a new guest comes……

「Now then, let’s go to the royal castle, shall we? I hope they will listen to us.」
「Let’s see, with how the atmosphere in the whole city currently…… It would be nice if they can just listen to us.」
The two return to the hustle and bustle of the city and turn their feet to the royal castle.

Through the crowded main street, they finally reach the castle. The gate is open to the public and it leads to a hall. In there, there is a receptionist that handle petition or permission, for example, for people who want to open a shop.
Souta and Dina line up on the line made before the receptionist. After a while, their turn comes.
「Thank you for waiting, what kind of matter is it?」
「Ahhh, I just want to get permission to view the books that are in the archive…… Is this the right place to ask?」
The civil servant acknowledging Souta’s question with a nod.
「Yes, we also handle those here. Do you know the title of the books you want to read? I’m terribly sorry, but some books are not allowed to be read.」
Souta thinks for a while, then he notices he never looked for the title of the books even though he remembers the author’s name.

「Hmm, I don’t know the title of the books, but I know the author’s name is 『Grevin』. When I asked in the library, they said those books can only be found here.」
After briefly telling the civil servant the author’s name and the reason they end up here, the civil servant eyes widen for a moment, and then he nods.
「I see, so that’s why. So that means, you are…… No, this is not a matter I can ask. please wait a moment, I will talk to the person above.」
After confirming Souta nods, the civil servant goes to talk to his superior.

After waiting for a while, the civil servant comes back with another civil servant that looks like to be his superior.
「I’m sorry for keeping you waiting, from here on I will be the one who will guide you. May I ask you for your name first?」
「Ahh, I’m Souta, this woman is my companion, Dinarius.」
「Dinarius, nice to meet you.」
The civil servant’s superior nods in satisfaction listening to the two’s greeting.
「Yes, a pleasure to meet you. We’re currently in the middle of preparation, I will guide you to the waiting room for now.」
I only want to see the archive, is there anything you need to prepare? Or so Souta thought, but decides to not say anything and just follows behind the civil servant’s superior.

The room they’re guided to is a wide room, it’s a room that usually used by noble as a waiting room before having an audience with the king.
「I only want to go to the library, why do we get escorted to such a nice room?」
「…… I think we might be involved in something again. I feel that the civil servant receptionist’s reaction when we asked about Grevin was not normal.」
Souta talks about the current situation, Dina too feels some discomfort by what happens until now. They sit on the sofa and decide to wait until they’re called, but Souta feels some sort of bad premonition in his mind.

After waiting for a while in silences, they raise from their seat after a sound of knocking.
「Excuse me, I inform you that we finished with our preparation. Please, this way.」
The one who picks them is the same civil servant as before.
The two following the civil servant as instructed, until they pass a room with 『Archive』 tag along the way. By then their suspicion that they’re here not because of their original purpose become stronger.
「He-Heyy, the room just before-」
「Our destination will be after the corner ahead.」
Souta tries to call him out, but he’s interrupted by the civil servant who looks at him back.

With his question interrupted mid-sentence, Souta reluctantly stays silent and follows him. After the corner, there is a set of heavy door. Without receiving any explanation, Souta and Dina already expect what is behind the door from the atmosphere of the place, and their experience with human and elven’s royal castle.

  • The chatter of the librarians keeps continue until a new guest comes……: Now this might not be some sort of foreshadowing or anything like that, it might be just my translation end up like it’s a foreshadow to something, so don’t get your hope too high if nothing actually happened in the end.
  • It would be nice if they can just listen to us: In case you’re not sure what Dina’s speech here means (mainly because of how I translate the thing), she is just saying with how busy the city is, the royal castle might be too busy to even hear their request.
  • Btw, while I was indeed already read this far ahead, I kinda forget how many book there is, I’m pretty sure there is no indication as to how many the books are currently, so I will leave it at that even if future chapter shows that there is only one book

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