Re-Summoned Hero Episode 87

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

The librarians whispering.
Try to go to the castle.
Somehow end up guided to a room.

On the other side of the door is a row of what appears to be beastkin soldiers on the left and right side of the blue carpet. At the end of the carpet, there is a throne where a remarkably more powerful beastkin sit. Influential looking beastkins stands on his left and right.
As Souta and Dina stand still without moving, the frontmost soldier urges them to go forward.

Souta sighs, after resolving himself, he moves forward. Dina follows along Souta and stops diagonally behind him. After they stop in front of the throne, they’re greeted by a voice.
「That place is fine. Sorry for keeping you waiting.」
The one who says that is the beastkin that sit on the throne.

「I will introduce myself first, I’m the king of this country, Baldrum. If my appearance is hard to discern, I’m an elephant beastkin. Elephant is a legendary animal that was said to be at the east of the Great Plain.」
Although at a glance you can tell he is a beastkin because of his animal ears, he doesn’t have any characteristics of the elephant. Contrary to his appearance, however, he has this impression of composure and dignity.

「I’m Souta, an adventurer.」
「My name is Dinarius, also an adventurer.」
Baldrum reacts to the two’s introduction by stroking his chin and a smile.
「Hoo~ as expected, to be not losing composure when meeting with this I. What do you guys think?」
The question is asked to the beastkins on his left and right.

「For not feeling scared at all, it might be because he’s confidence with his ability. Does this means the legend is not wrong then…」
Leopard beastkin, a tall but a little slender civil servant’s answers the question.
「That so? In my eyes, they are just brats ignorant of the ways of the world.」
Boar beastkin with eyes of the warrior laugh scornfully, mocking Souta.
「We would know by looking at him fight…….」
Hawk beastkin says no more than that with his eyes closed and arms folded.
「It is certain that he carries courage that makes him unfazed by everyone’s remarks. Even to my aura.」
White tiger beastkin talks without diverting his gazes from Souta, this while he let loose his aura.

「So, I only want to ask for the permission to browse the archive, why it ends up with us having an audience with the king?」
Ignoring the four beastkins who express their opinions to the king, Souta asks a question.
「Kukuku, quite an insolent person you are. But I don’t hate that attitude. You two are that right? Persons who seek the books written by Grevin?」
Souta shows a surprised look on his face when asked by that question.
「So that means you’re properly told the reason…… then I don’t know why we’re brought here instead.」

「Let’s see, there are three reasons you’re brought here, one is because you mention the name Grevin, second is because you’re a human, and lastly it’s due to my curiosity, hahahaha.」
The king laughs after saying that, he looks excited.
「That means, there really is a connection between the beastkin’s country and Grevin?」
The king nods, confirming Souta’s question.
「That’s right. Also if you’re really the person that was in the legend that was passed down, then you would also get the permission to see the books.」
As the king says that with an expression that is hiding something more to his words, Souta doesn’t say anything and wait until the king continues.

「However, that is if you really that Souta from the legend. Prove it, and then I will grant you the access for the archive right away.」
Souta still keeps silent and watching the king. He understands that it’s difficult to prove, and knows that the king still has something to say, that’s why he’s still waiting for the king to reveal his intention.
「Kuku~ Not saying anything, that means you already anticipate what I’m trying to say right? Then, I declare: If you win the battle tournament held in this country this time, whether you’re actually the Souta from the legend, or another person entirely, I will let you browse the archive all the same.」
With a full smile on his face, the king stands up, spread his arms, and declare so to Souta.
「Even if I could prove it, you would probably make me participate in the battle tournament anyway…」

「Wahahahah~ That’s right! In this country, might makes right. Therefore, show me your power! Be the champion! And so, you will be the righteous one.」
In regard to the king’s exaggerated statement, the aides are reacting with resignation, consent, and grief.

Noticing Dina pulls the hem of his clothes with a joyful expression, Souta decides to resolve himself.
「…… No way out of it I guess. But, I have some conditions as well.」
「Humu, let’s hear it.」
The king sits back down on the throne and puts a posture to listen to Souta’s conditions.

「To start, first, when participating, I want to participate with a mask on and also registered using a fake name. Then, if I win, not only I can browse the archive, but I can also take the books I need.」
The one who responds to him is the leopard civil servant.
「While the first condition is fine, to takes the books is as expected……」
「Might makes right! Isn’t that what your king said? Or are you saying that was all just a lie?」
Souta doesn’t let the leopard civil servant ends his sentence by quoting the king’s word.

「No, the king’s words are correct, but……」
Still, the civil servant doesn’t bend easily. The king then sends a timely help.
「Enough, I mean what I said. Also, that’s only if he can win. I heard there are many excellent participants this year, isn’t that right, Inggard?」
「That’s right, while presumptuous, my son is also a participant too. My son is a genius even when compared to myself.」
Replied Inggard, the white tiger beastkin military officer.
「Obviously, my son aside, there are many S-rank adventurers and high-profile people who are well-known participate in the tournament. Becoming the champion is not easy.」
「Right, see? If he can still win after all that, books and things like that are cheap things.」
Hearing the king’s remarks, the civil servant keeps silence while biting his lips.

「With that, I accept both of your conditions. Our condition is that if you can’t win the tournament then forget about the archive. How is it? Quite a favorable condition for you isn’t it?」
The king asks Souta while sending a provocative gaze.
「Right, I didn’t intend to participate originally, but with these baits, I got a little bit motivated.」
Souta answers that provocation with a smile.

Behind him, Dina tries to conceal her joy somehow, but it still appears in her expression regardless.

  • Even to my aura: He said haki, unfortunately this is untranslatable, though I don’t like if I leave it as haki, so just aura.

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    1. Like he said “Even if I could prove it, you would probably make me participate in the battle tournament anyway…”
      It’s hard to deal with “my pace” people, especially if he has power. And, if he goes about unnecessary intimidation willy-nilly, he’d instead have to go against a country.
      Unlike the Elves where they’re shown to be made of sticks and straw, the beastmen seem to be a hardy bunch and respond to his provocation…not to mention he’ll also have to watch Dina’s back as well if hostilities erupt.
      This MC has a good head on his shoulders.


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