Re-Summoned Hero Episode 88

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Audience with the king.
Win the tournament if you want to read the books.
Give the books instead if win.

The two is guided to the waiting room again after they finished the audience. The reason is that their agreement will need to be documented.
「Nfufu~ So Souta-san decides to participate in the battle tournament after all.」
Dina who looks happy showing a smile towards Souta.
「I’m actually reluctant. Well, I will be getting some books so I guess it’s not a bad outcome. Though, Dina, you look so happy……」
Souta looks at Dina, staring even.
「I mean, your participation is set isn’t it! Souta-san’s strength should be recognized. Since Barza-san was able to win, I’m sure Souta-san will also win!!」
While Dina was emotionally attached to the hero of beastkin, Barza, She trusts Souta’s strength even more. Also, she feels resentment that Souta was sent back to his world with no appreciation from the public despite being the one who defeated the demon lord, and so she’s pleased there is an opportunity to show that strength.

「I don’t know which basis you use to believe in my strength that much…… but well, I will try my best to win the prize.」
Despite the lack of motivation in Souta’s reply, Dina is still satisfied.
「I want to know about the precise rules and the participants, so until the tournament begins, it will be information gathering and equipment inspection.」
「I will accompany Souta-san!」
As Dina replies enthusiastically to Souta, a voice can be heard from the direction of the door.

「If that’s the case, I can help you a little. The door was open, my apologies for jumping into your conversation.」
「We’re not talking about something particularly bad, I don’t mind if you enter the room and join the conversation.」
The leopard civil servant enters the room with a document in his hand.
「In which case, excuse me. I’m terribly sorry that my kingmoron giving you such an unthinkably hard challenge.」
Having entered the room, the civil servant says so and then lowers his head.

「Lift your head. Currently, I consider it a good meeting instead.」
Souta checks the received document.
「I’m troubled judging whether it’s good or bad to say so…… For the time being, could you please sign this confirmation document?」
「HmmHmm, I see. It looks like our previous exchange is written here as it is. Well, if the king suddenly changes his term after saying that much, then his capacity as a king doesn’t amount that much…… So do I sign it here?」
What is written on the document is if Souta wins the battle tournament, the access of the books in the royal castle archive will become the prize, also to hand over books he would need.
「Really, that person is always like that. Yes, it’s on the bottommost, on the blank space.」
The civil servant looks to be exasperated with the king’s remark.

「Yes, thank you very much.」
After rolling the document, he put it into a cylindrical case.
「So, you say something about helping me gathering information, right?」
Souta recalls what the civil servant said earlier and asks the question.
「There is no information on the participant, but if it’s the rule, then I can explain it to you. Is it fine if I explain from the basic part?」
「Ahh, sure.」

The content of what the civil servant says, with Souta asking question here and there, can be concluded as:
1. The tournament is divided into three: The group division, monsters division, and fighting king division. It’s basically a group battle, battle by monsters employed by tamers, and individual fight respectively. As Souta will participate in the fighting king division this time, the explanation for other division is omitted.
2. In the individual fight, it’s free to use any weapon or armor you want. An exception is the usage of cursed equipment is banned.
3. The outcome of the match is determined by 「defeat proclamation」 or knockout. Or in case the referee decides that it’s impossible to continue any further, then the match will be decided by the management side.
4. The champion will receive 1000 gold coins as a prize, the second place will get 300 gold coins, and the third place (reserved for two people) will get 100 coins each. In case Souta becomes the champion, he will receive the prize money on top of the previous agreement.
5. Regarding injuries, unless you die, the treatment by magic will be done by the kingdom’s treatment unit.
6. If you make your opponent die, you will be disqualified on the spot, there is no reservoir system.
7. Acts that go against moral will also be stopped at the discretion of the referee.
8. If it’s difficult to judge on referee level, then it will be judged directly by the king.

「I see, no unfairness allowed. It’s through and through depends on the ability of each individual. But still, doesn’t that means the ability to collect the equipment would also play a part on this?」
The civil servant nods.
「That’s right. Also, since the successive generation of kings were also the people who won the battle tournament, they’re also the people who won’t tolerate any unfairness.」
「And the current king was also one of those?」
The civil servant nods. Even though he called his king a moron before, trust and respect could be seen comes from his bottom of his heart.

「Now then, the matter of the documents and the explanation of the rule is now over, is there anything else you want to ask?」
Souta shakes his head.
「No, that’s enough.」
「If, you have anything you want to know later, you can just tell my name at the castle’s receptionist, they will then convey it to me right away, feel free to do this.」
The civil servant bows after saying so.
「Ah, that is appreciated…… I have not heard your name yet, so I don’t know who to call in that case.」
A look of realization shows up on the civil servant’s face as he hits his head lightly with his palm.

「I apologize for that. My name is Rudredd. I’m currently working as the minister of the castle, please take care of me too in the future.」
「Eh!? A minister? You’re so young so I thought……」
Seemingly accustomed with Dina’s reaction, Rudredd answers her while showing a wry smile.
「Incidentally, did you think I was just a common civil servant? Fufu~ It happened quite often I’m now accustomed to it. While I originally don’t have any achievement, I was directly appointed by the king, in the beginning, there were many people who made light of me.」
Being on his position at his age, this alone is a testimony to his excellence.

「I also thought you’re a common civil servant. If I think about it more carefully, a common civil servant won’t be in that place. Sorry, my bad.」
「I’m sorry.」
Following Souta, Dina also apologizes.
「No-no, as I said before, I’m already accustomed by this kind of treatment, so don’t mind it, you two.」
Feeling uncomfortable the two’s apologies, he strokes his back of the neck with a troubled expression.

「Well then, Rudredd, we will get back to the city, the battle tournament is in another week right…… I will finish my registration with a mask by then. For the name…… I know, let’s go with Grey.」
「Grey-sama then? I understand. I will convey this to the king. Well then, let me guide you to the entrance then.」
As they finish everything they came here for, Souta and Dina leave the castle under the guidance of Rudredd.

  • There is no reservoir system: リザーバーシステムはない, I can’t get any other meaning than reservoir, trying to look for reservoir’s meaning also bear me no fruit, if you can tell me what it might mean, then please do.
  • To add, I kinda forget Rudredd gender, I double checked but there is no mention of his gender until now, iirc he is a male, it should be mentioned somewhere in future chapter, I will fix it later if I’m wrong.

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