Re-Summoned Hero Episode 89

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Dina is delighted!
Rule explanation.
The civil servant is actually a minister!?

「As my participation is decided, victory is a must.」
Dina shows joy looking at Souta who shows his motivation, she nods energetically.
「For that, first……」
「Obviously it’s registering.」
As Dina shows a big reaction to each and every of Souta’s word, Souta naturally smiling.
「For now, let’s go back to the inn to prepare the mask and decide the equipment.」
Dina’s tension remains high since they left the castle. She’s happy that Souta’s participation in the battle tournament is decided just like what she wanted.

Inn, Souta’s room.

Souta and Dina are sitting next to each other on the bed.
「Now then, as for equipment, I don’t want to use equipment I usually used…… I wonder which one is good…」
Souta accesses the dimensional storage, looking at the list of the equipment. The tablet that shows the list is also visible so Dina can also see.
「This is the list of the weapons, which one do you think will be good?」
As Souta thinks that anything is fine, he leaves the decision to Dina.
「Ummm~ let’s see…… As I thought, it should be looking good, also easy to use too, bonus point if it’s also strong.」
Dina can’t judge with the name alone, so Souta tells her the rough image of them.

「If so, how about this?」
Souta selects the item on the list and pulls it out. It harbors the power of water magic. The blade looks somewhat wavy. The pommel was designed in the image of the water spirit.
「Waahh~ It looks really beautiful.」
Dina is fascinated by the sword that Souta pulls out.

「This will become like this if you put magic power into it.」
When Souta channels his magic power to the sword, the blade is covered in string-like water. Those water then gathers at the tip and becomes a water ball.
「With only your magic power, you can use the power of water without using the magic itself.」
「Whoahh! So Souta-san had a weapon like this, what is this sword called?」
Dina’s question makes Souta closes his mouth, pondering about the question.
「Umm, is it have an unusual name?」
「Ah- No, I don’t think it has any name. This is the weapon that I first made by myself, I had a stronger weapon so I never use this in an actual fight.」
Dina is wide-eyed in surprise from Souta’s remark.

「This was made by Souta-san? Whoahhh!!」
「If you would like to, I will leave the naming of this weapon, the weapon that will become my partner in the incoming tournament, to Dina.」
Dina put her finger in front of her mouth, thinking while looking a bit troubled.
「Then, how about Undine?」
「Undine, huh……」
Souta turns the sword and murmurs the name of it then puts it back in the dimensional storage.

「Dina, look at this.」
When Souta shows Dina the list of the weapon in the dimensional storage, the previous weapon has the name attached.
「Ehh? Did Souta-san just name it now?」
「That’s right. But, I was not simply naming it. It’s precisely because the sword accepts that name.」
Knowing the name Dina proposed was accepted by the sword makes Dina feels heat emanated from her chest.

「I’m not sure why, but I feel really happy!」
Dina’s body shakes as she expressing her joys.
「Don’t feel so happy yet, I want Dina to use this sword once the tournament over.」
Dina hops from the bed, skipping around in joy.

「Now, what is the good suitable armor…… I will use this cloak… I will also use this armor just in case… As for boots, this looks good… It would be better if I use gauntlet too.」
From the list, Souta picks cloak of phantasm – a cloak with ability to reduce presence, a breastplate dyed in black, shoes with wind attribute so he can moves quickly, and then a gauntlet made by magic iron to boost his defense more.
「Lastly, the mask will be this one.」
It’s a grey mask. When Souta mentioned using a mask to participate in the battle tournament, the reason that he immediately decided the name Grey was simply because he remembered this mask.

Taking the decided equipment out from his storage, he puts it on, and then just in case he also puts on the camouflage bracelet.
「Fuwah~ I really don’t know if this is really Souta-san this way.」
Satisfied with her answer, Souta takes off the equipment and put it back in his storage under the folder called disguise.
「I would have to go register after changing my equipment in a deserted place. As there will be a possibility that people will know it’s me if we’re together. For now, we will act separately.」
As Souta stands up, Dina also stands up.
「I understand, in that case, I will go gather information about other participant and then go shopping.」
「Ahh, then let’s meet in the inn before the sun sets.」
The two leave the inn together and then goes their own way.

Souta enters a deserted alley. After checking that nobody is around, he changes into his disguise and then heads to the receptionist at the arena.
Although plenty of people looking at him suspiciously because of the mask, most just judge it’s the costume for the festival or simply the equipment of the adventurer and stop caring.

「I want to register for the individual match.」
「The fighting king division then. Please fill this document.」
Without touching on Souta’s mask, the woman passes Souta the document. Even though it’s called a document, there are only fields for name and occupation there.
「Is this good?」
「…… Grey-sama, occupation swordsman. Then for the participation fee, it will be 1 silver.」
Souta who never heard about the participation fee changes expression for an instant. Regardless, he takes out a silver coin from his pocket to pay.
「With this, the registration is complete. Here is the proof of participation, please don’t lose it.」
The receptionist gives a sheet of note to Souta.

「Your nameplate will be posted on that bulletin board later. The qualifying will be in a week. As there will be an opening ceremony at 9 in the morning, we ask you to come by the waiting room by then. You will be shown the waiting room if you come here.」
「I understand.」
Souta, or rather Grey, bows lightly and then leaves the place.

The receptionist feels a bit suspicious by Grey who never removes his mask until the end, but after reporting to her superior, she is told to stop prying about him, which further increases her suspiciousness.

  • In case there is Gray here on future chapters, it’s Grey, I might miss some, please do tell me in that case

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