Re-Summoned Hero Episode 90

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Dina in high tension.
Which equipment should be used?
The name of the suspicious man is Grey.

The receptionist feels a bit suspicious by Grey who never removes his mask until the end, but after reporting to her superior, she is told to stop prying about him, which further increases her suspiciousness.

When Grey is registering, Dina is trying to gather information on the participant who can become Souta’s opponent. Her first destination is the adventurer guild. The adventurer guild here is bigger than Toura’s and many adventurers came here because it’s near the battle tournament.
Many of the adventurers who come to the guild come to look for information or chatting, not to accept requests.
By eavesdropping on others conversation, and directly conversing with a female adventurer who seems to like to talk, Dina is able to hear the information on the promising participants.

The popular opinion that can be gathered from the guild is that the leader of the S-rank party Red Blow is the winning candidate of the fighting king division. Even in the group division, his party 『Red Blow』 is expected to become the champion. Other than that, Dina also hears about the information of several A-ranked adventurers.

After finished listening, Dina leaves the guild to gather information while shopping on the road that leads to the arena. The merchant from outside should have heard one or two things in their journey, while the merchant from the city should know the information on the local knights.

These pieces of information are not collected for Souta, but so she can enjoy the tournament more. Even though it’s just an approximate, the matches would be more enjoyable if she knows the competence of the participants.
「Among them, the winning candidate is the leader of Red Blow and the son of that military officer, I guess?」
While reading the note on her hand, she eats a crepe with the other. From her appearance, you wouldn’t believe she is the former princess of the elven country, she completely blends into the surrounding and appears just like a girl with suitable age as her looks.

Moreover, even though it’s not surprising with her figure, plenty of people would hit on her, nobody does so because she uses a stealth series skill that cut off her presence from others perception unless they’re a good-natured person.
When she is near the arena to look for Souta, one of those good-natured person calls her.
「Oh~ you’re the one from before.」
That person is Gargis.

Dina tries to keep going to the arena without turning her gaze to the person who calls her.
「Wa-wait a moment, we’re not a stranger to each other right? A greeting should be fine right?!」
「I guess you’re right, hello, also, goodbye.」
Dina bows and then heads to the arena again.
「Hahh- I already apologize for that time right, please spare me from this.」
Dina smiles looking at Gargis who lowers his head.

「That’s just a lie, I’m not angry anymore. Or rather, I’m not angry in the first place.」
「R-Really? From what I see, you don’t look to be lying at all, you must be good at acting.」
「That’s because I lived in such a difficult place unless I could do a bit of acting…… Well, let’s leave it at that. More importantly, is something the matter?」
Dina’s face shows a hint of shadow as she remembers about the old days, but she immediately lighted up again as she asks a question to Gargis.

「No, I don’t have any matter in particular, I just see a familiar face, and so I greet them.」
「Is that so?…… Ahh right, Gargis-san is also one of the battle tournament participants, right?」
Dina remembers a nice matter and asks Gargis the question.
「Ahh, for the time being, yes. I will participate in the individual tournament.」
「The~n, do you know about the other participants?」
Dina’s eyes sparkle as she asks Gargis.

「Of-of course I know some bits. Gathering information is important after all, I have heard about some of the notable fellows.」
「Can you tell me if it’s okay?」
「I don’t mind, but… will that person participate in the tournament as expected?」
As Dina seems to be so into it, Souta’s participation suddenly comes to Gargis’ mind.

「No, it’s not like that. Because I’m planning to watch. Won’t it become more enjoyable if I know which are the strong participant?」
Gargis nods to Dina’s natural answer.
「I see, then how about we talk over there?」
Gargis points at the bench that’s installed along the way.

After sitting on the vacant bench, Dina takes out her memo, ready to write. In contrast, Gargis gives his information from memory.
「First of all, there are two people who are said to be the winning candidate. One is the leader of 『Red Blow』 clan, an S-rank adventurer named Carlos. Although he uses a big sword, he swings it as if a one-handed sword. In addition to this, he is good at fire magic, while his big sword can be used for protection against enemies magic. Also while not as strong as his fire magic, the other magics he uses are also first-rate.」
Dina writes them up words by words on her memo.
「The other person is the captain of the first corps of the kingdom’s knight order, Santana. It seems his participation is decided in hurry today. His fighting style is hand to hand combat using tekkou, making full use of his body as a leopard beastkin which is known of their quick movement. Also, as the captain class of this country’s knight order, he is known for having better intelligent among other beastkin.」
Even when she’s surprised by the latest information that didn’t even comes up in the adventurer guild, she doesn’t stop taking notes.

「I’m surprised you have that information as well.」
「Ahh, that’s because I saw that guy lining up to register.」
Familiarity can be felt from Gargis’ words, it’s as if he talks about his acquaintance.
「Is he somebody you know?」
「Ah no, I just see him before, it’s just a mistake.」
Gargis returns an ambiguous answer to clarify Dina’s question.

「W-well, let’s continue. There are also several A-rank adventurers, but I don’t look at them in detail. Other than that, it doesn’t seem like there are many captain class knight. I also heard that an elf wizard also participate. It seems that elf attracting quite an attention as their race rarely participates in this battle tournament. Also… well that’s all. There is not that much information, I only looking information around this place after all.」
Although there is not much information, she at least knows two new things: the captain and the elf participation, which makes her happy.

「Thank you very much, I will use this as a reference.」
Dina stands up, and then says her gratitude with a bow.
「Ahh, don’t mind about it. I just hope this will makes you forget what I did that time.」
「Fufufu, it’s fine. I will forgive you for this.」
Dina answers while showing a little mischievous smile.
「Well then, I need to look for Souta-san, so I will be going.」
「Ahh, see you again.」
Gargis waves his hand as Dina heads toward the arena with a little jog.

「…… It might be good that I was rejected before I know her too deeply.」
Nobody hears Gargis’ whisper.

  • Tekkou or Tekko is some kind of brass knuckle or knuckleduster, maybe I should just translate it as so instead of keeping it as tekkou, also apparently tekkou is ninja gears according to google-sensei Summary of the last chapter in three lines

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