Re-Summoned Hero Episode 91

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Gathering information in the guild.
Meeting Gargis again.
Gathering information from Gargis.

While Souta is looking at the stalls in the arena’s vicinity, Dina shows up.
「Souta-san! Hahh~hahh~ I finally find you.」
Dina approaches Souta while gasping for breath.
「Oh, it’s Dina. Good thing you find me from over there, I just thought about trying to look for you myself.」
Even though Souta doesn’t look like he’s trying to look for her, she doesn’t mind.

「Because if I can’t find you, I thought you might have come back to the inn.」
「My bad, I should have decided the meeting place beforehand. Because I don’t know where you went to, I was hanging around here for the time being.」
Said Souta as he bows his head lightly.
「No, it’s fine. I felt worried when I couldn’t find what I was looking for, but once I found it, I was very happy.」
Souta blushes as he looks at Dina’s carefree smile.
「N-Now then, let’s not stay here for too long, how about looking for meals…」
Souta who notices he blushes, changes the subject and moves at a brisker pace.
「Ah, please wait.」
A little delayed behind Souta, Dina follows him with the smile still on her face. Souta who notices Dina tries to follow him in a trot adjusted his speed according to hers a little.
It’s now around lunch time. The two who unable to bear waiting for too long in the queue avoids the shop in the main street which is all crowded. Searching for a vacant store, they go to the back alley.
After advancing on a dark road despite being daytime for a while, in the place out of many eyes, they arrive at a store. The appearance of the store can’t be said to be stylish, in fact, you can call the store looks old-fashioned, but Souta feels attracted by this store for some reason. The same can be said about Dina. Looking at Souta’s expression, Dina nods in assent.
「Should we go in?」
With only a little exchange, they go into the store.

Entering the stores, just like with the exterior, the inside also looks old fashioned, but this place is cleaned so thoroughly you can feel the cleanliness of it.
「Welcome, is it for two?」
The one who greets them is a female waitress. She is a bit tall. Looking from her ears, she’s probably a bear beastkin.
「Ahh, can we immediately sit down?」
Souta asks just in case, even though there seems to be no customer other than them.
「Yes, as you can see there are no other customers, so you can take any seats you want.」
She answers with a slightly bitter smile.

After Souta and Dina sit at the nearby table, the waitress brings them the menu and cups of water.
「Here’s the menu, today’s chef’s recommendation is the Honeybird stew set.」
Honeybird is a bird with a strong flavor. It has the size of an ostrich. Because of its fast running speed, it has high capture difficulty, that’s why it’s hard to get a stable supply of them. Souta had eaten them during his previous journey, which makes him recalls the taste, which enough to makes him drooling.
「Yes, that one!」
Seeing Souta immediately order that without missing a beat, Dina follows suit.
「Then, me too please!」
The waitress smiles looking at them.
「Yes, two chef’s recommendation then. Please wait until your food brought over.」
After repeating the order, she goes to the kitchen.

「Dear, two today’s recommendations please.」
Souta shows a hint of surprises the moment he hears the reply that comes from the kitchen, but then he realizes that person can’t be here, and so he changes his expression back. It seems to be the same for Dina, as she’s currently tilted her head.
「Hey, the voice a while ago…」
「I know right?」
Their communication is completed with only that exchange.

In their seat, they change their angle so they can see the source of the voice inside of the kitchen, but the source works at the back of the kitchen, even when they lean as far as they can, they still can’t see the source. As a result, they look completely suspicious, but no one points that out as they’re the only customers here.
After a while, the waitress serves the dishes.
「Yes, thank you for waiting. Honeybird stew sets, anything else you want to order?」
「No, that’s all.」
「It’s still hot, so please be careful. Well then, please excuse me.」
After saying so, the waitress goes back to the kitchen and then wait there.

「Now then, let’s eat?」
After putting their hands together, they start eating.

The moment they take a bit, surprises and happiness wrap their tongue.
First is the surprises, they feel nostalgia as if they had eaten the dish somewhere else. It has the part which is enough to bring the nostalgia, but overall it’s actually tastier, which is the reason for their happiness.
「It’s delicious!!」
The two’s hand wouldn’t stop, the stew is steadily eaten. The taste of the honeybird itself and the stew combined and pulls out the taste further. To run around and with the taste as strong as this, honeybird surely has harder meats than this. But this one is especially moving as the moment the meat enters their mouths, the meat melts as it’s so soft. The one that Souta ate before was a grilled chicken type one, with only salt as the flavoring, and so the hardness still remained, but there is nothing like that can be tasted from this stew.

The salad that comes with the set too has a dressing that brings out more of the vegetable taste, which is excellent. The bread is also soft, it’s good enough to be its own menu, but it becomes more delicious as it’s eaten with the stew.
「This is amazing, enough to make me wonder why there is no other customer besides us.」
「This store’s food is delicious, definitely a good place to eat.」
Their remarks are heard as the waitress comes out to pour them the drink. She answers them with a combination of bitter smile and laugh.
「While it’s true that our chef cooking is delicious, with the location and the looks of our storefront, the customers don’t come easily.」
Certainly, to reaches this place, Souta and Dina need to make a turn at some of the alleys. Furthermore, it blends perfectly with the surrounding, making it hard to find in the first place.

「Certainly, although the taste is super first class, for us to reach this place might be considered a miracle.」
「Right. If I’m asked to go back to the inn and then come here alone, I might not make it back here.」
Listening to the two, the waitress’ shoulders drooped.
「If only there is a good way to attract more customer.」

While they’re talking about that, the chef appears from the kitchen.

  • Aiyo~: You know what, I and honey milk (ex-editor of this novel) was arguing about the usage of this word, with me want to keep it as is, and honey want me to actually translate it, well, good thing I didn’t

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