Re-Summoned Hero Episode 92

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Meet at the vicinity of the arena.
Looking for a store to buy lunch.
Finally, arrive at a store at the end of the alleyway.

「As long as there is one or two customer who comes, eat the foods I make, and call it delicious, that’s enough for me.」
The chef who appears is a tiger beastkin clad in a white chef coat.
「You’re saying that again, dear.」
The waitress seems to dissatisfied with the chef’s remark.

「Umm, this might be unrelated to the current topic of conversation, but…… do you have any relative called Gordon?」
Souta asks the question that comes to his mind immediately after he sees the chef’s appearance. The reason is that he looks and sounds exactly like the chef they know at Toura’s inn.
「N? Do you know my little brother?」
「Little brother!!? So you’re Gordon-san big brother, huh… no wonder your cooking is so tasty……」
As he realizes his voice kinda louder than what he intended, Souta lowers his voice in the second half.

「He seems to be cooking properly, I feel relieved.」
「Y-yes, he’s cooking for the dining room of an inn. The place is thriving.」
Hearing Dina, the chef and the waitress both nod with a satisfied expression.
「Umumu, it’s good then. When an unfriendly person like him said he wants to become a chef, I was feeling anxious, but…… well, as long as there are Milfana and Miri there, it should be okay.」
The chef’s face loosens as he recalls a nostalgic event.

「As you’re my brother’s acquaintance, I will give you a proper welcome. Ask me anything you like, you don’t need to pay too.」
While the chef says so in a high spirit, the waitress covers her face with her hand.
「I know you will say that, dear. But well, if it’s Gordon’s acquaintance then I guess it’s fine……」
「Ahh- about the payment, I will pay.」
Says Souta as he makes a quick glance to the store that’s barren except for them despite the time should have been the busy period for this kind of store.

「Hahhahha~ if it’s about the store, then don’t worry. I’m doing this only as a hobby, I’m happy as long as there are some customers that stumble into this place just like you.」
「Hahh~ in reality, I want to make a profit as well if possible…… We’re also a former adventurer just like Gordon. Thanks to the earning from that time, we actually can live until the end of our life without working at all, so it’s really just a hobby. That’s why, you don’t need to hesitate.」
The chef showing a daring smile, while the waitress a wry smile, but their feeling that want to welcome Souta and Dina can be felt from it.
「Well, if you insist…… If you have enough material, I would like to eat another dish made by honeybird.」
As Souta feels addicted to that taste, he thinks it might be nice to eat it again but with a different kind of cooking method.
「In that case, I want some kind of dessert.」
Dina is already full, so she decides to finish it off with a dessert.

「Haiyo~! Come on, dessert is your responsibility right, let’s go.」
「Yes-yes. Then, please wait a moment.」
The two return to the kitchen.
「Even though this is the country of beastkin, I never thought we will meet an acquaintance’s family member like this……」
「I’m really surprised. He really resembles Gordon-san, his cooking is good, also other things……」
Souta and Dina talk about their impression of the chef.

The chef looks a lot like Gordon, but his expression is rich and seems to be amiable. His physique is a little bigger than Gordon, and his presence is strong too. As he was an adventurer, his body is toned, if he walks around using normal clothes, surely nobody would ever think he’s a chef.
As Souta and Dina feel that the two already opens their heart to them, they stand up from their seat and tries to peep into the kitchen. Their eyes meet with the chef, but the chef returns his focus to his cooking after smiling to them. He doesn’t find fault in Souta and Dina.

Their skills are brilliant, it’s as if they’re cooking in a flow. You can easily see the fact that they keep carefully doing each step of preparation without ever stopping their hands. After peeking for a while, Souta and Dina feel satisfied and then go back to their seats, waiting patiently until their foods served.
The dishes are served in front of the two after about ten minutes after that.

「Sorry to keep you waiting. Here is sauteed honeybird, served with original sauce and herb as garnish. And here is the dessert, it’s a dessert pizza with four kinds of berries.」
Those two’s eyes are stolen by the sight of the dishes arranged on the table.
「Please enjoy the dishes using the knife and fork.」
Since the knives and forks are prepared, they use them to bring the food to their mouth.

「Thi-This is… I can understand if it’s stewed, but for this to be this soft when it’s sauteed…」
Even while wondering about the cooking method, Souta’s hand never stops.
「Ha-fuuu~ Ha-fuuuu~ it’s hot, but it’s delicious. The ice at the top cools the tongue, and this sweetness spreading in my mouth makes the taste refined. It’s really great!」
The two who watch Souta and Dina’s reactions are showing a satisfied smile.

「It makes it worth it if someone who eats the food I make praises its taste.」
「Ufufu~ it really is.」
「No, this really is delicious. It’s too bad this store is hard to find.」
The chef grins hearing Souta’s words.
「I’m glad that you like it. However, as I said before, I do this for my own satisfaction. It’s enough for me if loyal customers come here with some occasional new customers.」
A complacent smile shows up on his face as he says so.

「Souta-san let’s always have a meal here as long as we’re in this country.」
「Sure, we would need to stay in this country until the tournament over anyway.」
Souta nods, agreeing to Dina.
「Ohh, so you guys also one who travels here because of the battle tournament…… do any of you by any chance one of the participants?」
「No, we’re just sightseeing. I have an acquaintance that participate in the tournament a long time ago, I have my interest picked up and comes here thanks to listening to that.」
The chef showing a thinking gesture.

「Hmm, both of you looks quite strong, so I thought…… Well, it doesn’t matter if you participate or not. Even watching can be fun, so just enjoy yourself.」

After that, they listen to the story of when the chef participates in the tournament in the past, it continues until the sun sets. However, during that time, there is no other customer comes……

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  2. Thanks 4 the chapter!

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  3. 「Sure, we would need to say in this country until the tournament over anyway.」

    Sorry, but does the word of say was a spell mistake? Do you mean stay or say?


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