Re-Summoned Hero Episode 93

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

The chef is Gordon’s big brother.
What do you want to eat?
Dessert and Honeybird.

Today is the sixth day after the day Souta and Dina found Gordon’s big brother’s store, they have been going there every day for lunch. on the first day of re-visit, they got lost and only managed to find the place by fully activating all detection ability to look for the chef’s presence. There was no problem on the second day onwards because they mapped the way on their way back on the first re-visit. Other than that, they were enjoying watching street performers gathered in the plaza, going around the festival, and shopping.

Looking at them full of worry are the knights from the first division captain that was ordered to spy on Souta.
「Senpai…… that person, isn’t he just going around normally with his girlfriend? They’re just enjoying the festival aren’t they?」
「…… Yeah, looking at them like this getting more and more like folly.」
While alternating shift, they were tasked to surveil Souta, but the only report they can give to their commanding officer will be “There is no change.” The two knights that question their jobs drooped their shoulders.

「……. Eh? Senpai, that person is gone.」
「What!? Wh-Where?」
Souta is gone from their line of sight, there is only Dina, who is waving to them with a smile.
「Eh, Ehh? Are we…」
「Yo- thanks for the hard work. I have noticed for the entire week I was being followed, but I don’t admire your surveillance.」
Hearing a voice from behind them, the two turns around. There is Souta behind them.

「S-Since when, even though there is quite a distance!」
The junior knight is surprised that Souta is behind them the moment he takes his eyes off him just for a moment. He raises his voice in surprise.
「Well, it’s unfortunate that you miss the moment.」
「No, umm, we’re in the middle of a normal patrol, by no means we’re tailing you……」
The senior knight is trying to make some excuse, but his eyes are swimming.

「Nevermind that, I’m not really in a good mood right now after being followed all the time. Now then, what to do…」
Souta phrases his remark as if looking for answers from the two with a smile.
「No, umm that is…….」
「Er, that…」
The two become flustered, sweating profusely.

「Nahh, I won’t do anything if you go back right away now. However, can you tell the one who instructed you this: “To ask your subordinate to sneak around like this, it doesn’t look like you have that much self-confident.”」
After saying his everything, Souta lightly pats the shoulder of the two knights and then returns back to Dina.

「Looks like it’s finally going to end.」
「Ahh, they seem to be drawing back easily without any problem. Tomorrow is finally the day of the tournament and there will be no more people tailing at us.」
Souta has been aware of the people who tailed them from the very beginning, but as they didn’t make any direct contact, he left them alone. However this time, Souta decides to protest since they still tail him even one day before the tournament starts.
「Isn’t it great that it’s solved with only words?」
While talking about their stalker, the two return back to the festival.

「T-That person, who is he really? I can understand why the captain ordered to have him surveiled, but I still can’t fathom who he actually is.」
「More importantly senpai, what do we tell our superior about this…?」
The senior knight thinks about this question while rubbing his eyebrows.
「… No, let’s just forget about this. I don’t want to purposely bring myself some problem.」
Imagining about what will happen if they report this, they swear in their heart to not report this abnormality.
The two knights who pledge to never say anything return to the castle. Although they accidentally slip the information about Souta which get them chewed out by their captain in the end.

★ The next day, the first day of the event

Souta and Dina parts as they leave the inn, Dina goes to the arena to watch the tournament, while Souta disguises himself and goes to the arena separately to participate in the tournament as Grey.
At the arena receptionist

「I’m Grey, the participant of the fighting king division.」
Grey shows the participation proof to the receptionist and talks in the slightly muffled voice. He remembers her as she was the same receptionist that handle his registration. Grey’s expression changes a little bit, but thanks to the mask, she doesn’t notice.
The receptionist is also shaken inwardly, but as she’s in the middle of doing her job, she keeps it inside.
「Yes, we will keep the participation proof. Now then, please draw a lottery for the grouping from here.」
Grey draws the lottery as instructed. On the paper he draws, letter D is written on it.
「It’s D group. The waiting room will be inside, on the right. When you go there, there will be a door with a D mark on it, please enter that room.」

After nodding to the receptionist explanation, he goes to the waiting room of the D group. As usual, because she can’t read the expression behind the mask, the receptionist suspiciousness grows even more.
Once Grey enters the room, the participants are already gathered.
There are several A-rank adventurers who have become the talk in the city, the elf wizard is also in the same group.

At the arena, the tournament begins with the speech of the king.
The audience seats are full, big cheers resounded which makes the entire arena shaking.
After the king’s speech is over, the announcer stays in the middle of the stage and explains the details of each division, next he explains the rules. At the same time, the same explanation is being explained in the each of the waiting room.

After the explanation from the announcer is over, the participants from group A enter the stage. Carlos, the clan leader of the 『Red Blow』 clan is in group A, great cheers come out from the audience once his appearance confirmed. In this tournament, there is a betting system managed by the country, the subject is the outcome of each match after the qualifier.

With a sign from the announcer, group A battle is started.

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