Re-Summoned Hero Episode 94

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Surveilling knight.
Tournament opening.
Group A fight start.

Being the first match might also contribute but the arena is full of excitement.
The S-rank adventurer Carlos at the beginning only looking at the situation without moving. Voice of dissatisfaction comes one after another from the audience because the winning candidate doesn’t move. Fights break out here and there already, but there is nobody who dares to attack Carlos, one of the winning candidate intentionally.

「Umu, it seems the level of the participants is quite high this time. I wonder if they will join my clan.」
Carlos observes the competence of the participants, he plans to solicit the noticeable one to his clan after the tournament over. It’s the so-called aota-gari.
After observing for a while, he marks a couple of people. Those people Carlos marked are steadily eliminating the other participants. The number of people on the stage steadily decreasing.

「Now then, I guess I should also start.」
Several people already try to attack Carlos so far, but everyone is knocked down with a single swing of his sword. Carlos takes a stance with his greatsword and goes to the participants he has his eyes on. He’s moving at a speed so fast that the surrounding participants think it’s a strong wind instead.
Most participants are blown off by a swing of his greatsword. Those who hold their ground against Carlos greatsword are the one that Carlos has his eyes on.
「There are only people who I have my eyes on, not bad. Or rather it’s a problem if they can’t do this much.」
While he talks, he keeps releasing attacks using his greatsword one after another.

「Kuhh, so this is S-rank…… But!」
The man keeps blocking Carlos’ attack and then does a big attack between the momentary gap.
「Oh, nice.」
The man tries to releases a magic in that gap, but it never released. Carlos rotates his sword to attack the man the second time. As the result, the casting stopped, in addition, Carlos sends his flame magic, ending the man’s counter attack.
「You’ve been able to handle my attack so far, if you train, surely you can grow stronger. Say, how about joining…… has he fainted?」
Carlos sighs and looks around to switch his target.

Some of the participants that watch the two’s fight escape to the outside of the stage in order to admit their own defeat. There are only two people left, and those two are engaged in a battle currently. Carlos is observing the battle as his advance to the main round is guaranteed. As the rule says two people can advance from this round, Carlos will be able to advance along with the one who wins this fight.
「Hmm, both are good, I want both of them.」
One is a dual wielding swordsman, while the other is using several daggers. Their ability rival each other which prolong their battle. The battle ends when the dagger man running out of dagger and decides to admit defeat.
「It’s shame for the final fight, I hope I can see it a bit longer.」
Carlos dissatisfied with how the fight settled, but he still feels a little bit satisfied knowing his eyes aren’t wrong.

The group A finalists are S-ranked adventurer, the leader of Red Blow clan, Carlos and A-ranked adventurer, dual wielding swordsman, Reyshaw.
There is no unexpected result on the next two fights where the strongest win the fight.
Group B finalists are captain of the first corps of the kingdom’s knight order, Santana and a white tiger beastkin, Tobine.
Group C finalists are white tiger beastkin, Gargis and vice-captain of the fifth corps’ knight order, Tennesse.

And so the battle of group D where Grey (Souta) is beginning.
Although there are no participants that are called winning candidate in this group, the elf wizard draws quite many attention. After the elf enters the arena, a large cheer comes from the audience once the elf lowers the robe’s hood. The elf is a beautiful woman that would make people sigh inadvertently.
「I never imagine an elf would show up in the other races’ competition…」
As Souta never hears the detail of information from Dina, he genuinely surprised behind his mask.

After confirming all the participants are present, the announcer signal the battle to start.
「Without further ado, group D qualifying match, begin!!」
Grey wrapped himself in with the cloak of phantasm and activates its skill, making him harder to notice by the participants and the audience. After confirming that nobody goes after him, he starts to watch other participants just like what Carlos did.

The one who fights without a doubt is the elf wizard, and also the members of the knight order. Compared to them, the other participants are obviously one or more level weaker, and so their numbers are gradually decreased. One of the knights goes against the elf. She at first keeps dodging his attack, enough that people might doubt whether she is a wizard. One of the knight’s attack grazes her robe, and then she suddenly stops moving. The knight tries to attack at the same place again.
「……But this…」
The elf mutters something.
「This is my favorite!」
The elf covers her hand with magic and then grasps the sword swung by the knight with her right hand, keeping it in place. The knight surprised, he takes off his hand from the sword and leaps back.

The elf’s expression slowly turns to what looks like an angry demon. She throws the sword in her right hand. She starts casting. Her magic power expand, making a field of magic power around her. The remaining participants also notice the anomaly and start paying attention to the elf.
「Even though this is my favorite!!!!」
A powerful magic is released along with her scream. The audience is safe because of the multiple strong barriers surrounding the stage, however, those on the stage will be in danger because they will be directly receiving it.

「This is not good, should I stop it?」
When the magic moves to the center of the stage, Grey with Undine ready slashes at the magic. He puts more magic to Undine than what the elf put into her spell which makes him able to slash the magic into two. The broken magic explodes there, but the power is much lesser than the original. The participants on the stage are caught up in the explosion.

The top of the stage is no longer visible from the smoke caused by the blast.
「The stage can’t be seen due to the smoke, everyone, please wait for a moment.」
The voice of the announcer echoes, but the audience is already making a commotion.

When the smokes cleared up, there are only the crying elf wizard and a man wearing a mask.

  • Aota-gari: literal translation is harvesting rice while it is still green, I think it’s a more positive version of counting chicken before the eggs hatch, I don’t know how should I translate this, so I leave it as is.
  • Tobine: Read as Tobain, not To-bi-ne japan style

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