Re-Summoned Hero Episode 99

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Grey VS Reyshaw
Reyshaw magic sword enthusiast.
Magic sword lover.

「I can’t let myself to be beaten one-sidedly like this. I’m a bit unwilling, but let’s do this.」
Reyshaw removes the cloth wrapped on the hilt of the swords.
「Oyoy, those things have that kind of mechanism!?」
Grey looks at the swords that cloth was taken off and is wide-eyed in surprise.

「It’s my trump card. If possible I don’t want to show it here, but…… that’s not something I should say right now.」
The swords he holds in his hands now are different compared to its previous state. The metallic blade has disappeared and turns into blade made of ice and fire. The audience, the referee, and even Grey are surprised by the transformation of those weapons. But for Reyshaw, the transformation of his weapons are all but a smoke screen.
Reyshaw approaches Grey with a movement that’s quicker compared to any of his movement so far.

「Now our position is reversed!」
Reyshaw continues to attack one after another in the same way as Grey’s previous attack. Grey continuously block Reyshaw’s attack with undine, but slowly undine’s blade is exposed by the sword of fire that evaporates and by the sword of ice that freezes the water.

To the surrounding, it looks like the weapons are demonstrating their true power, however, Reyshaw not only hides the true nature of his weapons; his shoes, the scabard, the bracelet, the ring, and so forth are all magic equipment. Until now, Reyshaw was fighting without using that ability, but now he uses everything, his strength is not inferior compared to other participants.
「You’re hiding your strength too, right!」
Grey raises the magic power infused into undine to the maximum for a moment and flicks the two swords off. His swords flicked off, Reyshaw uses the momentum to leap backway, distancing himself from Grey.

From all the fight he has so far, this fight is the one that makes Souta excited the most. He was convinced that his opponent would be below the other participants. However, it’s not an exaggeration to say that this man he’s currently fighting has the ability that surpasses Carlos who he fought on the first round.
Reyshaw who hides the performance of his equipment until now, and even when wants to use it, he makes a decoy to distract people when he uses that abilities. Souta is deeply impressed by Reyshaw who doesn’t completely depend on his equipment while still completely master it.

「You really are an A-ranked? You give more fight compared to the guy on the first round.」
「I’m happy you say so, but I’m a genuine A-ranked. My foundation was as a solo adventurer, that guy is from a big clan, so don’t you think he would be better at group fighting?」
After making a frivolous conversation, they take off running at a speed that’s barely registered to the eyes.

Grey, just like in the first round, scatters water on the floor to make an advantage to himself, but the heat from the flame sword evaporates the water. There is also the enthusiasm from the audience that increases the temperature inside the venue steadily.
「This is not going anywhere.」
Grey is sweating on his forehead under the mask. Before the fight started, Grey planned to finish the fight smartly and prepares for the final, but with the current stalemate condition, along with the heat, his frustration growing.

Reyshaw who has no way to break the stalemate also starting to feel frustrated. Thanks to his equipment, he can fight Grey evenly, but he can feel a bottomless pit of strength from Grey. Even though I now fight desperately, it’s still not enough to make him serious? Such thought creeps to his mind, but he drives out the thought by shaking his head.
「Don’t, I need to abandon such thought!」
He puts that into words as to convince himself while he attacks Grey.

「It looks like you’re trying to get over something, then me too, just a little bit more…… here I come!」
Grey clads his blade with lightning. That lightning also slowly wraps Grey’s body.
「Wha- lightning!」
Grey moves to slash at Reyshaw, but his speed is far beyond anything he had shown. When he clads himself with lightning magic, he takes everyone attention to his appearance, while he casts wind magic to raises his moving speed and increasing the hardness of his weapon by giving it more magic power.

Just like before, Reyshaw tries to receive Grey’s attack with both his swords, but at the moment the swords clash, the lightning magic travel to the two swords via the water wrapped on undine.
Although Reyshaw leaps back in hurry, he’s unable to completely cut off the damage, leaving his hands numb.
Right when the word comes out of his mouth, Grey’s next attack is incoming. Reyshaw notices the accumulated damage he got and choose to dodge. Although he escapes a direct hit, he still suffers damage from the aftermath of the magic that’s wrapped on undine. Every one of them is far from a fatal injury, but the damage accumulated which dulled Reyshaw’s movement gradually. Contrary to him, however, Grey’s movement becomes sharper.

「Is it about time to end it?」
After continuously attacking from the top, Grey swings undine for a horizontal attack. In a panic, Reyshaw set up his sword to block the sword that was about to cleave his belly.
「Oh shit!」
In the instant Reyshaw panicked, lightning magic falls from above his head. Although he successfully parries the slash with his own sword, the lightning magic hits him directly.
Reyshaw is blown away. Grey let loose flame, water, and lightning magic at Reyshaw for a finishing blow. All of them hit. Let alone stands up, Reyshaw stops moving completely.

Looking at Reyshaw whose smokes come out of his body, Grey mutters a few words in fear.
「Did I…… overdo it?」
Before the result announced, the medical team rushes over to Reyshaw.
The treatment is quick; because the armor he wears under his clothes has magic resistance, he gets away with only fainting and some injury. While he recovered, Reyshaw wakes up, raising his body as he withstands the pain.
「T-That’s overkill. I thought I was gonna die.」
After saying that much, Reyshaw faints again.

「Ohh, I’m glad he’s alive.」
Grey scratches his head while saying his honest thought.
With the safety of Reyshaw confirmed, the referee announces the result.
「Semifinal first match, winner: Grey!!」

The audience already expects that Grey would win and this is exactly the result, but the audience sending cheers and applauses in standing ovation for the excitement that the unexpected abilities Reyshaw showed them.

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