Re-Summoned Hero Episode 100

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Reyshaw reveals his strength.
Grey also show a little of his strength.
Settled! Settled!

After answering the audience by raising his right hand, he returns to the waiting room. On the way, he passes by Gargis in the pathway.
「Congratulation, you really are strong after all.」
Gargis shows a broad grin and then continue along the passage. Grey who feel something out of place from his words turns his head to see only Gargis’s back. Gargis gets out of the passage without ever looking back.

Because it’s not possible to ask the true meaning of what he just asked, Grey decides to proceed to the waiting room again. By the time Grey reaches the waiting room from the passage, conspicuously large cheers can be heard from behind. The cheers are for Gargis’s victory announcement. Gargis advances to the final, this is the second match that the results are decided instantly.

While Grey waits in the waiting room, Gargis comes back.
「Well done.」
Grey says words of encouragement to Gargis. He doesn’t look to have any injury, in addition, Grey aware from the start Gargis would win against Santana from their difference in strength, so he never questions this result.
「To each other.」
Gargis returns his encouragement while raising his left hand.

「… Since when did you realize?」
Grey broaches the topic right away.
「Ahh, that figure is to hide your identity right? Don’t worry, I don’t think anyone else notices. For me, I get my conclusion from how you walk, the atmosphere surrounding yourself, and magic power you emit.」
「Hahh~ so, what you’re trying to say is that you know from the start?」
Grey points to his mask.
「You could say that. But, be at ease, I don’t plan on telling anyone.」
Gargis answers with a smile that mirrors his thought.
「For the compensation, how about you’re being serious in the final?」
「Ahh, understood.」
Grey fist bumps with the fist that Gargis offered.

After that, an official comes into the waiting room to explain the flow of the next day event, and then they go their own way.

Returning to the inn, Souta and Dina gather in Souta’s room after dinner.
「Souta-san, this is the money I gained by betting today.」
Dina picks out a bag contained gold from the magic bag and then puts it on the table available in the room.
「Oyoy, it somehow multiplied like crazy……」
「Heave-ho, and that’s everything.」
Dina gets a certain amount of pocket money from Souta, but that amount now has increased by hundreds of times.

「This, how?」
「To tell you the truth, I’ve also placed bets on the match beside Souta-san’s.」
Dina says proudly while puffing her chest.
「You know there were matches that were hard to guess right?」
「Fu~fu~Fu~ I got everything right!」
Dina makes a peace sign to shows her delight.
「When I win the bet, I would bet that money on the next match, and then again on my next win. With this method, I increase the money until this much.」

「That’s a method that would make any gambler pale-faced. Don’t you normally stop somewhere?」
「I had confidence and so I tried to do it.」
Dina had analyzed the information gathered from preliminary and observed the movement of each participant.
「I don’t mind if Dina uses all this money. They’re the money you earned after all.」
「No no, speaking of its origin, it’s still Souta-san money. So please use this money Souta-san.」
Dina vigorously shakes her head and pushes the gold back to Souta-san.

「Because I’m not in trouble with money…… then, let’s do it this way.」
Souta takes one of the bags, takes just the gold coins that he gave Dina and a little extra, and then returns the rest back to Dina.
「I will take only the gold I gave to you in the first place, with a little bit of extra as preparation fee. I don’t mind if Dina uses the rest.」
「Hmmm, then I will keep them for now.」
Dissatisfaction floats on her face, be she reluctantly accepts the money. After she finishes putting everything on her magic bag, she gets up.
「Then, I’m going back to my room. Good night.」
「Ahh, good night.」
Dina heads to the entrance of the room. After leaving, she peeks inside again and then says words of encouragement to Souta.
「Souta-san, please do your best at tomorrow final too.」
She winks once and then goes back to her room.

「Tomorrow might become the fiercest fight it seems.」
Santana and Tobine, Gargis had defeated those two winning candidates in one blow, yet his true strength is still yet to be seen. Thinking like that, Souta checks his dimensional storage to prepare equipment different from what he has used so far. The work continues until late into the night.
Next day

Souta eats his lunch at the usual restaurant with Dina. Of course, they never told the two from the store about the tournament, but they seem to notice something from Souta and Dina’s expressions, today chef’s recommendation is changed to something nutritious and fill you with power.
Both of them indulge themselves on the prepared food. Feeling the spirit from the chefs, the leave to the stadium.

Disguised as Grey, Souta enters the waiting room of the arena. The mask and camouflage bracelet are still the same, but the sword on his waist and the armor under his cloak are all different compared to what he used against Reyshaw. When he enters the waiting room, the staff is already waiting. After confirming Grey’s arrival, the staff begins explaining the flow for today.
「Good day, participant Grey. Without further ado, I will start explaining the flow for today event. First, once signaled, participant Grey and participant Gargis will head to the stage using the same passage you use yesterday. After the two of you reach the center, there will be a short speech from the king, please turn to face the king. After that over, the introduction announcement for both of you should be what’s next. Your fighting style and some news gathered by the management side will be announced. After that, you will be asked to head to the starting position and the fight will start…… Are you understand so far?」
「Ahh, no problem.」
「Well then, we will signal you once it’s the time to enter, so please wait here until then.」
Currently, the same explanation is being explained to Gargis from different staff.
At the venue, where the final performance will be held.
20 minutes left before the start of the final match……

We’re 3 digits now guys.

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