Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 20

Goddess-sama, Become Stale

Since then, the cheat harem another world reincarnation appreciation meeting became a routine.

At first, as it would not use any physical means, I thought it would be peaceful, but it was different story if it continued every day. It was a torture to watch works that I was not interested in daily. It wore down my spirit contrary to what her original intention was. In that sense, it was more effective than physical means. If that was what she aimed in the first place, then she could have my compliment.

But, with how Amaletta took care all of the troublesome housework daily, I couldn’t just ignore her small selfishness, and so I complied albeit reluctantly. Well, it helped that sometimes there would be a work that I was interested in.

Of such days, on a certain holiday.

Evening last night, Amaletta said 「Tanaka-san, you have a day off tomorrow, right? Let’s spend all day watching anime on NimaNima Douga!」 Maybe because she said that innocently, strangely I felt a sensation as if I was getting restless because of nightmare, I woke up holding down my heavy feeling head.

I tried to open my still half-awake eyelids, and then casually turn my eyes toward the clock that was hung on the wall. Perhaps because of my usual habit, but the clock was pointing at 5:30AM.

While I straighten up Amaletta’s clothes that were rolled up, showing her belly as she slept on the neighboring futon; I raised my body to bask myself with the light leaked out from the gap of the curtains and the chorus of cicadas, then I expressed what’s on my mind frankly.

「…… So hooooootttttt~」

When I looked at the already yellowing AC while feeling uncomfortable from the sweat on my damp pajamas, I saw the AC was completely silent with the air vent still opened. Base on my experience, an unpleasant premonition came to my mind from the sight.

——— Could it be the circuit breakers?

While thinking about how bothersome it was, with a heavy gait, I walked to the entranceway. All the circuit breakers on the switchboard set above my head were still on. Thinking about how strange it was, I tilted my head and open the refrigerator, at that time, my unpleasant premonition became reality.

「Uwahhh~ The inside of the refrigerator is at room temperature.」

In other words, it was a power outage.

With cicadas’ chorus outside of the windows, me and Amaletta, who was unable to use the convenience tools of civilization like the AC, were surrounding the low table, relaxing our whole body because of the slowly rising temperature just like Gudetama.

「Ahh…… It’s hot… I already know from the net, but this is the summer of Japan, huh… Moment like this makes me miss my hometown more, it has been a while since that time I was deemed as a pervert by Sunaho-san.」

Is there no high temperature or high humidity experience in the Realm of Reincarnation? Amaletta muttered that with a face that on the border of dying, but it can’t be helped because of the power outage. Still, it surprises me that Japan’s summer and becoming a pervert are equal.

「Even if I try to clear my mind out of all mundane thoughts, what is hot is still hot. But we have no choice but to bear with it until the power outage is restored.」

「You don’t need to tell me that I already…… Wait, Ahhhh! I just remember, today, there will be a broadcast of another story of 『Every Day Sex』 on NimaNima Douga, I won’t be able to watch it like this!」

As Amaletta said so, crushed under the despair, she hung her head. By the way, 『Every Day Sex』 is the name of the first cheat harem another world reincarnation work she brought back. If you think why it would be abbreviated by its subtitle, then you lose. Or rather, what would be another story of an R-18 work like that?

Well, putting it aside, the problem currently is that we are unable to do anything because of the electricity problem. It’s a good thing that the contents of the refrigerator won’t go bad thanks to Amaletta, but for the beers and other drinks to be lukewarm are a problem.

Because the cleaning and laundry can’t be done without electricity, Amaletta is also on her loose end. Also, no rice cooker means no rice, which means I need to think about that as well. Ahh, I come up with a good idea.

「For now, would you like to go to the family restaurant for breakfast and cooling ourselves?」

「It seems like a mad idea to go out in this heat that’s like the inside of the frying pan; but, if we’re going to eat out then netcafe would be better.」


「Ehhhh~! We can also eat out and cool ourselves in the netcafe. moreover, we can also have our anime appreciation meeting by watching NimaNima Douga there together too, you know!? It is three birds with one stone, why are you saying such a mean thing?」

To my proposal, Amaletta who had completely dependant on NimaNima Douga wanted to go to the netcafe, unfortunately, there was no netcafe near here. But still, I say this,

「That’s because… To bully you is my purpose of life.」

Moving her face slowly like a slug toward me, with a bold smile that didn’t suit her face, she said…

「You keep wanting to pick on me, by any chance, do you have any feeling toward me?」

「Say that line again once your measurement from the top is 98-60-96, or the so-called dynamite body.」

「Uuu~ you’re treating me like a child again……」

「You don’t need to worry, there would still a demand for you, you know? It’s primarily from the pervert gentlemen, but…」

「I don’t need such kind of demand!」

Said Amaletta while holding down her breast as she turned her grudge-filled gaze toward me. While the unproductive quarrel happened…

「I’m sorry if both of you in the middle of something, but can I have a bit of your time?」

Suddenly, a voice could be heard from the room. Turning our eyes to the front door that was left open for ventilation, there was a girl who made her body as small as possible as she peeped inside the room to see our situation.

Standing there was a junior high school girl that was this apartment substitute manager—Katsuragi Sunaho herself.

  • NimaNima Douga: parody of NicoNico Douga, basically, Japanese youtube
  • Gudetama: Just google it, it’s a new character to the hello kitty universe (it reminds me a bit of yaranaika emoji btw for some reason)
  • If you think why it would be abbreviated by its subtitle, then you lose: I never thought I would be retorted by this novel in particular, the only novel I translate that has a subtitle within its title. The thing is, the subtitle is removed by the author for the light novel, the change also applies to the WN, so basically my abbreviation is now invalid, making me laugh so hard when I read this line

Next chapter is long, like twice longer than this chapter, next release should be on 21th (based on the schedule I’ve yet to disclose, it’s also the last release of the month) but I might postpone it to 26th (the absolute deadline of the month)

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