Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 23

Goddess-sama, Getting Someone Else Breaking The Reincarnation Flag

Right now, Amaletta and I were in the biggest crisis that ever happened since we met.

Who could have predicted that a reincarnation flag would be set up not only for me, but also the Goddess that came to reincarnate me?

As a matter of fact, as long as I could move my feet, I could take Amaletta and swim back to the surface.

I made an appeal to the still struggling Goddess in front of me with my gaze while pointing to the magically affected key, but Amaletta who was losing her calmness seemed unlikely to understand.

This is bad, we will surely drowning if this continues. Also, I don’t like to be dying like this, I also don’t know what happens about the reincarnation if I’m drowning here together with Amaletta.

Amaletta who was struggling like an idiot stopped suddenly. Her limbs powerlessly drifted following the current.

——— Crap, we’re close to dying.

Even though Amaletta lost her consciousness, the key on my foot didn’t get lighter, I remained stuck at the bottom of the pool.

Is this the time I resolve myself?…… At the time I thought that the key on Amaletta’s ankle came to my sight.

I saw the key was firmly attached to a belt on her ankle. I felt my face reddened from the embarrassment because of my own stupidity.

——— This all can be solved if I just remove the belt!!

I was late for noticing because I couldn’t think clearly in the water, but the point was it should be fine as long as it was removed. I put my hand on the belt to carefully remove the belt with my consciousness that slowly became whitish. Slowly removing it while keeping my impatience, my foot at least became free.

——— It works!!

I managed to kick the bottom of the pool just before the limit of my breath, I grabbed Amaletta’s body and then grabbed the net that was held by the lifeguard, by the time I was unable to hold my breath anymore, I was scooped out from the water.

「——— Pwahhh!」

I breathe in heavily with my mouth open like a carp, that was the time I realize I was still alive, that being able to breath was great!

「A-Are you alright?」

While the lifeguard approached us who reached the poolside, I was calling Amaletta who was still limp.

「Oyy, Amaletta! Amaletta! Wake up!」

And then, Amaletta showed a reaction, her body twitched for a bit before she spat out the water and coughing violently.


「Cough-Cough—— Eh? …… I’m…… Cough— what?」

Although her consciousness somehow returned, not understanding the situation, Amaletta giving me and the lifeguard a confused look. However, while she still coughed a bit, her breathing was normal, it didn’t look like there was any problem with her life.

Hahh~~~~~~ It’s seriously a relief. I’m glad she doesn’t die.

While sighing deeply to let out the air I held from the tension, I felt my body relaxed. It was a mysterious feeling, but I was really glad that Amaletta was safe from the bottom of my heart.

After that.

After waiting for Amaletta’s recovery, we gave an earnest apology to everyone on the poolside that we bothered. It was good that I was not criticized as it didn’t become something big, though I was told to be stricter as a guardian.

And then, I was met with angry Sunaho because I took Amaletta to the slide even though she couldn’t swim. Looking at her who seriously worried and even cried, I had nothing to say except to apologize again. Today is surely a bad day for her, I should make it up to her someday.

By the time we left the pool, the day had gotten quite late.

After we got back to the apartment, we lower our head again to Sunaho, in which Sunaho accepted it. Returning to our room with exhausted footsteps, we face each other in an awkward atmosphere.

Well, what I did today was a bit too much. Even though I was almost killed, I was also almost killed her, I should really apologize to her.

「Today, err, I’m sorry? My teasing got a bit too far. You’re right.」

I said so while lowering my head deeply to show my sincerity.

Amaletta remained silent for a while until she let out a small sigh. Amaletta lifted my head with her hands on my cheeks so I could meet her gaze.

I’m not angry, she said so in a whisper with a somewhat troubled atmosphere.

「Alright, I will forgive you, in return…… I have a wish.」


Amaletta’s 「wish.」 It was a line which I never had a good memory of. Although my confirmation, deep inside my heart, I got a cold sweat. I hope she didn’t say I needed to die here and now so I could get reincarnated.

I was bracing myself for her wish, then Amaletta said with a somewhat hesitant tone.

「From now on, that, will you, will you treat me like an equal?」

In other words, to stop treating her like a child? While I was disappointed by the request that doesn’t align with my expectation, I stroke my chest because of the seemingly peaceful 「wish.」

Well, no matter how you look at it, it’s obvious that she is far older than me, in fact treating her like an equal still count as rude and I should’ve treated her with respect. Though respecting her would be difficult because of her stature and personality, but I guess it’s alright if it’s only as equal.

「Ahh~ okay. You and I are equal.」

When I said so as a confirmation to her 「wish,」 Amaletta showed a gentle smile.

「It’s a promise okay? If you break the promise, then you will have to swallow a thousand poisonous needles, prepare yourself!」

「A-Alright, I will be careful.」

If it’s poisonous needles, there is no mistake, I will be reincarnated for sure.

「Well then, the electricity seems to be restored, let’s go shopping for dinner.」

Amaletta answered with a happy tone whether it was because the promise of never treated her like a child again or not. She then distanced herself, wore her shoes with an eco bag in hand, and act cheerfully to wipe out the dark atmosphere.

I didn’t quite understand, but I was relieved the peaceful atmosphere had returned. I decided obediently followed her that was waiting like a dog that wanted to go for a walk.

There were many things that makes today so tiresome, but let’s just say all’s well that ends well.

While thinking so, I let out a sigh that was slightly more cheerful than usual.

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