Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 24

Goddess-sama, Winning a Prize

Several days had passed since Amaletta’s double suicide attempt.

Both Amaletta and I nearly drowned, but our body appeared to be healthy, and we continued our peaceful life.

I was working, Amaletta did the homework, and in the evening, both of us would enjoy the different world reincarnation stuff together.

And so, today too, the public seemed to have a long consecutive holiday because of Obon, but I, as a corporate slave of a small enterprise, still zealously slaving myself for the sake of my payment that paid by daily installment.

Opening the door while wondering in high excitement about the dinner today, I was greeted by a different development than usual.

「I’m home~」

「Ah, welcome back!」

Upon reaching home, apron-clad Amaletta welcomed me while carrying a big box with a really happy smile on her face.

「Tanaka-san! Tanaka-san! Please look at this! Somehow, it’s a hit!」

「What’s that…… Wait, isn’t that a complete starter kit for 『.Hacking//Prologos』!?」

The box Amaletta held was the latest work of the 『.Hacking』 series which was a popular VR game. It was a super high-end game set with 160.000 yen manufacturer’s suggested retails price that came with 『BS4 (Brain Station 4)』 to play it and two dedicated VR google called 『BSVR.』

「You, what happened? Don’t say you did something you shouldn’t do with different world magic?」

Clearly, it’s impossible for Amaletta’s pocket money to get something like this, it’s impossible even for me if I want to be honest. But if I add magic to the equation, it might be possible.

When I showed her a doubtful look, Amaletta got angry and puffed her cheeks like a blowfish.

「How rude! I already said it earlier, but it’s a hit! The applicant seal on the beer that Tanaka-san drink every day, I never throw it away and always send them, then one of them hit the prize of 『Ebisu Summer Bonus Challenge.』」


Thinking back, I remember I was collecting those seals. I thought something like winning a prize like this is just a myth, on the same level as magic.

「How is it? I’m great right?」

Said Amaletta proudly while still holding the box. I obediently sang her word of praise while I patted her head.

「Oh, well done! Tomorrow we will have high-class yakiniku as dinner!」

「Eh? I will be happy if that’s the reward, but Tanaka-san, can your meager salary handle paying for it?」

While stroking the Goddess that naturally dishing the condition of my wallet more roughly, I pointed to the box of the high-end game set she held.

「You know there is no way. I’m going to sell that and use the money to eat.」

「Eh? No! This is a prize that I worked hard to always send the application for Tanaka-san, it’s too mean if you just sell it to turn it into yakiniku!」

Said Amaletta as she was covering the box like a parent bird protecting its egg and glared to intimidate me.

「Wait, what do you mean it’s for me?」

Right, the 『.Hacking』 series is not about different world reincarnation, but VR game. There is also a scenario where pandemic element and death game element swallow the world. It’s far from Amaletta’s love of happy ending full of opportunism.

When I tilted my head, Amaletta suddenly got up, puffed her chest, and then started talking with professor pose.

「Ummm, I at last notice. To urge Tanaka-san to reincarnate, it’s not good to just tell you the charm of different world reincarnation……」


Even though she didn’t actually impart anything to me, it would be long if I interrupted her, so I kept silent.

「In the early days of the personal computer for home, there was a catchphrase that strikes home with the general public. Come, see and touch by yourself, or something like that.」

That’s extremely old. Where did she get that useless knowledge?

「And so, BSVR! This way, you can experience the different world as a virtual reality. Fortunately, the『.Hacking』 series set in a unique fantasy world where the stages are a mix between medieval Europe and ancient civilization, so it’s perfect as a subject!」


I was sorry for Amaletta who was unpacking the game set as I was listening with a look of the owner of the white cat of zasae-san family, I honestly don’t know how it could be related to the different world reincarnation.

「And so, quickly go take a bath and eat the dinner, okay!」

However, she seemed to have absolute confidence, she lowered the box and then pushed me to the bathroom. Apparently, it was decided that we would be playing VR game today.

But at this time, I was careless.

I didn’t think carefully why she choose VR game.

——— I never thought it would become like this.

Here is the catchphrase mentioned in the chapter


after checking around, this is the closest thing I found


it’s a commercial from 1996

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    1. Don’t worry. They will only be trapped in the game world just like in the dot.hack series. Then, plenty of things will happen, and the end of arc will be marked by the depiction of “two years of ‘glopping cement'” scene between two equals.

      Or so I hope.

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