Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 22

Goddess-sama, Washed Away

Following Amaletta’s request, we, the residents of 『Tsunoura Manor』 were all lined up in the long queue in front of the waterslide.

Even if it was a long queue, the flow wasn’t bad, it looked like it would take only 20 minutes before our turn.

“It seems all three of us can’t go together, should we decide how we should go?”

When Sunaho asked me as she read the guide board near the passage, my gaze also fell on the board, then I started to think.

The waterslide here is one designed as a tunnel that drops you into a funnel where you move around for 2-3 laps before you’re dropped into a deep pool from above. Because of this, sliding with multiple people is prohibited.

However, in case of a child that doesn’t meet the minimum height requirement, sliding with their guardian are permitted. And, as expected, Amaletta doesn’t meet the requirement.

“Do you mind going first Sunaho? We will catch up with you in a bit.”

“I-I can slide alone!”


I wonder where her high tension from before goes? Even if you grind your teeth from dissatisfaction, but unfortunately, it’s a rule, so it can’t be helped. Or rather, don’t move your wings.

Although my original plan was to leave taking care of her to Sunaho, she’s only a middle school student, she won’t be recognized as Amaletta’s guardian. The plan is going off the rail in no time at all.

“Yes yes, you’re a good girl, so let’s slide with Papa, okay?

“Khh, from some times ago, you’ve been treating me like a kid, no, it even goes as far as baby treatment. I’m a Goddess of Reincarnation who have live from longer than you, and yet…… One day, you will regret treating me like this.”

While pushing Amaletta’s back who was still complaining without end, I caught a similar scene nearby. Gaining sympathy toward parents that I didn’t know even their name, I paid my respect to them.

To all the fathers and mothers out there, much appreciated.

In the meantime, our turn came.

Since the start was at around 5th-floor height, I could feel the power of this waterslide even from here.

In front of the tunnel where excited screams from innocent children and shrieks from the young woman could be heard, Amaletta got cold feet.

“Then, I will be waiting at the end.”

“Sure, we will catch up with you soon.”

A level headed girl was a level headed girl even here, without being afraid of the starting place where the water discharged as if in the jet batch spa, she slid smoothly according to the instruction of the staff.

Umu. I want to hear a cute scream appropriate to her age, but well, it seems Amaletta’s scream alone would cover for Sunaho’s part.

“Now then, it’s our turn, are you alright? If it’s now, going back is fine, you know?”

From experience, many children ended up didn’t want to go on a waterslide at the last moment. Looking at her state, just to be sure I asked her; she looked up to me with a stiff movement.

“After all, I’m a bit scared, like……”

Although she seemed to be drawn by my suggestion, I lifted her small body from behind. Big smile on my face, I hugged her in my chest and sat on the edge of the slide without giving her time to confirm or refuse.

“Wai-!? What is this situation!?”

“What you ask? It’s obvious we’re going right?”

“Then, why did you said I can go back earlier!? Normally, we should have gone back right!?”

“There is no retreat in my dictionary!”


In the first place, I only said we CAN go back, not that we’re going back. Also, I don’t want to waste that 20 minutes of waiting time.

“Now then, hold on to Papa firmly! ”

Once I took off my hands from the edge of the slide, I leave my body to the flow of the water. Like bobsleigh, we started to slide down.

“No no, Wait, waittt……… Giiyaaaaaaaaa~~~~~~~!!!”

Sliding down the waterslide while listening to Amaletta’s scream gave me a feeling of excitement I never felt before.

More than the speed, listening to Amaletta’s scream that changed every time we approach the corner pleased me.

Stupid, idiot, lolicon, sadist, pervert, please no more, I’m sorry, please spare me…… As her scream slowly toned down, we finally go through the long tunnel and reach the last conical area.

While slowly going around to get to the pitfall in the center, Amaletta who had regained her composure glare dagger at me.

Hmm? That’s an unusual look from her…

“Tch, there is not much…… But I’m angry, so-!”

“Ahh, no, that, wha-”

Seeing her furious like that made me wonder whether I had overdone it, she seemed to be muttering something under her breath.

Before I had a chance to ask, I felt a strange feeling on my leg. To be precise, the locker key on my ankle started to drag me down.

——— No way, did she use magic from the different world?

At the moment I thought so, we started free falling from the slide to the pool which is the endpoint.

At that point, I understood what she did. Shit, she makes the key to become so goddamn heavy!!

Just before we reached the water surface, Amaletta twisted her body to escape from me. When I turned my head around, I saw her sticking her tongue while pulling down her eyelid.

And we landed on the water.

I was pulled by the weight of the key and sunk to the bottom of the pool in no time, the seriousness of this made my head blanked out.

Naturally, the pool designed for such slide would be deep. The water surface of this 3 meters deep water was hopelessly far away, my foot can’t even kick the water.

It’s hard to see, but it looks like the lifeguard is preparing a net-like tool; though I doubt it could lift me up.

——— Don’t tell me coming here, and all the things I did end up triggering my reincarnation flag!!

It was then that I was hit by regret.


The Goddess of Reincarnation descent before me, while flapping her limbs.
——— Wait, what? You can’t swim!?

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