Little Update

My PC is currently under repair, it was broken since this morning, there is a power outage while I was translating, and then my PC simply can’t be turned on anymore

I’m sorry for not able to keep my quota, I still have my notebook but I can’t concentrated enough to translate (in fact I can’t even concentrate enough to play shadowverse)

The 2 chapters I posted are there because I’ve posted them to Patreon, so there is those as backup, but not the one I’m working on

I will make sure to make it up for everyone once I get my PC back, I honestly just know now how attached I’m to my stuffs, enough that I feel like brokenhearted

3 thoughts on “Little Update

    1. I have one since forever, that’s the only reason my PC can go this long without electricity problem, well until now at least

      thank you for your suggestion though


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