Re-Summoned Hero Episode 102

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Participant introduction.
Gargis shows his certain kill attack.
Result: The winner is Grey.

After finishing the repair of the venue, preparation of the certificate and prize money, and others preparation, Grey who is in the waiting room is called over.
In the middle of the stage, the king, the generals, and the civil servants are already waiting for the award ceremony, however, the only one that appeared on the stage is just Grey.
Originally, the champion, the runner up, and the two people in the third place are supposed to appear, but the other three besides Grey are injured so badly they can’t appear.
「We will start the award ceremony for the Fighting King Division. In addition, because the other three participants other than participant Grey are under medical treatment, they’re not going to participate in this award ceremony. Participant Grey, please proceed to the front of the king.」
That announcement is announced by the announcer.

「Masked knight Grey. All the battle you have shown, all were fantastic fights. It’s worthy of praise that you become a champion after pushing aside all those strong warriors. Therefore, here is the commendation for you. Congratulation!!」
The expression he had when he was still in the VIP seats is now gone, he gives the commendation with a smile.
「Thank you very much.」
Only saying that much, Grey receives the certificate and the prize money.

In the middle of the loud cheers from the venue, Grey whispers to the king with a voice that can’t be heard even by the referee.
「I fulfilled my part. Now it’s your turn.」
The king seems to almost changes his expression, but he still maintains his smile. Though his cheeks are twitching.
「P-Please continue your effort in furthering yourself!」
After only saying that much, the king waves his mantle and then leaves the spot.

The audience have a question about the king’s behaviors which is different than usual, but with all the cheers going around everywhere, those questions are drowned by them.
Next Day

Grey become the champion of the fighting king division, this is the hot topic of everyone in the streets.
How the final is a battle between two unmarked participants, how their strength are far better than the winning candidates, how the winner of that battle won the match with overwhelming power, and that the winner hides his face with a mask.
Every one of them is talking about these topics, this enlivens the festive mood in the city more.

However, the real person behind the mask, Souta, doesn’t feel anything by the rumor about himself. Although, Dina by his side is trying to keep her mouth shut because she must not tell the truth, though her expression looks happy.
The two aren’t interested in the matches of the other divisions which still ongoing currently, and so the two spend their time shopping with the money they won through the bet. They don’t have any interest in weapon and armor, but if there are magic tools that interest them, they will buy it, other than that, they enjoy the festival by buying items and tasting the foods from the stalls.

Souta fulfilled the condition that was proposed by the king by becoming the champion of fighting king division of the battle tournament. A young man from the castle visited Souta yesterday to leave a message from the king that said that he wanted Souta to wait for the matter of reward until the entirety of battle tournament is over. For one, it’s difficult for the king to make time as he and the other top person of the country are needed to watch the tournament every day and if Souta come to the castle at this timing, there is a possibility that the people who are trying to uncover the identity of Grey might become suspicious and connect the two together.

Therefore, Souta and Dina decide to just enjoy the festival and go shopping. Of course, it’s not just for fun, they also gather any information about other countries they can get. In order to enhance their diet, they also buy ingredients and spices unique to this country. Incidentally, they buy them in the unit of barrels.

Come noon, they head to the usual shop.
「Oh my, you come today too I see.」
Zofi welcomes them with the usual smile.
「Yeah, no matter how many time we eat here, we won’t get bored.」
「Yes, this place is my favorite!」
Both of them are looking forward to what kind of food will be served today.

After they sit on their table, Zofi taking order from them with a menu just in case.
「What would you like to order?」
Souta and Dina look at each other and then nod at that question.
「「The usual!!」」
Zofi already expects they will say that, but their voice that shows how good their moods are making Zofi smile naturally.
「Yes, I have received the order, I will convey your order to our chef.」
While cleaning up the menu, Zofi tries to tell their order to the kitchen.

The usual, if you order the same thing from the same shop over and over, those words will make sure they bring the same thing you always order, however, what Souta and Dina always order from this shop is chef’s recommendation. They have been visiting this shop so many time and the two always order this, and even then the same food never comes more than once. What will be served today? Such curiosity pops up. No matter what comes out, it will satisfy the palate of the two. Of course, they also interested by the other classic menus, but, they’re unable to resist the charm of the recommended menu.

While talking about the tournament and about today’s shopping, Zofi brings the food over. She makes sure that the dishes are served while the excitement from the conversation calmed down, but she does this with such a casual manner that Souta and Dina don’t realize it.
「Thank you for waiting, here is today chef’s recommendation, thin slices of King buffalo steak garnished with vegetables.」
Although the name seems to represent what the dish looks like, what can be seen on the plate far exceed those in beauty.

The two gulped audibly reflexively seeing it. Zofi who looks at them unintentionally chuckle.
「Enjoy your meal.」
Prompted by Zofi’s words, the two start to eat.

Souta carries the sliced steak to his mouth, while Dina cuts it more with the knife before eating it. The way they eat is different, but the reaction the have after eating the dish are the same.
Dina already expected that the steak would be easy to cut with the knife, but for the steak to be able to be chewed with just a little chewing is unexpected. It’s covered with sauce, but it doesn’t clash with the taste of the meat and instead draws them out.
The hands of the two keep shoveling the food without stopping until their plate empty.

When Zofi, who is watching them, come again to the table, she asks them.
「If you like, would you like to order another?」
Zofi and Sylvan who have predicted their answer are already preparing the alternative dishes while considering their speed of eating the meal.
「「I’d love to!」」
Souta and Dina’s reply fall exactly how they predicted it would be. Zofi comes back to the kitchen carrying the empty dishes and then back immediately to replace it with the new dish. Souta and Dina again, enjoying the dish. Unlike the previous one, they have the room to slowly taste the foods, however, their expression isn’t so different, it’s where their cheeks so loose it’s about to fall down.

Just to add, thanks to last month mess up (well, it’s “thank” for you guys, not for me), I will release 5 chapters of resummoned hero (this month quota) + 4 chapters from last month + 4 chapters penalty, for a total of 13 chapters before 26th, which if I would be honest, is hard. Not about the time strain, but the motivation, the arc of this novel will be happy go lucky again for a while, so it’s less motivating to me, I will do my best though

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  1. Thanks for the chapter Rhea!

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