Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 27

Goddess-sama, Dance in the Virtual Reality

「Now, Tanaka-san, in the middle of these crowds, show your power, it’s now time to taste the feeling of cheat harem different world reincarnation!!」

Amaletta made guts pose after she threw me from the air far above the golem.

「Ba-…… Bakaletta! I will seriously make you cry later~~~~~~!!」

I screamed toward Amaletta as I sky diving without a parachute, but she was just leisurely circling around.

When I turned my eyes to the ground, I could see the golem that has been shot with a barrage of magic in the middle of slowly raising its body. I who had no wing could only dive down straight into it.

The floating feeling that wrapped my whole body as I cut through the wind, the burnt smell that mixed with the air that pricked my skin. These sense of fear felt by my five senses that I never felt before. My whole body was cowering in fright.

It must have been the same feeling like the protagonist of Matrix who failed to jump from one building to another.

And so, without being able to even scream, I closed my eyes with my back facing the ground.

「It hurtsssss!!———……… Wait? Eh?」

I screamed reflexively, only to realize I didn’t feel that much pain while I was writhing on the ground. Maybe, It was around the pain of falling from the bed. When I stood up and checked my body, I realized I was in perfect health.

——— Fuhhh~ good thing this is inside the game.

Or rather, that gives me a sudden realization. Even a hero with cheat would surely die from that. Well, in Amaletta’s term, it would be understanding the feeling of cheat harem different world reincarnation I guess.

「Tanaka-san! Above! A.bo.ve!」

While I was sighing in relief that I was still alive, I could hear the irritating voice of the useless Goddess from far above.

「You, how dare you shamelessly……」

I looked up high in the sky to glare at her, but there was no figure of her there, only a huge shadow——— It was the golem’s feet that was raised to crush me.

——— Wha- Wai- Am I going to die here!?

Leaving my body to my spinal reflex, I found the golem’s foot stuck a few centimeters beside me. Together with the undulating earth, a bass like sounds that reverberate inside my body could be heard.

It was good that I was able to dodge it with a hair’s breadth, but a strong earthquake like shaking occurred, preventing me from getting up. The adventurers player that were casting magic toward the golem were also the same, they were unable to stand up and just lie down on the ground.

「Which idiot is it that goes to the golem’s foot!! Do you want to wipe everyone!?」
「Don’t say that we get newbie mixed in!?」

Apparently just now was an attack that was triggered when you got close enough to the golem. It was no wonder that everyone was only using magic to attack.

With the angry voice from the other side of the cloud of dust, I felt a goosebump as I was below a big shadow again.

「Tanaka-sannnn! Follow up attack incoming!!」

According to the warning of the useless goddess that only watching from high above, the golem’s fist was approaching my head. Still disconcerted as the ground was still shaking, I barely avoid it. The fist that penetrated the ground caused an earthquake again.

「Again!? Is it a failed cast!?」
「From a while ago, who the heck is this Tanaka? Is this person the one who triggered the foot attack?」

——— Crap, if my face gets revealed here, who knows what will happen.

As I was shrinking my body because of all the players’ resentment, as if numbed to the current atmosphere, Amaletta came down from who knows where accompanied by the sounds of wings flapping. She put her hands on her hips and looked down on me who was still lying on the ground, dissatisfied, she puffed her cheeks.

「Geez, Tanaka-san, what have you been doing all this time? Instead of running away, why don’t you stand up against it?」

「Don’t be unreasonable! Even if I know my body is strengthened, my body still doesn’t obey!!」

Apparently she’s displeased with my answer, however, even if I know this is a world of a game, what’s frightening is still frightening. In other words, it’s just like a normal person wouldn’t be able to stand up against a bank robber brandishing a knife.

Not only that, I tend to forget because of my five sense, but this is just a public space and not a different world at all. If I’m conspicuous in a bad way, there is no doubt it will become troublesome later. Now is a good time to catch Bakaletta and then log out as soon as possible.

Seeing me leaking my impatience toward the current situation, Amaletta sighed and shrugged. Ohh? Is she finally understand?

「There is no other choice, if Tanaka-san doesn’t know how to do it, I will show you an example.」

「Yeah yeah, there is no choice but to log-…… What did you just say?」

Doubting my ears, I asked Amaletta to repeat what she just said. However, instead of answering, with an unusual proud expression on her face, Amaletta’s hands started to shine light blue light.

「Wai- What are you trying to do?」

「First of all, it’s just a little test, I’m going to use the strongest wind magic in this game, Tanaka-san, please follow my lead!」

Right after she said that, Amaletta opened her wings and soared softly without stopping, once she hit the sky, she rose up to match the golem eyes in a blink of an eye, then she loudly chanted to gather the attention of the adventurers that was unable to move because of the earthquake made by the golem.

『With the help of the king of wind’s spirit, mow down all the obstacle that block my way! —— Ultimum Ventus!!!』

At the same time as the keyword, beam of light stretched toward the ground accompanied by a storm coming from her hands. Crossing her arms in pretense, a sound of the explosion could be heard as the magic severed both of the golem’s arms.

Peerless indeed. It’s certainly a cheat. Showing that overwhelming power that even slaughters a huge monster with one blow, if this is a different world, people would call her heaven descent or even god.

——— That stupid, you overdo it!!

But, this was a game, and cheats was a serious violation.

Amaletta was making a peace sign in the sky, but I was surrounded by the thunderous roar of the golem’s debris that fell around me and the raging scream of dozens of players around me, this was already in a state of chaos.

It’s over, everything is.

When I was about to seriously crying, suddenly my sight was wrapped in white…… and then it turned black.

That was the moment of the forced logout.

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