Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 28

Goddess-sama, Become a Legend in Virtual Reality

Amaletta’s pseudo cheat harem different world reincarnation tour using a VR game ended with a forced logout from the system administrator.

The system administrator who was present as an NPC at the event site noticed something was wrong and immediately did a shutdown.

The event was terminated because of the server problem. For the participating player, there would be event clear rewards distributed in the future. Such was the non-commital measure they did. Many top players whined because for them the value of the reward would surely fell.

And, the problem was the treatment of us who caused this…… though our useless goddess seemed to take care of it already

「There is no problem for that. I used magic that prevents the server from logging us beforehand, they will not able to reach us. That’s why, please be assured.」

「That’s not the problem!」

If there is a mistake somewhere, I will die, socially.

Needless to say, that day I punished her cute butt.

Well, it leaves a bad aftertaste, but I’m honestly thankful that I don’t become a criminal.

However, this small incident ended in an unexpected way.

That said 『.Hacking//Prologos』, while it was a VR game, it was a game where you can play on normal display. Unlike the VR version, the normal display users which had a higher degree of freedom in viewpoints had uploaded a couple of things to the internet.

It was no other than the screenshot and video of the advent of peerless Amaletta-sama with her cheat.

I was also there, but originally, Amaletta and my character didn’t exist in game, it was possible to reproduce to a certain extent with the in character creation, but a real human would surely out of place there, in addition, there was also the appearance of Amaletta, there was no reason we wouldn’t be noticed.

Even video was not good, short videos of a few minutes had been uploaded to sites like NimaNima Douga. In the video, Amaletta was shown to be flying around in the sky and ended with her casting the highest level of magic to defeat the golem in one blow. This too was taken beautifully.

These data scattered on the Internet became a hot topic among the players. Topics such as 「Is that cute mod an event bonus?」 or 「It’s an NPC data for the admin」 or 「When did they implement flight skill?」 In any case, the topic showed an uprush. The worse of them even went as far to 「an attempt to recreate the original scenario by the hacking group.」

And then, I didn’t know who started it, but Amaletta ended up became known as 『Angel job that will be implemented in the future.』

These topics evolved into inquiries to the publishing company, which somehow became an implementation of the angel job that imitated Amaletta. Of course, It goes without saying that it became a popular job.

When I heard about this, I was speechless with my mouth hung open.

That was how Amaletta’s peerlessness became a legend among the 『.Hacking』 players. What the hell.

And then, when the series of incident ended, she told me with a confident look:

「How is it? The process of becoming a legend in a different world? If you’re a male then you shouldn’t be able to hold back the desire and want to be reincarnated in a different world right away, right?」

「Yess~ Definitely still not want tooo~!!」

「Ehh!? Why!?」

Is there anything wrong with it? I was, on that day, made to seriously experience the simulation of different world reincarnation instead of just looking at it. To be reincarnated in a world where I need to fight monsters like that, I’m sorry, but never will I agree to it.

However, there is one thing that I’m curious about.

「By the way, Amaletta.」


「You said it was a cheat harem different world reincarnation simulation tour, but, where is the harem element?」

It is, after all, called cheat harem. As far as I remember, I don’t think I met someone who would become a heroine or lucky pervert event at all.

After some times staying silent, Amaletta pointed her index finger to her cheek and then said with a calculating smile:

「…… I was there next to you, just me, right?」

「No pudding tonight.」

「Why are you being cruel!?」

And thus, Amaletta’s different world reincarnation presentation ended up in another failure.
However, the truth of the matter was gradually progressing in a place not visible to the eyes.

In a place we were not aware of, quietly————

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